Ashleigh Hunt’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 6

OK, The time has finally come! I have been so addicted to live tweeting all of my wonderful fans during this season’s Bachelorette that I thought I would take it one step further and write an entire blog each week. Thanks so much for all the continued support, I love you all . Here goes my super sarcastic and sometimes slightly inappropriate view on tonight’s episode! And of course I could not resist throwing in my own fashion commentary. Enjoy!

So the men show up to meet Chris Harrison…Ben F and Constantine both look like Josh Kelly twins. I mean that as a compliment but I find it confusing.

Knock knock at the door, Ashley comes and says to Chris, “What are you doing here?” Well I think that is obvious Ash, do you know where you are and what show this is?

Side note: they are in China right? Couldn’t the girl have gotten a nice manicure at least for those close up shots, eesh. Sorry it is just a pet peeve of mine!

When she has to knock twice on Bentley’s door do you think she really thought Chris was playing a joke on her like “HAHA no one is here for you!” type thing. That would have been pure evil. I think they just wanted to build up more anticipation for the meet and greet. Meanwhile, Bentley is thinking, “I thought I would get a free trip to Hong Kong and STILL not give you any answers.” His diversion off into the bug bite topic was awkward and pointless but I understand he has nothing else to say because he does not like the poor girl. And then Bentley goes into an “if I could do it all over again” story when he really is thinking, “if I could do this all over again I would make sure they told me it was NOT going to be Emily so I could have tried to get her number some other way and win her over.” Good Luck!

Then they finally conclude. So this is our period? I am sorry, I have never heard that way of ending a relationship nor do I think any of my friends have. Mission f**king accomplished! Woah, our sweet girl is dropping f bombs, you know she means business now. Finally our girl is waking up to smell the coffee, and she pulls the plug! And as she walks away, (insert Sarah Evans- I get a little bit Stronger song… or Beyonce’s The Best I Never Had) she grows into a new woman!

Side Bar- I am SO glad she is now sweeping those bangs to the side, before it was too too much bang for her little face.
Lucas with his southern drawl, poor little thing he seems like a fish out of water but I am hopeful for him. Side bar: All of her shirts have been see-through…what is going on stylists? You should have hemmed those white pants but I will say her hair and makeup is stunning,
As the two are walking through Hong Kong they say, “We have to try something!“ What I would be thinking is, ‘yeah try something and get e-coli!’ Yum!

I just do not see a spark between the two of them, it is a cool, fun, chill date but I do not feel the chemistry with them. He is trying to be funny and crack some jokes, but it isn’t there. She does not maintain good eye contact when he is trying to talk about his ex wife and that seems pretty painful. Eye contact speaks volumes.

Blakey Blake poor guy, I know I felt like I would never get a one-on-one date with Jake (which I didn’t) and it is frustrating…you start to wonder what am I doing wrong here? But WOAH total shock that she kept Lucas around another round. I think after the whole Bentley escapade she wants to explore everyone in greater detail. I doubt he makes it through another rose ceremony though.
What is going on with this black and white get-up Ashley is wearing on the beach? It is reminding me of an old Janet Jackson music video circa 1992. At least she has the bod. Dragon boat racing? I am sure the guys are feeling sooo lucky, NOT. And on top of it they have to recruit some locals…I still keep getting Ben and Constantine confused, thank goodness for the names still underneath them.
After the not so eventful dragon race they all head into the Bar. Ames thinks it’s really original to steal her away make out in an elevator? Hmmm yawn.

JP makes me smile for Ashley; he is so genuine and literally cannot wait to see her again. It makes me believe in the whole process. Very refreshing and I hope to see more of it.

I used to really like Ryan, now he seems cheesy and calculated. Something is off about it, I hope they did a thorough background check on this guy…he may have a few skeletons in his closet (literally). I cannot believe she gave him the rose! Wow, and how fitting that Constantine says, “Some people like cheese.” I could not agree with you more buddy!

Back to what I said before, why is every shirt they give this girl see through? It is getting a little crazy. JP has the right answers but they do not come off contrived or planned. They are heartfelt and his confidence seems more endearing than arrogant like other guys. Sometimes when you know, you just know. I think she has met her match and he is going to be around a long time…a very long time. Every single girl watching this show is wishing she could find someone like JP who is open about their past and sure of their decisions to move on.
The two of them already seem like a couple, who tell one other things the other might not want to hear, but need to hear. I like where this is going! No surprise that he gets the rose… she should send the others home and run off into the sunset with JP. When I see dates like this one tonight, I wish I could have been the Bachelorette.

Okay I am obsessed with this rose ceremony dress Ashley is wearing. The pageant girl in me loves all the bling. Yes, it is a Randi Rahm design and I plan on buying it in the champagne color like Beyonce wore. Okay, onto the important matter: the guys reaction to her Bentley story. Some good reactions some not so good. I can relate, when Jake kept bringing Vienna back I said point blank, “if that is what you want, send me home, because I am nothing like her,” but it does not help in any way. It is more annoying to the Bachelor/ette.

Lucas needs to simmer down now! This is not your time to come out guns blazing and make the poor girl feel guilty about what she just told you. Dude, you have a rose, you are safe and that means shush and sit in the corner quietly. He says she is wasting his time? The door is right there honey, go on and walk out, please! I love JP standing up for her already as if they are a couple and that is the way it should be!
Nice job Blake, way to make Ashley cry! Creating a pity party for yourself is not a way to earn points. Blake is disappointing me now. Anger is not the way to handle this situation, although I see how in the moment it is hard to control.

Mickey set his own fate, nice job buddy. You will certainly regret that one in the morning…I never thought him and Ashley were a perfect match in the first place. I bet he will still try and show up at all the reunion parties, haha.

Seeing Ashley’s breakdown is humbling, and for those out there who think this show is scripted and manipulated…here is proof. You cannot fake real emotions and real tears that come out in unforeseen circumstances and I applaud Ashley for being so raw and unprepared for the situation.
The different music for the rose ceremony is spicing things up a bit, I feel like I am in a jungle…but wait it is Hong Kong. Either way I like the change.

So Blake the dentist is going home! I cannot say I blame the girl; he kicked her when she was down. Not the way to go man! I never thought two dentists would be together in the end…and the fact that on his way out the door he is still talking about Bentley says that he should get over it already! You are not the one and your time is up here.

On the next episode, The Bachelorette is off to Taiwan!

Until next time!! I love you all, thanks so much for reading. XOXO-ASH