Ashleigh Hunt’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 8

Hometowns! Yes, I am so excited. You can tell so much by meeting someone’s family. It can help answer a lot of questions and usually you walk away with clear decision about moving forward with the relationship.  Thinking back on some other hometown dates…do you remember when Ali met Kirk’s family and the taxidermy basement!? Or when that gorgeous girl, Naomi on Jason’s season took him home to meet her Mom and she was burying the dead bird in the backyard?

As for the comment last week that I am copying Natalie’s blog: I have never read her blog and everything I state here is as it comes to mind while watching the show.

Anyhow, Constantine has not been one of my favs this season so I am anxious to see this hometown and learn more about him and his family.

UGH! Shoot, I missed his hometown, my doggy needed to go out…and she took forever! Oh well. I do not think he is the one for Ashley but it looks like they had fun in the little recap I caught.

Okay on to Ames…whose mouth is weird. Whoa Ames’ sister looks like him with a blonde wig on. And orange is an awful color on Ashley. The sister is tooting her brother’s horn just a little too much; it’s freaking me out.  Why does she know he likes to plan sexy seductive dates for other women?

Maybe something is wrong with my TV but when Ames speaks it seems like there is a delay? Does he talk strange or what is going on here? It is distracting to look at his mouth.

A typical afternoon is frolicking in a garden with a picnic? Sorry, that’s not for me or anyone who has to make a living! Can we see pictures of Ames as a kid? I need to see how bad those teeth were to warrant big veneers. He still does not seem to be used to speaking with them.  Sorry, I will stop beating up on Ames. I know no one is perfect!

Are they strapped into that carriage? It looks a little shaky here and I am getting nervous for their safety.

Okay next up: Ben but I am dying to get to JP. I know they put his hometown last for a reason…to build up the suspense and it is working! I like the winery I am a huge vino drinker and would love a date like this despite the rain. It even makes it a little bit more romantic. This makes me think back to The Notebook when they passionately kiss in the rain. SO GREAT!

This story about his father is so sad but I am not getting a sincere vibe from Ashley while she is listening.  There is a lot of pressure on this hometown and I hope Ashley still remains true to herself and doesn’t get nervous when she is around his family.

I could never marry someone that my parents did not approve of either. When you are so close to your parents or siblings it really makes for an awkward stressful life when everyone can’t get along.

This dinner setting, the home, and the family all seem like they fell out of a Home Living magazine. I love it. They seem so perfect but that could all be a façade.

Ohhh Mama, did you hear her say “she had her power over him” when he was little.  You can tell she is very sensitive as to who will be with her son. She must approve and if she doesn’t….look out!

If Ben does not end up with Ashley I think he is a strong contender for the next Bachelor. He has a lot going for him, a little bit of a dark past, fashionable, romantic. Seeing him cry over his father is so humbling and we are seeing a more sensitive side to him, which I like. I loved when he would not let go of Ashley’s hand as she got into the car.  The boy is falling for her.

Okay on to JP! What happened with his past relationship that made his Mom so guarded? It is one thing for parents to be concerned but I hate it when they overstep and try to force their opinions on you.  Mistakes are meant to be made and if you date someone who is not a perfect match, that is okay. You will learn from it and know what you don’t want in a partner the next time around.

This is perfection; Ashley does not even care what they are doing as long as they are together.  They seem like the perfect match, and again are already acting like a couple who has been together forever.  I love it! Now let’s wait to see who falls down first! HAHA OMG this music…killing me, I am dying laughing. How cheesy and cute.

And it was JP to eat the floor first! How many times have they kissed already? The chemistry is insane. Send everyone else home! Side bar–Ashley’s hair looks so good like this; I hope she does it like this more.

Here we go with the ex, it seems like he got hurt really bad, and perhaps she cheated. I sense trust issues.

When you know, you know! JP is sure of his feelings for her and it shows, it also is helping them get closer to each other.

Why was there writing on Ashley’s socks? I hope those were her own clean ones and not some property of HotSkaters. J

I love Roslyn, NY, it is so gorgeous and a great town. Very wealthy too, I might add.

Is Ashley Jewish as well? This could also be another great sign they are good for each other.

No, no, Mom, JP is not sunburnt. The boy is blushing! How cute.  And yes he is totally falling in love with her, it might be hard to admit to his mom but he is! She seems blown away that her son might actually propose to Ashley at the end of this.

YES! I love the Bar Mitzvah picture! Look at this stud muffin at 13 posing like that.

Hot lady, Ash looks great for this rose ceremony! Love the make-up and solid black dress.

Yes, Ames would be the best husband….but for someone else.  I have a feeling Ames is going home tonight.  Definitely not Ben or JP…should be interesting.

Those blue background headshots that are in the frames never do anyone justice! I remember hating mine and burning that orange silk top once I got home.  The guys are not different; they are so much cuter in person. Maybe the show needs a new photographer. I have never met anyone from the show who actually loved this picture of themselves and it ends of being used on EVERYTHING (i.e. this blog I am writing).

I do have to say this season has the best-dressed bachelors I think I have ever seen. Very nice for a change!  But Ben, what is with the sloppy tie buddy? Not doing it for me with that one.  PS–I think I can finally tell Ben and Constantine apart, I know, it took me long enough!

IS Ames using a self tanner face cream? He looks lightly orange tonight.

AND I called it; I knew Ames was going home tonight. Sorry, the chemistry just was not there and he should have known that as well. All the best to him, I heard he’s on Bachelor Pad so get excited for that if you are an Ames fan.

Very awkward goodbye, they basically did a handshake and called it a day.

Next up: FUJI! Ugh, again, I am so jealous. I would give anything to go there. But OMG what goes wrong? I hope it’s nothing bad with JP!  Ashley looks stunning at the final rose ceremony preview.  I will need to know who designed that dress as well and get it!

I will be back next week! Thanks for reading, XOXO-Ash