Ashleigh Hunt’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 9

Let me start off by saying I am sorry for coming off so harsh last week in my blog. Looking back I see I was too hard on Ames and feel pretty bad. I am not an evil spirited person who wants to make others feel bad about themselves. So if you stick with me I promise to win you all back over! Or try! :)

Side bar – when it comes to this show…everyone (myself included) understands that the world is watching/judging and you may not always like what people have to say about you.   When I see Ames at a reunion party I will apologize and take a shot with him on behalf of everyone who was upset!

I am shocked Constantine left but I did not see him as the guy for Ashley in the end. Ashley does not seem too upset over him leaving and I am happy for that. The poor girl has certainly been on a rollercoaster this season!

Wow! Ryan came back…and I’m not sure how to feel about this.  He was one of my front runners from the start but as the season went on I began to see more of what the guys in the house were seeing.  There is always one of those types of guy/girl in the house who acts one way with the people in the house and a totally different way with the person they are trying to win over.

I am so happy she sent Ryan back home.  The connection with JP is too strong at this point and it’s too late to go back in time with Ryan to see what could have been.

I don’t know about you guys but I am so in love with JP and Ashley together.  He even said, “I am ready for the end!” Can this show be over already so we can watch them get married on TV? They are so good together it is ridiculous!

I was not in love with what Ashley chose to change into for JP. Was it cute for your first night with someone? I would have picked a little bit of a sexier shirt dress.

I don’t think Ashley had to think hard at all about keeping both Ben and JP. She knew they would both say yes to her rose! Since Constantine left I supposed producers still had to fill the show with her contemplating their decisions to stay. C’mon, we all knew that it would be Ben and JP in the end!

I am so excited for the finale, but first we have the Men Tell All episode which should be interesting! Do you think Ashley will get to see that footage of Bentley where he was beyond rude?

I just wanted to see JP get on one knee and propose to Ashley.  I hope his speech tops Brads! I can’t wait…her dress looks stunning for the finale. It should be great!

And then we have Bachelor Pad 2 to look forward to! That should be fun considering I know all of those crazy guys and gals.  Get ready for a crazy second season, I have heard it gets wild!