This was by far, the craziest Bachelor Pad episode that I have ever seen.  Whether it was the unlikely pairing of two couples, or the crazy switcheroo that happened at the end  – I really was entertained by this episode!


Let’s talk about episode 5 – THE CRAZIEST EPISODE EVER!



Chris, still pissed about being lied to, decides to handle it maturely by jumping in bed and throwing the covers over his head.



Everyone in the house is fed up with Chris’ emotional behavior and even his own alliance decides that he will be the next to go, undoubtedly with Sarah in tow.



Chris is especially mad at Kalon, one of his best friends in the house that lied to him about voting for Blakeley.  Kalon has admitted to telling at least 17 lies in one night so I don’t understand why this was a surprise.



Chris, still acting in a grown@$$ man manner, decides to throw rose petals at Kalon to show him who the bigger man really is.



CBEF isn’t done yet though!  He decides that hiding under the covers isn’t achieving anything, so he decides to confront Ed about lying to him.  This Chris utters this mysterious statement: “You said it right to my eyes!” – in regards to lying about voting for Blakeley.  I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never had anyone say anything to my eyes.  That would be weird, especially since our eyes can’t hear.  Maybe CBEF possesses special powers?



Ed isn’t having any of this childish nonsense and decides to out-yell Chris.  NO ONE TELLS ED WHAT TO DO!  JACLYN IS THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS BEEN LOYAL TO HIM!



To really get his point across, Ed destroys a perfectly good wine glass on the floor to show that he means business y’all!



Seems, viewers aren’t the only ones that are tired of the tantrums.



It’s challenge time!  Blakeley holds an unfair advantage in this challenge because it requires mad waitressing skills and she was a Hooters girl for 13 years.  Tony pretends that he didn’t just hear this.



The girls are pretty awful at balancing the 7 cups and saucers but Erica Rose pretty much doesn’t even try.  As funny as I think Erica is, I really wish that she would try harder in these challenges; otherwise, she’s always the easiest target to vote out.



Blakeley, of course, is amazing during this challenge and I have to say that I really like her competitive nature!  I know it’s intense but I respect that she is trying to hard to win this game!



Sarah temporarily has the lead but then makes a huge mistake by touching the top of the cup tower while walking towards the finish line.



Sarah gets disqualified…



…which results in Blakeley winning the competition.  Chris is pissed!



Blakeley coaches Tony to victory during the men’s turn and I pretend that this is what Blakeley was saying to Tony – (fast forward to minute 2:30).



Honestly, things really couldn’t have gone worse for Chris during that challenge.



Never one to hide his feelings, Chris openly flaunts his poutiness over Blakeley and Tony winning the challenge.



Knowing that Chris is super-pissed at Kalon, Blakeley decides to give the rose to him!  She is really sticking it to him – hard!



Harrison tells Blakeley that because she is taking Tony on the date, there will also be another date that week.  Blakeley can either choose to go a date that day, which will not be an overnight date, or go on a later date that will be an overnight date.


Of course they would pick the overnight date!!!



Lindzi and Kalon will be going on the date that day/night and I just have to say that Lindzi’s hair looks amazing!  I really like this color much better than on Ben’s season and she styles it really well!



The date card arrives with two boxes, one of which holds some jewelry for Lindzi and a set of Bentley keys for Kalon.



Blakeley is kicking herself.



No really y’all, Blakeley is trying really hard to not act like she is disappointed.



Kalon and Lindzi take the Bentley to a secluded bridge where a candlelight dinner has been set up for the two of them.  Kalon basically admits that he was never into Emily but he likes Lindzi because she allows him to be himself.



As much as I don’t want to admit it, I actually think Lindzi and Kalon are pretty cute together.



Back at the house, Chris is still mad about Kalon so he decides to ruin KaLindzi’s happiness by getting Lindzi voted out of the house.



Did anyone else laugh when they saw KaLindzi making out on the hood of the car?  I thought that only happened to Sarah or in Whitesnake videos.   Sometimes this show’s cheesiness cracks me up.


The date card arrives for Blakeley and Tony and when it says that the two are going to see the stars – you can practically see the grand things that Blakeley is imagining for this date!



Then they go outside and I’m sure that Blakeley felt like donkey punching the producers.



Just kidding!  This is a hawk anyways!



The date keeps getting worse and worse for Blakeley who had imagined that they would definitely be taking a helicopter since it was an overnight date.  Truth be told, I actually felt pretty sad for both of them because they both never received one-on-one dates during their time on Bachelor/Bachelorette so I kinda felt like they got jipped on this date.



However, this is more like real-life anyways!  If the two of them can make the best out of the situation then that says more about them as a couple!



Back at the house, Chris apologizes to Ed and tries to get him in on the plan to vote out Lindzi…



…while KaLindzi/Lindzon (?)  have a pretty steamy makeout session in the grossest hot tub in the history of reality tv.



During the date, I start to get a little worried about Blakeley and Tony because I notice that Blakeley isn’t making eye contact with Tony a lot.  However, once she starts talking about how she is scared and has been hurt a lot in the past, her eye behavior starts making a lot more sense.



Speaking of eye contact, I think Rachel and Michael are really cute.  However, he wasn’t gazing at her lovingly during this little exchange like Rachel was and it made me a little scared for her.  Maybe he’s still scared of getting hurt?  Maybe she’s more into it than he is?  What do y’all think?



Then, in a really awkward Bachelor/Bachelor Pad moment – Tony decides to slow dance with Blakeley to the most overplayed song in Bachelor history, Wes’s “Love Don’t Come Easy!”  Why is this weird?  Blakeley and Wes used to be something.  I don’t know if they dated, just hung out, whatevs  – but they were definitely connected in someway!



I thought that Tony and Blakeley were kind of awkward at first as a couple but by the end of this date I thought they were really cute.  So I made up a new word for them – AWKUTE!



When Tony and Blakeley get back from their date, Chris displays a face that only McKayla Meroney could love.  If I were him, I’d at least be trying to get back into everyone’s good graces so I wouldn’t be sent home!



Chris decides to talk to Tony and persuade him to give Sarah the rose.



Blakeley quickly reminds Tony that he must be loyal to his partner and stick to the decision that they had made the night before.



Tony and Blakeley decide to give the rose to Jaclyn, since she is a part of their alliance and a good friend.


Now I know a lot of you are shaking your head and saying, “Wait, didn’t Jaclyn talk badly about Blakeley in the first episode?”  Yes, Jaclyn did.  Jaclyn didn’t view Blakeley as a good friend before going on the show and she was worried that Blakeley’s behavior would negatively affect their alliance’s game plans.  That all changed after thru both of their actions, they both proved that they could trust each other and they both misjudged each other.  They had a big talk about everything and Jaclyn told her everything that she had said about her and how wrong she was about her.  Blakeley learned that she could trust Jaclyn and that she wasn’t out to get her or backstab her.


After this, they got super close and Blakeley even did Jaclyn’s hair and makeup for her date last week with Ed.  Also, y’all can check Blakeley’s twitter or instagram where she has referred to Jaclyn as a best friend numerous times.


If Blakeley has forgiven Jaclyn for saying those things, then we shouldn’t worry about that exchange on the first episode.  I, for one, can admit that I’ve said some bad things about someone and then later learned that I was wrong.  On my season, Shawntel once admitted to me that she said bad things about me in some interviews but then apologized to me and said that she was wrong!  And she’s one of the nicest people ever!  It happens y’all!


Ok – rant over.



Did y’all not cringe a little when Blakeley said that Tony was domesticated?  I just imagine him being a little dog!



Speaking of cringing, how bad was Ed’s response to Harrison that he wasn’t on the show to find love?



I know it was hard for Jaclyn to hear that and I know it was even more horrible to have everyone else hear that.  However, I have been reassured that things are going to turn out a little differently in next week’s episode.



I think Ed’s comment was also a little dumb because up until this point, they have been a very united front in the house with the strongest bond!  This comment made it seem like the most powerful “couple” in the house is about to have some major problems.  Not very strategic.



Oh shoot!  Harrison just changed the game!  Instead of having their usual voting ceremony – everyone will now pick a girl to go home and that girl will pick a guy to take with her.



The plan to vote out Chris goes all to hell with the new rules so he tells everyone that they can no longer vote for Sarah because she will take out one of the big dogs like Ed or Michael.  Then Michael gets the crazy idea to vote off Erica…



…and he will tell her that it was Chris’ idea so she will take him with her.  However, Michael really should have waited until Chris voted to tell Erica that CBEF came up with the plan to vote her out.



Yep, things are still awkward between Ed and Jaclyn in case you were wondering.



Michael knows that his plan is crazy and that he is doing a pretty crappy thing since him and Erica Rose are pretty good friends, but he rationalizes his decision by saying that he is doing it because she isn’t in their alliance.



Erica hears that Chris is trying to get her voted off from Jaclyn and she immediately goes on a rampage.  She tells Chris that she will take him down with her and she calls Sarah (her best friend in the house) a bad friend.



However, Michael forgot one important factor in his plan.  CHRIS NEVER VOTED!  Chris decides to take Erica Rose into the voting room with him and show that Michael and everyone else has been lying to her – Chris voted for Lindzi.



After this, Michael knows that he is definitely going home if Erica gets voted off.  Also, I’ve heard rumors that lawyers were brought into the situation at this point to see if all of this was legal behavior!  I bet everyone was freaking out so hard!



In the end, Erica was voted out and she decides that she is going to make the game fair for everyone by removing the puppetmaster– Michael.



While I think this was the obvious decision, I think her comments about Holly and Michael and Blake were really horrible.  I get that she was hurt and mad but saying hurtful things when you are pissed is never a good idea.



So the alliance lost a VERY key player and Rachel almost left Bachelor Pad.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Pad will not be the same next week!


So what did y’all think about this week’s episode?  Was Chris’ behavior ok?  Are we liking KaLindzi and Blony (haha)?  Did Ed’s comment shock you?  Were you disappointed in Michael or Erica?


See you all next week and check out my other blog,, for more Bachelor and Bachelorette news, relationships advice, and some other random musings from me!