I’m really sorry that I’m getting this blog up so late!  This weekend I participated in an event with some other Bachelor alumni and it felt like two days of Bachelor Pad – it destroyed me!  Since I usually do the blog on the weekend – it took me a while to get it up this week.  Regardless – my apologies!  Let’s get onto episode 6, which in my opinion was a little boring!  I’m ready for the finale already!



The episode begins with Rachel having the major sadz and everyone feels pretty bad for her.



Chris Harrison informs everyone that from now on they will be competing and voting as a couple which basically forces Nick and Rachel together.



Nick doesn’t look too happy about Team Peterheart.



This picture will make since later but I think it’s pretty obvious that neither of them were too thrilled with being each other’s partner.



When Nick was first cast on this show, I was a little excited because we all got to see him shirtless a lot on Ashley’s season.  However, he’s been fully clothed and quiet for most of BachPad.  Luckily, we finally got to see a glimpse of Nick’s goods.



The shot of Rachel riding on the bus alone was pretty sad.



Luckily, this shot of Blakeley and Tony wearing matching glasses cracked me up and I temporarily forgot about how bad Rachel misses Michael.



The idea to have a spelling bee is amazing but it also mad me pretty sad for society.



Tony and Blakeley were both pretty scared about the challenge and admitted that spelling wasn’t exactly their strong suit.



The competition starts out easy with words like love, which awkwardly went to Jaclyn and Ed who are still struggling with defining what they are.



Rachel needs some cucumbers and a spa day stat!  Bless her eyes!



Kalon puts on some glasses to help channel his inner geek – unfortunately, he is one of the worst spellers in the group!



The kid judges looked appalled at how dumb everyone was!



Both of these people, as fashion conscious as they are, should know how to spell jewelry!



Rose ceremony?  For the love of god, how can you be on this show for more than one season and not know how to spell ceremony?  How can you make it past the 6th grade and not know how to spell ceremony?  FACEPALMING EVERYWHERE!



Even Jaclyn, who is pretty smart, was having trouble with some of the words!



Just kidding.  Sarah actually messed up this word.



The spelling bee comes down to Sarah and Chris and Jaclyn and Ed.  Everyone is pissed because they really don’t want Sarah and Chris to win because they were going to be the next couple to be voted out!



This really just cracks me up.



This word makes me laugh.  Also, who the heck says cockamamie?  No one!



In the end, Chris and Sarah win!  Can I just say that serendipity was a lot easier than Ed and Jaclyn’s word?  Everyone is so pissed and Blakeley is crying!



Nick realizes that maybe Rachel and him will be voted off because Nick was never in the alliance and Rachel doesn’t really want to be there anymore.



Chris and Sarah arrive on their date and they both magically had on bathing suits underneath their clothes.



Chris keeps saying that he is holding back from Sarah because he isn’t 100% over his relationship with Emily.  I’m not sure if Chris knows what “holding back” means.  People that are “holding back” don’t sleep with 3 other people if they aren’t over someone else.



Did anyone else think that this date was a total rip off of Brad and Emily’s date during my season?



Back at the house, Rachel is still crying and telling everyone that she wants to leave so she can hang out with Michael.  Michael must be part magic or something because I don’t know any guy that would be worth giving up $250k.


Regardless, Jaclyn and Blakeley talk her into staying.



Sarah and Chris have a good time together in the barn and then exchange a pretty awkward kiss as they close the doors on the date to begin the overnight portion.  I wonder if Chris finally gets over Emily on this night?



Next up, Ed and Jaclyn get to go on a date since they got second place in the spelling bee.  They both give each other @$$-out hugs which gives me the awks.  Do y’all love how many different words I have for awkward?  I say it a lot so I have to keep it varied.



Ed admits to Jaclyn that he was dating someone from back home but they broke up because he was going on the show.  He says that he still has feelings for this person, which is news to Jaclyn since she has been sleeping in his bed every night.



At this moment, I really feel for Jaclyn.  It sucks to have this conversation on camera.



Over dinner, Ed and Jaclyn continue their talk to try to decide what they are.  Ed doesn’t want to put a title on it and Jaclyn just wants to know where they stand.  I’ll save all of you from rehashing this convo because I think Ed was kinda bull$hitting here.  Instead, I present to you –


How to be Involved in a Conversation that You Don’t Want to Have – by Ed








By the end of the conversation, I think Ed agrees to be a couple within the confines of the house.  Jaclyn seems satisfied with this and I’m not going to express my opinion because it’s Jaclyn’s life.


But if I was going to express my opinion, I would say – Run far away from guys that won’t put titles on relationships.  The guy that deserves you will be proud to call you his girlfriend and show you off.  However, if you both aren’t looking for a relationship, then I guess this works.



Back at the house, Ed and Jaclyn are back from their date and now they have to decide which couple to give roses to.


Seriously Nick?  Did you not see us all make fun of this tanktop soooooo hard?  I know it’s in a different color but it still looks like you are wearing a sports bra!



Are the producers totally putting in this bird pic so I can crack on Chris some more?



Lindzi and Kalon try to lay it on thick to get the roses from Jaclyn and Ed.



Ed looks like he is tired of hearing people talk.



I mean, was it really a surprise that they gave the roses to Blakeley and Tony?  Are Tony and Blakeley really that surprised?



Kalon knows that him and Lindzi are more than likely the next couple to go!



They might be awkute, but Tony and Blakeley are really growing on me.  Especially with their color-coordinated outfits.



Kalon decides that they only way that Lindlon can stick around is by brainwashing Tony and Blakeley into thinking that voting off Rachel and Nick would be a better idea.



Turns out that Blakeley and Tony are pretty easily influenced.



Nick finds out that Tony and Blakeley are wavering in their decision to vote off Lindlon and he starts getting all Hulk-like on everyone.  Rachel couldn’t be more disgusted in her partner.



Tony really starts thinking seriously about voting Nick off after he runs his mouth.



Nick inserts foot-into-mouth a little too late.  Blakeley and Tony are starting to view him as a loose cannon and someone that they never were allied with anyway.



After Nick’s tirade, Rachel is feeling all brokenhearted again.



She calls Michael and he undoubtedly gives her a little pep-talk to stay in the game and win the money.



Luckily, she does and she had nothing to worry about.  Lindzi and Kalon end up getting voted off and they get into their limos to leave.


But wait!



Kalon jumps into the Lindzi’s limo and they leave Bachelor Pad together.



Kalon tells Lindzi that he couldn’t love her more and I didn’t even roll my eyes a little.  It was really cute!


So what did y’all think of this episode?  Were y’all appalled at the atrocious spelling? Are you buying into the whole “Chris isn’t over Emily” thing?  What do you think of the Ed and Jaclyn situation?  Do Nick and Rachel make good partners?  Do you love Lindzi and Kalon together?


Ps – I know the spoilers recently came out.  I urge everyone not to post the spoilers on this blog or I will delete them.  People get uber pissed if they read them on here and I want everyone to be respectful.  People that don’t want to know the spoilers – maybe skip reading the comments this time around?


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