Omg y’all is it really almost finale time in Bachelor Pad Land?  I have to say that this season of BachPad has had so many twists and turns and quite a few “most dramatic rose ceremonies ever!”  I really have enjoyed this season!


Is it just me, or did this season of Bachelor Pad fly by?



Speaking of flying, how the heck is CBEF still here?  I have to give him some credit – despite being so disliked in the house – dude has somehow managed to hang-in there every week.  Whether it’s winning challenges, switching partners, etc.  – Chris has played a good game!



The partnership of Nick and Rachel is still pretty awkward.  Rachel still misses Michael and Nick doesn’t like being a replacement.  I can only imagine that it isn’t very fun to still be around this late in the game with someone that you don’t know that well!



Blakeley and Tony are becoming my new favorite couple!  I love that last week they coordinated with each other by wearing jewel tones!  This week they are keeping it simple with white tops and khaki bottoms!  They are cracking me up!



Chris Harrison comes in and tells the group that after today’s challenge, the winning couple will be able to eliminate a couple!



The challenge will involve one partner hanging in rope-tied chairs above the pool with another partner answering trivia.



As soon as Harrison says trivia, Blakeley and Tony know that they are effed.



Rachel also knows that trivia isn’t her strong suit, so she encourages Nick to answer while she will be the only girl that will possibly hang above the pool once the ropes are cut.



I miss Donna’s boobies.  I wonder if she watches the episodes at home in her bikini?  That would be amazing.



Tony is the first one to have all his ropes cut and hang above the pool.  Blakeley and trivia are truly mortal enemies.  Remind me to never ask her to be my partner during a game of trivial pursuit.



Tony falls pretty quickly and Rachel is next after Nick proves that they both would have sucked pretty equally at answering trivia.  At least Nick could have hung on the bar longer?



Seriously – I wasn’t even answering all of the questions right!  How the heck is Sarah so well versed in Bachelor trivia?



Of course Sarah and Chris win the competition!  CBEF cannot be destroyed!



Blakeley knows that it’s pretty likely that Chris will vote her off after her weeks of campaigning to get rid of him.



CBEF and Sarah celebrate their win with class and Sarah gives us a nice view of her @$$ bruise.  What is up with the huge leg bruises on the ladies this season?



Sarah and Chris listen to all of the couples say some final words before they make their elimination decision.  Tony states, for the 500 millionth time, that he is there for his son and wants to give him a better life.



Nothing makes a best friend feel worse than eliminating a best friend, who’s also a dad that needs the money to better the life of his son!



I couldn’t stop staring at Blakeley’s boobies the entire time they were in the elimination limo!



Tony and Blakeley have now graduated from awkute to cute in my book.  However, I wonder if there was any part of Tony that blamed Blakeley for their elimination?  I’m guessing – no.  He seems like such a sweet person, I bet he was just so excited to leave with someone that could possibly be a step-mom to his son!



After the challenge, everyone is emotionally and physically exhausted!  However, Harrison says, “Too bad b*tches!”  He quickly whisks them away to their next challenge!





No but for real – I just peed my pants a little even thinking about having to do something like this again.  I can really sympathize with the remaining contestants.



However, I did squeal a little when I realized that they would be singing “Sister Christian” by Night Rider!  My Dad loved that song and I actually do know all the words!



I don’t know what’s sadder – the fact that most of the contestants have no idea who Night Ranger is or the fact that Night Ranger is playing on Bachelor Pad?



Sarah looks pretty terrified to perform and sing onstage!  I feel your pain girlfriend!



I get the sadz for a minute for Rachel because I bet she is REALLY missing Michael during a singing competition!  Michael would be the best partner ever during this challenge!



CBEF is taking the competition very seriously which sucks for Sarah because she has the vocals of a beached whale.  Once again, I feel your pain Sarah.  We should get together and do a session of the worst karaoke in the world!



I don’t know if Jaclyn was just exhausted or terrified of singing but homegirl was not into this challenge at all!



I think the show is totally effing with me at this point and they are only putting up the hawk shots to make me laugh hysterically!



The gang shows up to perform and they are greeted by a mob of crazy fans.  By crazy fans, I mean people that were picked from the street and then paid to clap and act insane.



Everyone looks pretty terrified about this competition.  Even Ed who usually has no fear when it comes to stuff like this!



Rachel and Nick go first and how amazing did Rachel look as a rocker chick?



The pair looked amazing and actually had an amazing stage presence!  I was really shocked by how well they did!  I also give major props to Nick for wearing eye makeup!



Rachel and Nick get a standing ovation.  I wish I could say the same for Jaclyn and Ed.



Who else was cracking up at Nick’s eyes during the interview after his performance!  Someone needs some eye makeup remover!



I’m not going to include that many pictures of Ed and Jaclyn performing because I could hardly watch it the first time!  Showing pictures of the audience will perfectly capture how awkward it was!



Eek.  It looks like Christina Aguilera is mounting David Bowie!



My sentiments exactly Judge #2.



Mine too!



Anyone else find their performance hard to watch?  I covered my head with a blanket for most of it!



Speaking of horrible performances, what the heck was Sarah doing on the stage?  I couldn’t tell if her skin-tight pants were restricting her dance moves that much or if she really does flail that much during dancing?



We all saw Chris’ dance moves during Emily’s season so I’m glad that he stuck to gyrating in one place and singing.  However, Sarah’s dance moves and vocal-stylings were truly the star of this performance.  But by star, I really mean a scary black hole.



The judges praise Nick and Rachel but the same cannot be sad for Jaclyn and Ed.  I’m pretty sure Judge #3 just threw up when it was time for his to give his opinion on their performance.



Despite Sarah’s electrocuted monkey dance moves, the judges actually thought Sarah and Chris’ performance was pretty entertaining!



Nick and Rachel end up winning the competition, which really throws a wrench into everything!  How can the couple that was literally thrown together – make it to the finale?



On a happier note, I think Rachel didn’t think about Michael for at least 10-15 minutes.



Jaclyn is really disappointed in herself but she knows that Rachel would never betray her.



Haha – just kidding.  Nick and Rachel decided to make a pro and con list to help them decide who should go to the finale with them.  Rachel wants to bring Ed and Jaclyn and Nick wants to bring Sarah and Chris.



Nick seemed to really take control at this point and I’m a little surprised that Rachel didn’t fight back a little more.  Was it really that easy to decide?  Could they not have taken a couple and then split the money like last year’s final couples?



Final decision time and you can tell that Rachel is feeling like an awful human being.



Ultimately, Nick and Rachel take Sarah and Chris to the end because everyone dislikes them and Nick and Rachel are guaranteed to get more votes than them.  However, the power couple is not happy about this decision at all!



Both Rachel and Jaclyn seem pretty distraught about Rachel’s choice but Jaclyn seems more hurt and pissed than anything and I can’t blame her.  I’d be pretty pissed too.



While her words were a little harsh in the limo, I can totally understand where they were coming from.  As much as I love Ashley Hebert, I would be so mad if we were on Bachelor Pad together and she ended up voting me out.  Would I let it destroy our friendship?  No, but I would spout off a lot of cuss words first.


However, don’t take her words too seriously.  If you get on twitter right now, you can see that they are still best friends and this elimination did not get in the way of their friendship.



Rachel knows that she made the wrong decision and by judging from next week’s previews – something horrible is going to happen at the finale.  How insane did the finale previews look?


So what did y’all think about this episode?  How cute are Tony and Blakeley?  Was it messed up for Chris to send Blakeley home?  Do y’all know the lyrics to Sister Christian?  Which performance did y’all like best?  Were you surprised at Nick and Rachel’s decision to eliminate Jaclyn and Ed?


Ps – I know the spoilers recently came out.  I urge everyone not to post the spoilers on this blog or I will delete them.  People get uber pissed if they read them on here and I want everyone to be respectful.  People that don’t want to know the spoilers – maybe skip reading the comments this time around?


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