Wow, this season sure did go by fast and I have to admit that I don’t have as much fun blogging for Bachelor Pad as I do for Bach/Bachelorette! I think it’s because I know a lot of the competitors and I’m always a little scared to make fun of them! Regardless, everyone has been a great sport this season (even you Chris) and it definitely was an entertaining season! Let’s get onto the show!

Oh Lindzi, Lindzi, Lindzi! Did you find that self-tanner that you abused on Ben’s season? Put the bottle down girlfriend!

I have no words. NONE!

Is it just me or does Erica Rose not look super amazing? Girlfriend looks more rejuvenated and refreshed than when her younger self was on her season of the Bachelor! It’s like she’s aging in reverse! I’m also loving her real hair!

Some of the recaps from the season were hilarious! Blakeley has some of the best quotes, bless her heart! I’m going to have to start saying this!

I felt really sad for Lindzi whenever Erica Rose said that Kalon was gallivanting about with other ladies. I don’t know if Lindzi has that much faith in Kalon or if she was just putting on a brave face, but it was kinda like she didn’t hear what Erica said!

First up in the hot seat is Michael who catches a bunch of $h!t for his handling of the Rachel situation.

I think that Michael did a good job of explaining the situation but that scene between him and Erica Rose did look a little like he was leading her on.

However, Michael is my friend and Rachel is too, so it’s a little hard for me to be impartial in this situation. I wish that Michael would have made his intentions a little more clear. Maybe he would have if he had gotten to stay on Pad longer?

Man, the superfans really got shut out of facetime during the show right? Donna’s boobies were pretty much featured more than anyone!

Jaclyn takes up for Rachel during Michael’s hot seat interview and informs him and everyone else that Rachel isn’t ok despite Michael’s insistence that she is. I can attest to that – she was pretty heartbroken.

Look, I don’t think she was expecting a ring – however, I think she had a lot of faith in him to do the right thing and she was let down.

By the end of Michael’s conversation with Chris Harrison, you can totally tell that dude is feeling pretty defeated. Michael may have won Bachelor Pad 2 but he definitely got his butt handed to him by Bachelor Pad 3. Bless his heart!

Jaclyn’s up next in the hot seat where she admits that she likes Ed, she isn’t over Rachel’s decision, and she thinks that she was the most powerful person in the house.

I wish Jaclyn could bottle up her confidence and sell it!

Chris didn’t have a lot to say during the interview but I like to think that he said this.

And then Michael totally agreed with Chris as he wondered how in the hell he got himself into this situation!

Blakeley was next up in the hot seat and does anyone else think that Tony stares at her like he wants to eat her? It’s totally cute and a little creepy but I love it! Maybe she is an emotional banana sandwich that’s always making Tony hungry!

Blakeley reflects on hating Chris and Jamie agrees but the both of them totally still hate each other.

Remember when Blakeley called Tony a “domesticated man?” Well she also called him “percautious” and I’d like to know what in the hell that is?

Ryan makes a brief appearance when Jamie admits that she never wanted to be a team with him. Ouch! Maybe Nick and Jamie should have been partners?

Jamie also gets into an argument with Jaclyn and calls her fake. Jaclyn responds by calling her socially awkward, which is one of the worst things someone can say about you. Especially when you are dressed as Urban Pocahontas.

Blakeley tells everyone that Tony makes her feel like she has never felt.

I can’t tell if Chris Harrison is in disbelief for much of this convo or if he is trying really hard not to laugh.

Then Tony and Blakeley make an announcement to say that they are moving in together and Blakeley is moving to Oregon!

But hold up…

Then Tony proposes and she says yes!

Then Blakeley realizes that she will finally have cable tv and she is the happiest woman in the world that still doesn’t know what a donkey punch is.

I’m with ya Harrison!

The two final couples come out and you can tell that Chris and Sarah don’t look that confident!

Rachel immediately asks Michael to explain himself.

Michael has learned by this point that it is easier/better to keep quiet on the subject. He’ll only do more harm than good at this point.

Nick looks really agitated during the whole Rachel/Michael exchange and I start to get really worried for Rachel at this point.

I also start to get pretty worried about Michael because he looks so devastated and defeated!

I’m also getting a little bored by this point so I started giving pictures fake captions!

Nick keeps reiterating that he did everything on his own or by himself and I’m screaming at the tv for Rachel to choose keep.

Not that I don’t think that Nick deserved the money – he totally did what was right for him. However, I think it should have been obvious to Rachel at this point that Nick was going to go rogue.

Chris tries to apologize to everyone and admit that the game took over his mind and made him act out of character.

It also made me a little sad to hear how his family responded. I can’t even imagine disappointing my parents like that. I would be a mess!

However, Jamie isn’t buying Chris’ act at all and she even tells him that Emily was fortunate to dodge the Chris bullet. Why? Because Chris would be a horrible father to Ricki! Ouch!

As much crap as I give CBEF, I think that this comment was really below the belt.

Jaclyn asks Rachel why she decided to screw her and Ed over.

Rachel admits that it was more Nick’s idea than her own.

Jaclyn’s walls come tumbling down as you can see her forgive her friend – which was a totally cute moment btw.

Blakeley actually brings up a good point by reminding CBEF that he pissed off a lot of people and now those people will cast votes for anyone other than him.

Grown@$$ men don’t really think things through sometimes!

But then Chris encourages people to vote for Sarah and to take him out of the equation. It’s not a totally ploy – everyone that voted for Nick and Rachel were definitely voting for Rachel and not Nick.

OMG – I forgot about the twins!!! Why didn’t we get to hear them screech at all during the finale?

Voting begins and pretty much everyone but Kalon, Dave, and Erica Rose vote for Nick and Rachel.

Sarah’s face during the voting process was totally cracking me up.


Totally kidding! I think Blony is really cute and they seem totally in love!

I have to say that Nick and Rachel’s body language was very telling during the finale. He rarely ever looked at her or touched her. If Rachel had more intuition and less heart she would have totally picked up on this.

If I was Rachel, I would have picked keep just to eff over Nick and give everyone else the money. But I’m also a little vindictive. ;)

When Rachel picked share, you could totally see the relief and joy on Nick’s face.

When Nick launches into his “I’m an Army of One” speech, you can see all the hope drain from her face. I thought this part was heartbreaking.

I felt really conflicted about Nick during his little speech. Part of me agreed that it must have sucked to be such a non-issue for much of the game. However, I think it would have been nice of him to admit that he got all of the votes because of Rachel. He did owe her a little.

This was seriously the most shocking ending ever in Bachelor franchise history!!!!

I’m still coming to terms with how I feel about the ending. Because I love Rachel to death, I totally wanted her to win 250K. However, at the end of the day, it is a game and Nick just looked out for himself. I could never do something like that, but I can’t hate someone for doing it.

However, I do wish that he would have been a little nicer to Rachel after he made his decision. Rachel is one of the nicest people ever and she didn’t deserve that.

How sad did Michael look after Nick won? I’m sure he was at least hoping that 125K would help Rachel forget about him!

I think the thing that bothered Rachel is that she felt like they had formed a partnership in the end and over the past couple of months since the show ended. Rachel is a very trusting person and I think she thought she could hold Nick to his word. For all we know, Nick could have promised to share and then maybe producers or a friend got into his head?

I was also a little surprised by the audience. Rachel had some of the loudest applause of any one there and the audience abandoned her after the decision. It was like all the ladies said in the beginning – “Nick who?” But after he won he looked a million times hotter and everyone loves a sugar daddy! (Sarcasm)

At the end of the day, Nick made the right decision for him and he has to live with it. We can debate all day about if it was right or not but it’s pretty useless! Hopefully, future Bachpad contestants will use this as a lesson. TRUST NO ONE!

So what did y’all think of the episode? Do you think Kalon and Lindzi had a huge fight later that night? Did Michael handle the situation poorly? Was Jaclyn the true winner of Bachpad? Are Blakeley and Tony gonna make it? Where the heck were Ed and the Superfans? Do you agree with Nick’s decision?

I’ve had a blast blogging with y’all for Bachelor Pad and hopefully I’ll be right back in January for the next season of the Bachelor! Who do y’all think it will be? I have to admit that I was always a huge Arie fan but after meeting Sean – I absolutely adore him! I really hope that he’s the next Bachelor!

See you all next year and check out my other blog,, for more Bachelor and Bachelorette news, relationships advice, and some other random musings from me!