I’m going to go ahead and warn y’all that my recap this week won’t be taking as many cheap shots as usual – it’s hard to make fun of the families!

Instead, I think the hometowns week shows how Emily really feels about each guy.  Emily takes the subject of families very seriously so it’s very important for her to feel at home with each guy’s family!

I think it was pretty obvious this week that she wasn’t that into one guy or his family.  Let’s get to it!



Emily has been backing away from Chris’ advances for weeks now, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s not super affectionate with him like she is with the other guys.  I think last week he really screwed himself by acting like such a toddler!



Me too Emily, me too.



Crazy baby eagle face, decides to take her to a Chicago castle, some other scenic views, and then they go to a restaurant.  So far, this date is really lacking in passion.  It really seems more like 2 friends on a date.



Chris apologizes for acting like such a baby douche last week but I think the apology is futile – the damage has already been done dude.




Chris’ family does seem very lovely with his very Polish dad, his overly emotional mom, and his very pretty sisters. However, during the dinner, I was cracking up at the décor of the dining room!  It’s like the Bachelor series and Chris’ family used the same decorator!



Chris’ mom tells him to kick some @$$ and go after love but she really should have told him that those socks were horrible.



One of Chris’ sisters, the one that looks kinda like Emily, sits her down to have a chat with her.



I think she knows that Emily isn’t that into it so she tells her to end it sooner rather than later so her brother isn’t completely devastated.  Why all of a sudden in this franchise have siblings become the voice of reason?  Why are the sisters always the hard@$$es?



Chris’ dad tells him that Emily is falling in love with him but he really just assumed this from what Emily said to him.  He asked if there were feelings of love and she replied, “I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t.”  Basically, I think Emily meant that she has felt strongly for Chris but that doesn’t mean that she’s in love with him.


You can just look at their kisses and determine that he’s way more into it than she is.  I think we all know who will be going home this week at this point.



I thought many times throughout Chris’ date that his hometown date was very similar to Constantine’s and when they brought out this Polish procession that only confirmed it.  However, Constantine’s actually seemed fun and it seemed like a normal family gathering.  I highly doubt that people don costumes and throw these types of Polish parties at Chris’ house regularly.  I think Emily thought that this was a little weird.



Thankfully, we’ve left Chicago and headed towards Utah – time for a real love story!  Emily and Jef are always holding hands or she rests her head on his shoulder – she always does this with people that she really likes!



Emily isn’t exactly an adventurous type so I was so happy to see her smiling during Jef’s off-roading adventure.  I think she feels really safe with him.



I think Jef was trying to show Emily a more manly side to him so he took her to shoot some skeet!  Turns out he is pretty good with a gun!



Then it’s Emily’s turn and she is the cutest little thing ever cause guess what?  She could kill your @$$!  Emily takes gun lessons y’all and it shows!



Jef wants Emily to hold a gun forever and I just like that he says forever a lot with her.  I really do think he is completely smitten.



I think now that Jef has shown Emily that he can be a protector as well (whether it’s in a dune buggy or with a gun) Emily could not be more attracted to Jef.



I mean, can you imagine how hot and bothered Emily is at this point?  Imagine being with someone that you are so attracted to and you know that you could possibly marry them but you can only go to second base for almost 2 months!  I would die!



Holy crap, Jef has a lot of siblings and this isn’t even the whole family!



Jef’s brother sits Emily down to make sure that her lifestyle will mesh well with their Mormon principles.  Now, I’ve read before that Jef isn’t a practicing Mormon anymore but it still seems that the rest of the family is – I don’t think that this will be a deterrent at all.  Emily has a strong faith and good principles so I’m sure they will admire that.



Then the sisters sit down with Emily and I can’t stop thinking about the fact that 2 of the sisters could be related to Emily and everyone seems to have the Michelle Money curl in Michelle’s home state.  Seriously, every time I see someone from Utah they have long, luscious curls!



I think this sister REALLY loved Emily! Emily does seem to really fit in here!



By the end of the family portion of the date, everyone seems convinced that Jef and Emily are in love and Emily would be the perfect compliment to Jef.  I just really liked that he brings out a goofy side of her – she seems really happy with him!



Then Jef brings her to a gorgeous spot in the desert and reads her one of the sweetest notes that I have ever heard in my life.  I cried so hard when he started telling Emily about how he would be there for Ricki as a father.  It just makes me so sad that Ricki never got to know her dad but it makes me happy that she could possibly get an amazing step-dad at the end of the process!



The way to Emily’s heart is through Ricki’s heart so I’m sure her heart just melted after Jef read his letter.  These two are giving me a toothache they are so sweet!



Woooo!  It’s Arie time and can we just talk one minute about how he always kisses her like he’s about to whisk her away to the bedroom and go all 50 Shades on her @$$!  So hot.



Preachin’ to the choir, sister.



This scene looks shockingly similar to the Nascar date on my season.  I’m glad Emily feels safe enough with Arie to ride with him – again, I really feel like he makes her feel safe and that is really important with her.



Hehe, she always looks perfect – I can make fun of her a little!



I love that these two are always attached to each other whether it’s like this or by being attached at the mouth!



I sort of thought that their conversation here seemed a little forced.  I don’t know if they were both really nervous but their conversation didn’t seem to be as comfortable as it normally is.  I’m guessing both are a little freaked out by the possibility of Arie’s mom not liking Emily.

Regardless, I laughed with the fountain went off because it totally seemed like some sexual innuendo.  I wonder if Arie will be sad when he learns that there isn’t a fantasy suite date?



No worries about the conversation though – who needs to talk when you can have amazing kisses?



Holy crap!  Emily totally looks like Arie’s mom!  At first I was like, this has to be a coincidence.  However, look up Arie’s ex – Sonia Rockwell and tell me that she doesn’t look exactly like Arie’s mom!  WTF?



Everything seems to be going well but then Arie’s mom starts talking about Emily in Dutch and then everyone starts speaking in Dutch.  Not cool Arie’s family!!!  You can tell that Emily feels super uncomfortable!



I’m sorry but I could not quit staring at Mieke’s bedazzled bra strap!  At first I thought it was just part of the dress but then I realized that it was her bra!  Why didn’t she just wear a strapless bra?  This is cracking me up.



Mieke sits Emily down and I’m just waiting for this to be super awkward but then she pretty much just asks her why things didn’t work out with Brad…



Turns out that Mieke is a huge Bachelor fan and she even sneaks in the franchise’s magic word (connection) when talking about Arie and Emily.



Arie has a good chat with his dad about Emily and then shows him some love, which makes me smile – I love it when dudes aren’t shy about their affection for their dads.



I’m a little afraid at this point that Arie is so sure of his connection with Emily that he isn’t really trying anymore.  They still have romantic kisses and everything went well with his family but Arie needs to continue to surprise Emily and show her that he is ready to be a father.  So far, I haven’t heart enough about Ricki from him. :/



The last hometown date goes to Sean and I can’t say enough how perfect these two look together – I mean really, this could be an engagement photo of their perfect life together in Texas with their perfect dogs!



Ummm, how am I just now noticing that Sean is kind of a ginger???  Am I attracted to a ginger?  Dang.  (Also, someone please let the dude wear some sunglasses because squinty Sean isn’t really doing it for me.)






No lie – Sean’s niece’s playhouse is bigger and nicer than my NYC apartment!  Is everyone and everything in his family perfect?



I guess not because he has something really important to tell Emily and everyone looks a little scared.



Sean tells Emily that he still lives at home and he shows her his extremely messy room and weird collection of stuffed animals.



Emily says that everything she felt for Sean just got shattered.  It’s hard to imagine someone as a dad when they still live with their parents!



Oh those tricksters – Sean’s family was just playing a joke on her!  His family is super cute!



Sean’s dad really likes that Emily has gotten Sean to open up and he says that he feels like he has known Emily for a long time.  I think that maybe he is the cutest dad ever on this show!  He seems so sweet!



This quote by him just melted my heart!  You can tell that he would be the best in-law ever!



I totally LOL’d when I saw Sean to try sneak a peek at Emily’s butt when she was hugging his sister!



Though I do get super frustrated with Sean about his kisses and while they have been a slow moving pair – I did notice in this episode that Emily has given Sean a term of endearment – Honey.  She doesn’t do this with anyone else!  What does it mean????



When Sean runs to stop Emily and give her one more kiss, I have an epiphany.  Maybe he kisses her so awkwardly because he doesn’t feel totally comfortable on camera.  I can kind of see this.  He does always try to say the perfect thing and he does seem to play to the camera sometimes so maybe he just feels awkward?  Well – it shows buddy!



Haha –  totally kidding about this but I will say that those stupid rumors that have been going on this season about Chris and Emily are the biggest pile of rumor crap that I have ever heard.



Emily is pretty upset about letting anyone go this week because she doesn’t want them to think that it’s a reflection on their families.  I think she just knows that Crazy Baby Eagle face is going to freak out!



I have to say that I think this is one of the best top 4s that this franchise has ever seen – all of the guys could end up with her and she would be a lucky lady!  Yes, even Bobble – he would love her so much!



Why does Chris look so evil when he pouts?  Dude, get a better poker face!   The pouty thing really isn’t doing it for you!



Emily wants a man, not a boy, so when Chris acts like this – he is only confirming to her that she made the right decision!



The guys seem pretty happy that he is gone and it’s like a black cloud has been lifted from the group once Chris leaves.



I thought that this comment by Chris was a pretty cheap shot – he’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do at Men-Tell-All!



This wasn’t a very gracious exit Chris – I get that you were upset because you told her that you loved her but hopefully you’ve seen how your behavior wasn’t that attractive.  Hopefully you’ll find love on the Pad!  However, man tears are always better than sniffles – cry or don’t cry but don’t pretend to cry!



Did anyone notice that when Chris drove away it totally looked like he stuck his hand out the top of the limo and flipped her off?  I’m seeing things right?  Emily would never put up with that!


So what did y’all think of the episode?  Who do you think had the best/worst hometown date?  Did y’all tear up when Jef read his note to Emily?  Will Arie’s mom scare Emily away?  Is Sean too perfect?  Will Chris ever learn?


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