Well hey y’all!  Can y’all believe that we are almost at the end of Emily’s journey to finding love?  I have to say that this is the first time that I’ve ever been this invested in the final 3 people throughout the history of the show.  Usually by this point, it is pretty obvious whom the Bachelor or Bachelorette is going to pick or I have a definite favorite – but I truly feel like any of these 3 men would be an amazing husband to Emily and a loving father to Ricki!


Let’s chat about the episode for a bit!



Can you imagine being in love with 3 people and not being able to hardcore makeout with them after 2 months?  I bet Emily is going crazy!



Emily writes a little note in the sand and it kinda seems like so ominous foreshadowing to me.  Does she pick no one?  Does she pick someone but it doesn’t work out?  Some people on twitter also alerted me to the fact that a 1F was drawn in the sand above the Emily + ?, but I think this might have been a coincidence.   If it’s not, then holy crap that’s crazy.



Sean shows up for his date in a super deep v – thank God that his chest seems to be hairless and he could pretty much wear anything and still look hot.



They take a ride in a helicopter and I know that it’s loud and not the best time for conversation but Emily kept on making these awkward faces.  I think it’s because they aren’t talking and they aren’t overly affectionate – so she feels a little put out.  I guarantee you that if it was Jef or Arie on this date that it would be an affectionfest.



They sit on the beach to talk and I can’t stop looking at Emily’s headband.  This makes me start thinking about long-hair Michael and then I can’t stop thinking about his headbands.  I hope he’s doing well.



Sean’s right eye is really adverse to sunlight.  At least he gets a cute dimple when he squints.



It’s so obvious that Sean wants to tell Emily that he loves her but he can’t quite get the words out of his mouth!



I think Emily is really disappointed that Sean is still holding back on her.



At least he doesn’t hold back on taking his shirt off. (drool)



Sean writes a letter to Ricki (so many letters this season) and it’s the cutest, sweetest thing ever.



Y’all know how much I hate it when people lick their lips a bunch and Sean was giving me the creepies when he started doing this!



Turns out that he was only wetting his lips to get his mouth ready to utter the words that Emily was longing to hear – “I love you.”



Emily looks so genuinely happy but I have to wonder if the admission of love was too late?



Then they kiss and I was cracking up at Sean’s hand and arm for the next couple of seconds.



He’s like – “Oh no, what do I do with my hand?”



“I should be touching her, right?  Oh no, am I touching her butt?”



Oh Sean, the awkward arm is the worst!!!  Nothing is worse than making out with someone and figuring out what you should do with the arm that is between you or the arm you are laying on!  Awkwardsauce!



As much as I love Sean, I am always waiting for him to use that physical strength to totally dominate Emily and put her up against some more walls.  No?  Maybe I’ve read too much 50 Shades of Grey?



However, it looks like they did have some time to roll around and makeout because Emily is sporting some sweet makeout hair.



Alas, she doesn’t let Sean spend the night (Mommy morals) and sends him home with blue balls I’m sure!



Jef’s date is next and he seems to be the only one that realizes that it is super important for him to meet Ricki before they get engaged.



It’s true!  Those kids will totally be beautiful b@d@$$es.



Just a little observation:  Emily always seems to be begging Sean to show her more affection.  She’s always holding onto Jef.  And she allows herself to be dominated by Arie.



I think it’s so cute when Jef asks Emily if she thinks he would be a good dad and why.  I think maybe Jef is really starting to realize that he might be a father soon so he should take things very seriously.



As cute as the answers are that Emily gives Jef, I don’t think they are what will make Jef a good dad.  I think Jef will be a good dad because he is fun-loving, shares the same morals with Emily, and places a strong importance on family.



Jef basically says here that he didn’t understand their love at the beginning since it’s been a messy whirlwind but when he takes a step back – it’s like a masterpiece.  This reminds me of a quote from Clueless where they says people can be Monets (look hot from far away but they are a mess up close) and then I realize that Jef kinda reminds me of Christian but I’m hoping that Emily and Jef have a much happier ending.



Emily really likes Jef in case you couldn’t tell.



At dinner, Jef is the one with tough questions for Emily.  This one kinda made me laugh.



Emily wasn’t expecting this question at all!



But I think she answered it well!



However, I don’t think she expected this from Jef on this night!



So she makes a move to shut him up!



Then she gives him the fantasy suite date card and asks him what he thinks about it.



And he turns her down!  You can see the disappointment on her face even though she was totally not going to let him stay the night!



Emily’s lady parts must have some serious self-control.



Speaking of lady parts – It’s Arie time!

On a serious note, don’t we all want to be greeted with a kiss like this everyday?



Swoonie swoon swoon.


I’m warning y’all now – there’s a lot of kissing pictures in this date.



Emily and Arie stop making out to swim with dolphins for a bit.  I am cracking up at Emily thinking dolphins are scary!  A bunch of us Bachelor 15 girls just went to Cancun together and we all swam with dolphins.  It was seriously one of the happiest moments of my life – my cheeks hurt at the end of the day from smiling so hard!



Then Arie and Emily makeout some more and his hand is showing that obviously, he wants more.



Then they get to dinner, and Emily has some tough questions for Arie…



Like what time does he get up?


I kinda feel like Emily is trying to find reasons not to be so into Arie.  Anyone else feel this way?



It is kind of funny to think of an adult getting up at 9:30 everyday but he is a bachelor with a pretty unconventional job – this will be easy to change!



Emily is making so amazing faces in this episode!



It kinda seems like Arie is digging himself a hole with his answers but then he totally redeems himself with his answer about how you become close with kids.  You can practically see Emily melting.






Anyone else see this article by Wetpaint yesterday that claimed that the sketch of Christian Grey eerily looks like Arie?



Alas, Emily doesn’t even trust herself in a place with multiple beds around Arie so she decides to not even give him the fantasy suite date card.  She actually cries when realizing that she will not be hooking up with Arie.



I would cry too girl.  Look at the way he’s looking at her!


Ok – the Arie gush fest is over!



Reminder – totally kidding about the Chris Harrison comments.  I just think the rumors are really funny so I like to pretend that something really is happening ;)



It’s so obvious that this is the hardest decision Emily has ever had to make on this show.  I think she wanted more time but that isn’t the way this show works unfortunately and she already used up her extra rose on Doug or Wolfie.





Chris seems to be really sympathetic to Emily’s tough time but it also seems like she really doesn’t want to talk about all this and Chris keeps on pushing her to talk!



I’ve never seen Emily cry this much – for real!


Then she starts watching the video messages that each guy prepared for her and I was LOLing at the faces she made during this sequence.  Some of the faces were downright scary and I could not tell what she was thinking!



Ahhhhhh! Why does she look so mad?



During a side shot of Em while watching Jef’s video, you could totally tell that Em was smiling but it looks like she is trying really hard not to show emotion.



Then during Arie’s video she starts crying and I start thinking that he’s definitely going to go home.



A huge thank you to everyone on twitter that alerted me to this term.  A plum smuggler was a close second.


Those are some tight pants Arie.



The first rose goes to Jef and you can tell how genuinely happy he is to get a rose.



Arie seems nervous.  I am nervous.  Arie looks much better with a tan.



Sadness!  Sean’s face when he didn’t get a rose is totally breaking my heart.  You can tell that he totally wasn’t expecting this!



I wonder if Jef and Arie think it’s a little weird that they are besties and also the final two?



I think maybe I was crying harder than Emily at this point.



Gotta get one last squint in before he leaves.


While I was genuinely sad to see Sean go, it wasn’t really surprising to me that he went home at this point (even though I totally expected Arie to go home – d@mn you spoilers!).  Here’s the thing – Sean was absolutely perfect for Emily on paper – in fact, I think that he was the best one for her there.  However,  I think Emily had deeper feelings for Jef and Arie before she started developing feelings for Sean and there just wasn’t enough room in her heart to give herself to him completely.


Sean – you are perfect and based on my timeline last night, you will have thousands of girls throwing themselves at you.  I think this journey helped you open up and this will serve you well when you meet the perfect person for you.  I wish you nothing but the best and hopefully, you will be the next Bachelor!


So what did y’all think?  Did Sean’s departure completely surprise you?  Is Jef freaking out a little bit at the prospect of becoming a dad?  Will Arie and Emily’s lust last?  Who do you think is the best fit for her?


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