The WTA is a tough episode to watch on every season but I assure you that it is even tougher for the girls involved. We have to sit through the season and keep our mouths closed on Twitter and Facebook and watch as girls, who we thought were our friends, talk crap about us. Or we get answers to why the guy was never interested in us. This leads to us having A LOT to say on the WTA and not enough time to say it.
I can’t imagine how any of these girls felt going on the WTA. They must have had so many questions, so many things they wanted to say to each other, an arsenal of insults for Courtney, and a deep need to kick Ben in the balls. I can completely empathize with the girls on this episode.
First up, however, is the Bachelor Reunion in Vegas that was basically a try-out for Bachelor Pad 3.

There was a lot of talk about love, which really cracks me up. But then again, I guess there are just as many successful relationships created from BPad as its more respectable counterparts.

Ed might be doing the show I guess – not really surprised.

I don’t really know who Sarah is but she’s already pretty much called dibbs on Ed.

Ryan Park can’t wait to do Bachelor Pad and I am super pumped for some more sunhearts! (ps. I’m never letting this go. Sunhearts foreverrrrrr)

I know the cast isn’t confirmed but I’m just really surprised to see Reid all up in the promo. Say it isn’t so Reid!

The short clip of Ali and Roberto’s engagement gave me the sadz because they were the ones that gave me hope that you could find love on the show.

Ali and Frank are reunited again and despite their undeniable chemistry, he still is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend that he lives with!

I’ve thought a lot about why I think Erica Rose made the comment about Ali that she did and I think she was commenting more about the exact moment when Frank dumped Ali. Erica said that Ali wasn’t exactly looking her best and I think she was referring to Ali in this moment Frank Dumps Ali For His Ex Nicole (fast forward to 1:33). No one looks their best when they cry and I don’t think Erica meant it the way it was portrayed.

No ladies, this wasn’t Jake Pavelka performing his newest act at Chippendales. Just Nick “The Body” Peterson giving my season 15 girl Lacey a little striptease in the club. Does this mean we’ll be seeing Nick on BPad?

Where was I during the Bachelor reunion? Dancing the whole time apparently!

Dear lord.

Oh man – whatever! It was fun! I loved meeting everyone and getting to see my Bachelor 15 ladies again. It honestly wasn’t as scandalous or as gross as I thought it was and I had a blast!
Did y’all enjoy the WTA? I have to admit that I wish Courtney would have been brought out sooner, the girls would have given it to Ben harder (haha), and Jenna would have gotten some time in the hot seat!

I thought all the ladies looked lovely and we all collectively gave Kacie a “bless her heart” at my viewing party when we saw her sweating through her dress. Little word to the wise for girls who go on this show after this: wear sleeveless dresses!

Blakeley takes the most crap at first when she admits that she wasn’t there initially to make friends. However, not everyone was ripping on her and by judging from photos taken after the WTA, I think everyone is ok with Blakeley now. I thought she looked really pretty and demure in her conservative dress!

I’m still a little confused as to why Brittney was so angry during her segment but I’m guessing that she didn’t really get along with everyone and that’s the real reason she decided to leave.

Shawntel came out next and in her eyes you could tell how hurt she was by the whole situation.

Everyone was pretty apologetic though and I think Shawntel knew that she didn’t handle the situation as well as she could have. It was a tough night and I think everyone has learned their lesson.

Emily was up next and holy moly, where was she hiding her boobies all season? I’ve seriously missed her eye-rolls, side-eyes, and dramatic shoulders since her departure! I also love how she rips on Ben without overtly saying anything mean.

I loved how she called him out on the skinny-dipping and how it caused him to think about sex for the rest of the season and not a relationship.

Can we make both Emilys the Bachelorette for this next season?

Nicki was up next, looking gorgeous, and I’m glad that she knew that she didn’t do anything wrong. I know it was tough for her but I’m glad she has a healthy outlook on the whole thing.

Kacie comes out and a lady in the audience is already crying!

I think that Kacie is still really hurt by everything that happened but I hope she knows that she deserves better than she got this season. Nothing is wrong with her, nothing is wrong with her family, and she didn’t do anything wrong. You will find someone amazing Kacie and everything that you learned on this show will help you find the right person!

I thought that everyone smashing the black widow (Courtney) was hilarious. You know, we all talked a lot this season about how the girls never really seemed to bond. Maybe that’s the great thing about Courtney – they all bonded over their dislike for her?

Casey S. really tried her hardest to take up for her BFF.

She claimed that Courtney didn’t do well in group settings. No $h!t lady.

I don’t really think anyone bought it.

Then Chris announced that Courtney was in the studio…

and I just knew it was about to get crazy!!!

Emily looks like she’s been waiting for this moment for months!

I don’t really think that Courtney actually said that much. Everyone was too busy yelling stuff at her or infighting and she just sat there. I don’t really think her apology was that sincere and here’s why…

Blakeley brought up some good points but Courtney couldn’t even give her the respect to look at her when she was talking to her.

A true apology means looking in the eyes of the person you hurt so you can fully express how sorry you are.

I can’t believe she didn’t know Jennifer’s name for a week! I mean there are a lot of girls in the house but it’s really easy to learn everyone’s name by the second day!

If she was there to really apologize – she would have responded to Jennifer at this point and told her that she was sorry and that is unacceptable. She didn’t. She just nodded her head.

Kacie questions her about her comment, “How’d that taste coming out of your mouth?” and Courtney even smiles when Kacie says it. Maybe not the best thing to do when you’re apologizing.

She looks up a lot when she’s “crying.” I don’t remember her doing this before when getting emotional on the show.

Emily asks her why they all should forgive and forget with Courtney when Courtney made it clear that she wasn’t the type of person that forgives and forgets when Emily tried to apologize. I think Courtney’s brain almost implodes at this point.

Seriously! What the heck is on the ceiling and why does she keep looking up there?

Courtney does make the comment at one point that the apology is for Ben because she was only ever there for Ben in the first place. She says that if she could take it back she would – however, you can’t take it all back. If she was truly sorry she should have went on there and apologized to every person individually. She could have taken note of all the hurtful things she said about every person and then tried to make it better. But she didn’t. Also, did anyone else catch when she said she “cared” for Ben but quickly corrected herself? Uh Oh!

Here’s my last thought about Courtney. It doesn’t matter if we like her or not. We don’t know her. We only know her from the show and how the show chose to portray her. Regardless, Ben likes her and they probably have a long, hard road ahead of them. Whether you choose to accept her apology now is insignificant. Ben made his choice and he has to live with it.

Ben comes out and says that this is his nightmare. This is why Brad was a million times better than Ben – Brad commented first on how pretty we all looked.

I think maybe the meanest comment of the night actually went to Jennifer when she asked Ben why he would get rid of her, but want to bring Blakeley home to meet his parents.

Ben doesn’t really answer the question but I do notice how much he uses his hands when he talks.

Nicki comments that Ben is still the best guy she’s ever known and I snort and eye-roll so hard that I almost had a stroke.

Ben apologizes for the way he sends home Casey but I like to pretend that he really said this.

Then Jamie comes out of nowhere and says that she would still totally get fancy with Ben.
He still has nightmares about their fancy time together.

I have to say though, that my favorite part of the night was the funny blooper at the end when Monica asked Jenna if she would accept a tampon! So cute and funny! I’m glad that all these ladies mostly get along by now and I wish them nothing but the best while being a part of Bachelornation!
What was y’all’s favorite part of the show? Who were you surprised by? Who do you still love? Do you think Kacie’s gonna be ok? Do you think Courtney really was sorry? Do you think Ben did a good job in front of the firing squad?
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