Ashley Spivey’s Blog: Episode 6

Before I begin this week’s post, I just wanted to say a little something about last week’s skinny dipping incident.  Truth be told, I don’t have a problem with skinny dipping.  I’m not at all a prude and in fact, I don’t trust most people that won’t change their clothes in front of me.  Here’s the problem I have with Ben and Courtney skinny dipping.  For one, I would NEVER do that on national television.  Two, I think it’s extremely disrespectful to the other girls and here’s why: at this point everyone should be on a level playing field.  Yes, I know it’s weird that he’s dating multiple girls and I know that one day he will possibly hook up with three of them when the fantasy dates come around.  But if any of those girls found out at that point that Ben had skinny dipped with Courtney, I guarantee you that they would have walked out.  I’m sure that they wouldn’t have held Ben in the high-regard that a lot of them seem to hold him to and they should have been given the respect of full-disclosure. Ok, my rant is finished.

This week, Ben, the devil and the rest of the ladies headed to Panama!

Blakeley really wanted a 1-on-1 date and was uber-jealous after Kacie B. got her second 1-on-1!

I think Courtney is a little more worried about Kacie than she’d like to admit.

Ben and Kacie have their date on a deserted island where both of them bring 3 items to ensure their survival.  Kacie brings candy and Ben is the happiest I’ve ever seen him during this season.

Ben brings items that will actually help them survive.  Kacie brings a stuffed monkey, a Swiss-army knife, and candy.  I really like Kacie.

I suspect that Ben hasn’t used a machete very often in his life.

He sure does love that coconut water.

The group date card arrives and Blakeley and Rachel are not listed.  They will be going on the dreaded 2-on-1 but Blakeley is pumped – bless her heart.

At dinner, Kacie tells Ben a powerful story from her past.  For a year she struggled with an eating disorder but it has made her a stronger person.  Ben looked like this picture for a majority of the conversation.

But then I think he got drunk and started smiling and acting more interested.  He says that he “likes” Kacie a lot.  I’m afraid that Kacie is getting designated to the little sister/good friend category.  It seems like she is opening up to him and starting to have evolving feelings but Ben seems to feel the same way he did on their first date.

I also noticed during this date that he plays with his hair A LOT!

You know who else plays with their hair a lot?  Courtney!

At the end of the date, Ben finally shows some aggressive behavior towards Kacie but she only gets the hand on the face.  I wonder if Kacie was worrying at this point that Ben didn’t know how to French kiss?

On the group date Ben shows up in a long boat to take the girls to their destination and I swear to God this was Courtney’s face when he pulled up!

I wonder if the girls are ever upset that they didn’t get the extreme fantasy dates that most girls got in previous seasons?  Don’t get me wrong, I love that they are doing more casual, everyday stuff!

Just kidding!  The villagers loved them and everyone had a dance party in traditional clothing!

Courtney decided that she would go topless under the beaded tops just like the locals.  When in Rome right?  Lindzi and Emily’s face during this season was hilarious.  They could not stop staring at her boobies.

Ben was pretty brave and decided to wear a loincloth.

He was also very happy that he got to see Courtney’s boobies again.  In the words of the Millionaire Matchmaker, he sure does “let the penis do the picking.”

The over-enthusiasm is killing me y’all.

No y’all. I’m serious.  WHAT IS THAT? HAHA!

After dancing with the locals, Ben has a conversation with Lindzi in which she really opens up with him.  He responds by giving her a big ol’ open mouth kiss.

Jamie is frustrated that she hasn’t progressed more in her relationship with Ben.  She makes a point that Courtney must be doing something right.

Courtney tries to distract Ben while he is talking to Jamie and ruins their alone time.  Jamie decides not to kiss Ben while he is so obviously fighting his urge to stare at Courtney.

Emily gets Ben good by making him think that there was another man in her life but she was really just talking about her dog.  I really like Emily!  However, I really don’t like that she had to apologize to him for keeping his best interests in mind.

Ben really likes when girls do what he tells them to do so he decides to reward Emily with some tongue!

Emily tries to be the better person and apologize to Courtney by telling her that she was wrong for judging her.

Courtney doesn’t accept the apology and says it doesn’t matter because she would never be a friend with her in real life.  Karma later bites her in the butt when Ben doesn’t show up for their secret rendezvous. Lindzi gets the group date rose.

It’s time for the 2-on-1 and Ben takes the girls for salsa lessons.  Bless Blakeley’s heart because they give her a god-awful dress.  Ben will obviously be basing his decision on who looks less crazy.

I really respect Rachel for giving it her all on this date.  She was terrified at first but she really tried!  I can totally relate because on Ashley H. and I’s date, we had to learn a dance routine and I was instantly frustrated because Ashley is a dancer.  She looked so graceful doing everything and I looked like a flailing monkey.  But seriously, props to Rachel for handling everything so well.

I’m also proud of Rachel for conquering her communication problems.  She tells Ben how much she really wants to be there and is flirting pretty heavily.

What I don’t understand about Blakeley is she is so confident around the girls and talks a big game, but she becomes a nervous mess around Ben.  She decides to reveal her feelings for him in a scrapbook she made for him.  I think she misspelled Flajnik the on the first spelling.

I think this is a really cute idea but I think it is too much, too late.  The expressions on Ben’s face say it all.

Ben ends up giving the rose to Rachel and Blakeley is so distraught that she runs out before Ben can explain.  He chases after her telling her to “slow down” and then they talk for a bit before exchanging the longest goodbye hug ever.  I think it’s a little weird that I never see tears come out of Blakeley’s eyes!

During her departure, the camera cuts to a stray cat walking down the alley.  Is Blakeley like a stray cat?  Is she lonely like the stray cat?  Are we supposed to feel more sorry for the cat or for Blakeley?  WTF?

Chris Harrison shows up before the cocktail party and informs the girls that he needs to have a discussion with Casey S.  It is so imperative that he doesn’t even allow her to get her shoes.

Chris confronts Casey about a possible boyfriend back home and Casey reveals that she is still in love with her ex-boyfriend.  If you know you are in love with someone else, YOU should not make it to episode 6.  At this point, she is just leading Ben along and wants to travel on the show’s dime.  Girls have serious feelings for him at this point and he has started to eliminate girls who have wanted to be there.  Jennifer should have been able to stay way longer than Casey S.  Ben decides that she should leave.

It was hard to understand everything she said because it was in such a high-pitched tone (mostly kidding) but I think she basically said that she came on the show because the person she loved didn’t want to marry her.  So does she just want someone to marry?  Did she just want to get the ex back?  Did she want to prove a point to the ex?

I’m sorry but the sound of this cry cracks me up every time.  I hope I’m not being too insensitive but I think her crying was more from a place of being embarrassed.  I’d cry too if Chris Harrison didn’t trust my reasons for being there.  Regardless, Casey S. is a beautiful girl and I’m sure if she’s not back with her boyfriend, she will have no trouble finding someone to marry her after the show.

At the cocktail party, Jamie decides that it’s time to get aggressive with Ben.  By using Courtney as her inspiration, Jamie gets all fancy (I die) all over Ben.  Can I just say how much I love the term fancy for this situation?  I can’t wait to incorporate it into my vocabulary!

She also tries to instruct Ben on how they should kiss.  It does not go well.  At all.  I actually covered my face with a blanket for most of this scene.  I was so embarrassed for her!

I think Jamie is adorable and she seems like such a good person.  Girl, this just wasn’t the guy for you!  She pretty much knows that she will be going home and she does. :(

I also noticed during the rose ceremony that the devil is wearing the same dress that I wore to Women Tell All but in white.  Thank god I donated that dress to charity last year. :) JK It’s a great dress but it feels weird knowing that the devil and I share some common fashion sense.

So what did y’all think of this week’s episode?  Are y’all scared for Kacie?  Were you surprised that Courtney went topless?  Did you feel bad for her when Ben didn’t show up?  Are you surprised that Jamie and Blakeley went home?  Will y’all be saying fancy now too?


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