Ashley Spivey’s Blog: Episode 7

Raise your hand if you’re finding it hard to find reasons to defend Ben this season. (Raising hand.) Dear lord I can’t wait for the WTA and After the Final Rose! I think this was maybe the most boring episode of the season, though you won’t be able to tell from this recap, which clocks in at 59 pictures.

Oh yeah, Ben and the ladies were in Belize this week…

I think they left the show’s stylist back in Panama.

Lindzi gets the first one-on-one date and we learn that Ben isn’t a total idiot.

Nicki has the sads because she really wanted the one-on-one and she’s surprised how real her feelings are at this point.

I think Linzi is absolutely gorgeous and her tan now matches her foundation but even I get frustrated by her hair always being in her eyes.

Emily is jealous of the date as well and compares Ben to a piece of cheesecake in swim trunks. I hate cheesecake.

I think that Ben is super attracted to Lindzi and I feel like he’s always touching her but I don’t really ever get a sense of their chemistry through their conversations.

Ben always talks about love being a slow burn. This could only apply to Lindzi because I think he’s been really into to Courtney from the beginning.

They see some pretty awesome sights on the date…

Ben really wants Lindzi to open up on this date. The perfect way to get her to do this is by displaying sexy behavior like this!

To replicate the feeling of falling in love, Ben has arranged for them to jump out of a helicopter. Lindzi is terrified.

Even though it really wasn’t that big of a leap…

While Ben and Lindzi may be lacking in the conversational department, they make up for it with some pretty steamy kisses.

Bless her heart…

…and her feet. The date goes well and Lindzi totally wants Ben to come home with her and meet her parents.

Emily gets the next one-on-one date and Ben thought that this would be a cute way to greet her when her plane arrived.

“Do you do like that ass-out hug? Where you like, you hug each other like this and your ass sticks out cause you’re trying not to get too close or do you just go right in and kiss them on the lips or don’t kiss them at all? It’s very difficult trying to read the situation.” – Wedding Crashers quote.

Emily and Ben lack the chemistry he shares with Courtney and Lindzi but they do fun things around the island. They ride bikes, they play basketball, they catch lobsters – you know, fun things you would do with your friends!

Courtney is just so upset that Ben would take Emily on a one-on-one date after she talked crap about Courtney. She doesn’t feel like Ben is in her corner and she is seriously contemplating not bringing Ben home. I’m just amazed she can cry.

Emily decides to take matters into her own hands and she gives Ben a formal invitation to come home and meet her family. It’s pretty obvious that Ben will not be accepting this invitation. Ben should never go into acting.

Another one-on-one date card arrives and Courtney unveils her new favorite catchphrase – “Oh snap!”
She gets the date and is very proud of Ben for listening. There is some major eye rolling in the room when she talks.

Kacie can’t control her disgust anymore when it comes to the devil. While I don’t endorse physical violence of any kind, it is kinda cute to see Kacie get so worked up. It’s like when a kitten gets feisty.

Courtney leaves for the date and even when she isn’t around the girls she can’t help but make mean comments.

While Courtney is on her date, Kacie and Nicki (gosh darn it why can’t everyone spell their name in a normal way on this show) tell Emily that she was completely right about Courtney from the beginning. I wish everyone had told Ben about the devil before now, I think it might be too late for Emily.

Ben takes Courtney to some Mayan ruins and she seems pretty excited about setting up the picnic where human sacrifices might have taken place. She also unloads all of her negative feelings to Ben and makes him fight to keep her there. This is basically the gist of their conversation…

Courtney thinks they have found the spark again. I would have preferred it if she said “reignited the spark.”

As much crap as I give the two of them, I have to admit that they can be really cute together. I really liked the scene between them where he told her that he felt really close to his Dad during moments like this. I do think that he feels really comfortable around her for whatever reason.

During dinner, things get a little awkward.

Courtney isn’t worried though.

Ever wonder why some girls pat or touch the top of their head a lot? It’s because they have extensions in their hair and the base of the extension can be kind of itchy. Instead of scratching it, they touch it constantly like Courtney does in pretty much every scene.

Her communication skills have improved but Rachel still makes this face when she is uncomfortable in a situation. I bet she’s not too psyched to go on a date with Kacie and Nicki – two of Ben’s favorites.

Lindzi isn’t a lady of many words but her shirt is saying it all…

Ben starts to question Courtney about why she isn’t getting along with the girls in the house.

Her answer should be a huge red flag to Ben but it isn’t. He says he’s afraid of picking someone that people won’t like – this is a huge understatement.

Ben surprises the girls that are going on the group date with an early morning wakeup call. I love that these girls let the cameras film them shaving their pits and bikini lines – shameless and amazing!

The perils of dude’s using straightening irons on their hair…

Ben decided to take the girls to swim with the sharks. This screenshot cracks me up!
Rachel was less than thrilled because she is terrified of sharks…

Little did she know that the sharks that they would be swimming with are basically the kittens of the sea. Nurse sharks are slow-moving bottom-dwellers and are, for the most part, harmless to humans. They will only bite if you step on them or disturb them. (Thanks National Geographic!)

After the not-at-all dangerous swim, Nicki professes to Ben that she is falling in love with him. He can hardly control his emotions.

Nicki on the other hand is so excited about her love for Ben that she starts telling the palm tress, seashells and the ocean. I think everyone is slowly starting to go crazy.

Ben and Kacie continue to have the make-out habits of 6th graders.

Kacie professes her feelings of love to Ben and at this point he is so overcome with emotion that he cocks an eyebrow. Gosh Ben is so swoon-worthy.

Courtney isn’t worried about Kacie because she claims that Kacie has a little boy body. I don’t know what kind of little boys Courtney knows but I think Kacie has an amazing body. If the Bachelor were ANYBODY else Courtney wouldn’t even be here anymore!

The girls on the group date, mainly Kacie and Nicki, decide to have a talk with Ben and tell him to be careful of Courtney. Rachel doesn’t say much – SHOCKER. Ben is starting to have some serious doubts about Courtney. (Not really.)

Before the cocktail party, the girls talk about the sober mood. Courtney further isolates herself by not partaking in the conversation and by trying to be overly cheerful.

She mostly just says really awkward things and comments to upset the girls. Then she makes a true statement about Ben not being the only guy in the world – but this is the wrong thing to say on this show. Honey, he’s the only one on this show and two girls are leaving that deserved love a whole hell of a lot more than you.

Emily can hardly contain the side-eyes and faces during Courtney’s ridiculous comments. I sure am going to miss these faces. Who will give me great material now?

I wonder if Courtney has this much trouble connecting with girls in the real world or if she really is just trying to mind-eff all the girls on the show. Regardless, she tries pretty hard to make this conversation very uncomfortable.

I just can’t even comment on her anymore! She’s so ridiculous! Maybe she was drunk at this point?

Chris Harrison comes in and informs the girls that there will be no cocktail party tonight. Rachel pretty much knows that she is going home.

Courtney isn’t worried at all and re-enacts a scene from The Exorcist.

I think Emily and Rachel knew that they were going home as soon as Ben pulled Courtney to the side during the Rose Ceremony.

Why don’t Ben and Chris talk anymore before the Rose Ceremonies? I feel like the Rose master might have some words of wisdom like this?

Of course Courtney ends up getting a rose and Emily and Rachel are sent home. This little look Courtney gives Emily before she leaves pretty much solidifies that she doesn’t have a heart.

Rachel – call me! We both live in New York and I’m sure we can find you someone!

Emily – I have no doubts that you are going to find someone better after the show! Everyone thinks you are gorgeous and you are smart and funny too! Someone out there will appreciate your inner-gangster, your love for anti-bacterial liquids, and disgust for mean model chicks.

So what did y’all think of the episode? Are you surprised that Emily and Rachel went home? How do you think the hometown dates are gonna go? How hilarious were all of Courtney’s faces this week?