Ashley Spivey’s Blog: Episode 8

Hometown Dates! Everyone’s favorite episode!

While I have to admit that I love seeing where everyone comes from, especially the devil. This episode always breaks my heart because one family will undoubtedly scare the Bachelor away. I just always feel so badly for that family!

Ben’s first stop was Ocala, Florida to see Lindzi!

Her hair is already frustrating me 2 minutes into the episode.

Ben says that he has moments where he can see himself with Lindzi. Those other moments are spent fantasizing about skinny dipping with Courtney again.

We finally get to meet Lindzi’s parents and I laugh hysterically when we learn that her Dad’s name is Harry Cox.

Ben seemed to keep it together well.

The family and Ben decided to compete in some carriage racing but not before ol’ Harry Cox said some funnies.

Seriously – bravo Ben! I would have been laughing hysterically by this point.

I love how easy going Lindzi’s family is and I feel like Ben felt very comfortable around them. However, I’m not sure that these two have the best chemistry and I’m a little worried that she hasn’t gotten to experience enough yet. Her parents admitted to keeping her away from guys by keeping her active. She harps a lot on her past relationship and bless her heart, I think she is still really closed off. Have you ever noticed how she doesn’t make much eye contact and is usually looking down?

Did you Google mason jar stemware like me after you watched this scene and immediately buy a set of 4?


Redneck Wine Glass – You’re welcome!

However, I don’t think Ben is ready to give up on Lindzi yet. I think her confidence and independence is really attractive to him and it’s evidenced in the way he kisses her.

Ben heads to Clarksville, Tennessee next to visit Kacie! Kacie and Lindzi must have run out of fun ideas because they are both pulling out old tricks to impress Ben. We know y’all can ride horses and twirl batons!

I just think Kacie is so adorable. She’s always so happy and smiling. I would have been so mad that my hometown date was marred by more rain and humidity – bless her heart, she’s not even trying to fix her hair anymore!

Ben sits Kacie down to get a little info on her family before he meets them and we can already see Ben’s face clouding over.

He already senses a problem when Kacie’s Dad doesn’t drink and he’s a winemaker. He also takes issue with the fact that she’s lived in Tennessee her whole life and the move to California will probably be a problem.

This really isn’t going to go over well…

The dinner convo doesn’t go too well and Kacie’s Dad makes a lot of faces like this.


So she decides to get her sister’s approval since she’s the one that knows her best. Her sister also avoided the curly hair gene in the family.

Kacie tries to convince her sister that she’s truly in love and that ” You have to take risks and not just settle.” I can tell that her sister is a little skeptical too but she is trying her hardest to be supportive.

Ben has a chat with Kacie’s Dad in which he admits that he is afraid of making the wrong decision (NO DAD WANTS TO HEAR THIS) and confesses that he likes Kacie a lot. None of this impresses her Dad.

Ben then has a talk with Kacie’s Mom, who’s a hottie by the way, and she makes it very clear that she isn’t into them moving in together if Kacie is the final one. Ben says that he understands, but it’s pretty clear that this family is way too conservative for him.

I think during this scene we get a little glimpse into how young Kacie really is. As she’s talking with her Dad, he is trying to express that he can’t keep her from her choices but he wants to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt. I don’t think Kacie has reached the age yet where you begin to second-guess a relationship if your parents see red flags. Kacie is still in the “rebel against your parents” stage. She insists to her Dad that she very much loves Ben.

Sir, we all agree with you.

As Ben and Kacie say goodbye, I think we all could sense that she was going home. There was no lingering hug or kiss and for Pete’s sake, HE NEVER OPEN-MOUTH KISSED HER! EVER! It seemed like he couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Tennessee.

Ben stayed in the South, but headed to Fort Worth to visit Texas Nicki. They go on a cute date to find local clothing like they did in Puerto Rico. I realize during this date that Ben looks better in hats.

I also really like that he took his straw out of his drink. All men should watch Crazy, Stupid, Love and listen to Ryan Gosling when he says that you basically look like you are performing straw fellatio when you keep your straw in your drink. Bravo again Ben!

I really like Ben and Nicki on this date. Once again, Ben has always referenced love as being a slow burn and he definitely seems to warm up more and more to Nicki. He acts goofy, gets her to open up, and kisses her passionately. If only he would open up to her – so far, I’ve only seen him do this with Courtney!

I just think Nicki’s parents are adorable and they could pass for parent twins with Kacie’s family! I really admire her parents for having this date together, even though they are divorced. That says a lot about how open-minded and forgiving they must be.

Nicki’s Dad made me tear up when he confessed that he’s always felt a responsible for Nicki getting hurt by her first marriage. He blames himself for giving away her hand too easily and he wants her to know that he’s trying to maintain a balance now of respecting her decisions but also he doesn’t want her to get hurt. I love her Dad!!!

Nicki’s Dad makes a sweet speech at the table and Ben’s guilty feelings are written all over his face. I think he knows that eventually he will end things with Nicki and he will hurt her once again.

Nicki tells Ben that she has fallen in love with him (to which he replies with a heartfelt “wow”) and he admits that he has great gut feelings for her. Unfortunately in the history of relationships, most people go with their hearts and not their guts.

Ben saves the best for last and heads to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet Courtney’s family. During the hometown dates, the girls are kept in isolation and all of this alone time must be getting to Courtney. She feels remorseful for saying mean things about the girls. Or the producers brought her in to do voiceovers since all of America hates her and they need us to care about her.

Hahahahahahaha. I just can’t! No comment!

Ben sits down to have lunch with Courtney’s Mom, Dad, and Sister and I’m amazed by her Mom’s faces.

Seriously – this is the exact same face Courtney makes after she’s said something evil!

Courtney admits to her parents that she likes/loves Ben and that he treats her well, unlike the former guys she’s dated. I have to admit that I wish we got to see more of this goofy, likable Courtney during the season. Maybe this is what Ben sees most of the time? However, it still doesn’t excuse the way she treated the girls and I still worry about how she would handle Ben’s real world girl friends.

Ben has a conversation with Courtney’s Dad who says, “Winning,” too. He also admits that he’d like having Ben around since the Robertson clan is estrogen filled! Ben also is “winning!” when it comes to her Mom, who is apparently the hardest one to win over.

After lunch, Ben and Courtney decide to walk around and check out the venue that Courtney can see herself getting married in.

She also decides that the best way to tell Ben that she loves him is by having them participate in a mock ceremony. Throughout the season, you can basically see Ben’s balls recede anytime someone mentions marriage. Surprisingly, he’s ok with this whole situation and doesn’t pee his pants. This only further confirms to me that Courtney is the only one he truly cares about.

After Courtney gives Ben the limpest bowtie I’ve ever seen, they decide to write their vows.

LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS! I haven’t seen Ben this happy since Kacie brought candy to the deserted island!

I cut my TV off for a second here because I too was smiling like Ben and found myself liking them together. It really freaked me out – then I came to my senses. How is this not freaking Ben out? He seemed much more nervous on all of the other girl’s dates, which were so normal and down-to-earth. Then he says his vows…

Basically, Ben says that he sees a past, present, and future with Courtney. He hasn’t said anything like this to the other girls. He also says that Courtney is kind, which proves that he is seeing a very different Courtney than we have all gotten to know and love!

Then Courtney recites her vows, which sounded almost identical to one of the most famous breakup lines from Sex and the City. This is some ominous $h!t. Why would you choose lines from a breakup scene?

Wow, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore huh?

Yay! The Rosemaster is back and he has a little chat with Ben before the Rose Ceremony. I noticed that while Ben was describing the hometown dates, he never said the word love when describing Kacie’s date. He said it during all the other descriptions. This gives me the sads.

Then, in a move we all saw coming, Ben eliminates Kacie. When Kacie says her goodbyes, I sigh with relief when Courtney fails to comfort Kacie. Yep, she’s still evil!

Kacie keeps her composure when Ben walks her out to explain himself but the best he can do is, “I’m sorry.”

Kacie’s limo exit interview broke my heart and I could see so much of myself in her as she cried. First of all honey child, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! Secondly, you aren’t stupid and I think you learned a lot about yourself through this process! Take that knowledge and go find the love of your life that will treat you well!

Also, I loved that she was a little pissed off towards the end! Angry Kacie is so awesome!

So what did y’all think of the episode? Were you surprised when Ben sent Kacie home? Did you crack up at Harry Cox? Which family did you love the most? Did you think the mock ceremony was cute or awkward? Who should Ben be with? Do we like Courtney more?

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