It’s fantasy suite time!

I think Ben is just really pumped to almost be done with this season…But first, Ben has a date with Nicki.

When Ben is in high places, like the top of this mountain, he tends to say “Oh my Dad.” I take this as a bad sign for Nicki when he says, “Oh my word.”

Nicki is really putting herself out there though…

Especially when she wants to scream her love from Ben from the mountaintops.

Ben is giving Nicki some pretty bad signals during this date but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t picking up on them.

Ben wants 4 kids and Nicki wants 2 kids. Normal people would compromise with 3 kids but Ben is just looking for reasons to eliminate Nicki at this point.

This might be one of the least sexy fantasy suite bedrooms I’ve ever seen. Also, I hate when there are too many pillows on the bed – they really interfere with the amount of space to roll around the bed. Also, it kind of ruins the mood when you have to stand there and take them off the bed. Before anything, Nicki brings up how much it meant to her that Ben thought their Dads were similar. Note to Nicki – don’t remind people that their Dad died. It’s maybe the worst thing you can do to get someone in the mood.

Ben doesn’t really care though and he continues to have a penchant for watersports.

Lindzi forgot that it’s cold in Switzerland and Ben forgot to be a gentleman.

They going to repel down the side of a cliff and they both couldn’t be more excited!!!

As they are repelling, Ben says “Oh my Dad,” which means he feels close to his Dad at this moment. I also think it kind of means that his Dad would approve of Lindzi. So far, he has only said this to Courtney and Lindzi. Bye bye Nicki.

They share some time in the hot tub and Lindzi looks at Ben’s mouth/neck/anywhere but his eyes for 80% of the conversation. Seriously, why is she always looking down? Then it’s time for dinner. I would give y’all a summary of what they said, but I think their conversations are SO BORING so I’m just going to give you their thoughts and important points…

(Pay attention to how many times Lindzi says totally or kinda, chica loves those words.)

Lindzi basically just repeated the same three things she always says during this convo: I really got my heart broken a year ago, I had a lot of guards up, I love horses!

It’s time for Ben and Lindzi to get busy and he decides that dress wasn’t sexy enough so he puts Lindzi in one of his button-downs. I cringe when I see all the pillows again.

See how awkward it is to lay on all those tiny pillows. Also, we can see your butt Lindzi!

It’s time for Ben and the Reformed Devil’s date. No lie, I can usually take screen grabs of at least 15 awesome (and by awesome I mean horrible) Courtney faces. I maybe got 3 during this episode – she’s really changing y’all!

On a serious note, Ben talks so much more and acts completely comfortable around Courtney. He also can’t stop touching her.

I did think their little jig was cute.

“Hey cow” is for amateurs. I would have cracked up if they went cow tippin’!

Courtney says through a serious of ITMs and voiceovers that she feels really badly about how she’s treated the girls.

I guess we are all supposed to act like she didn’t say some pretty awful things to the girls TO THEIR FACES. Maybe this process was hard, but as someone that went through it, I NEVER felt the need to be mean to anyone! I knew I was on camera and they would definitely use anything mean I said.

I still haven’t seen any actual tears fall out of Courtney’s eyes.

Then they have this eerily convenient talk where they address all the issues we have with Courtney. I could care less at this point. I think they are perfect for each other. I don’t know her and I don’t have to like her to admit that they are well suited for each other. I think I just always like the love story better when I don’t think the final one is a mean person.

Ben basically says to Courtney that she doesn’t need to apologize to him, in fact – she’s addressed all his issues. No it’s time for less talking and more sexy times!

Then we got to see a promo for Emily as the Bachelorette and I was psyched to see my besties from my season! I don’t know if anyone else thought about this, but if the whole point of the day was to get Emily excited for her season, maybe they shouldn’t have shown her a movie where the girl’s love of her life died? Couldn’t they have shown her the Notebook or something?

Back to Ben. Kacie came back and she’s proving the best way to get a guy back after a breakup is by looking amazing when you see him again.

Ben is super surprised to see her – THIS NEVER HAPPENS ON THIS SHOW!

She looks pretty hesitant to touch him at first.

But she reveals that the real reason she is here is to get closure.

Here’s what Ben basically says…

(We had no sexual chemistry.)

(I never saw you being the final one.) If Ben really thought this, he should have let Kacie go a long time ago and not met her parents!!!

Then Kacie tries to warn Ben about Courtney one last time…

His faces pretty much say it all!

Once again, Ben could care less that everyone hates Courtney. He’s totally irritated now and he just wants her to leave.

Kacie is still really in love with Ben though.

So in love, that she finds it impossible to walk back to her room after talking with him.

It’s rose ceremony time and I knew what was going to happen at this point so I kinda stopped paying attention.

Ben admits that it’s a hard decision.

Chris asks Ben if he’d like Kacie to participate in the rose ceremony. Ben wants nothing to do with this. The way he looks at the ladies during the rose ceremony is totally creeping me out because you know he is fantasizing about the past week the entire time. In the end, he not surprisingly eliminates Nicki and Chris Harrison smiles when he tells Nicki to say her goodbyes. That was harsh bro, even Ben agrees.

Ben walks Nicki out but she doesn’t seem that in to him touching her with hands that have been with 2 other girls that he liked better.

You can tell Nicki is pissed and very hurt to be eliminated in this episode. I don’t blame her at all. You can tell she is totally regretting her actions from this week.

Nicki – you are so naturally beautiful and so fun! You have a great positive outlook on life and the next guy that is lucky enough to be with you will prove that Ben did you a favor by eliminating you. You will get your wedding one day and I promise you will be a wonderful mother and wife!!!

So what did y’all think of this episode? Do y’all like Courtney now? Do you think there’s a chance Ben could pick Lindzi?

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