There are so many things I want to say about this season but y’all, I’m spent. I don’t know what it was about this season but the ending left me feeling emptier than the previous episode where I was worried that the girls would never get along or Ben would never find love. I felt a little dumbfounded at the behind-the-scenes of the show, angry that they had built us up so much against a certain character, only to quickly encourage us to see her as a human and not the demon that they had portrayed her as. How are we supposed to pull for a love story under these conditions?
Like I said, I’m spent. Let’s get to the finale.

Ben utters these words within the first 2 minutes of the show and I wanted to turn it off after this. If you need more time on the last episode, chances are he isn’t going to pick you.

What is it with cats this season? Remember the lonely gutter cat that was on the street after Blakeley’s departure? WTF?

Ben’s family arrives and using a little bit of hair math, I determine that if you add the texture and color of Julia’s hair to the shape and style of Barb’s hair, you will indeed get the results of Ben’s mop.

Julia is already worried about Courtney when she hears that the girls in the house did not get along with her. She closes her eyes when she rolls them to hide her disgust. I don’t know Julia, but I think I’d really like her.

Lindzi comes over and is her normal, smiley self but she claims she gets really stressed out when she has to eat properly. This really cracks me up.

Barb isn’t amused.

I want to point out that I am in no way making fun of Lindzi’s little face friend. Instead, I just want to bring to y’all’s attention how stressed out these girls must be. All this stress definitely leads to break outs on top of some major hormone production as they are speeding up the engagement process and falling in love. Breakouts around the mouth and chin area are usually related to hormones. You can also break out on your chin if you eat too much dairy – perhaps too much swiss cheese?

Regardless, Barb and Julia feel at ease talking to Lindzi and they both really like her. Julia asks Lindzi about Courtney and without throwing Courtney under the bus, Lindzi just emphasizes that they are very different. Lindzi really is a classy girl.

I’m starting to get the sads as Lindzi leaves because I know that Ben isn’t going to pick her just from the way he is kissing her. He used to give Lindzi big, open-mouthed kisses and he would put his hands in her hair. Now he keeps his mouth closed and puts his hands gently on her back. He also hardly shows affection towards her in front of his family.

I kind of feel like Lindzi got a little short-changed this season. We’re supposed to pull for her and be so emotionally invested in her but all I really know about her is that she rides horses and her parents have great taste in wine glasses. Even Barb is having a hard-time finding good descriptive words for Lindzi.

Ben warns Julia and Barb that Courtney is a model. I love their reactions. Flajnik ladies have no love for modelbots.

I love some double-chin faces! Wanna know my ultimate ice-breaker when I’m at a party or a dinner and I don’t really know anyone there? I ask everyone to make the ugliest face they can make and mine is usually some double-chin face.
Wow, really went off on a tangent there – I’m just so bored with this episode. Courtney promises Ben that she will be on her best behavior and she looks pretty nervous.

Pretty instantly, the Flajnik ladies start to question Courtney about the girls and her career.

Courtney gets a little taste of how the other girls in the house must have felt when she wasn’t so nice to them and judged them.

But then, SURPRISE, Julia likes Courtney’s honesty and she feels like Courtney is a sweet person that really loves her brother.

For just a second, I thought Julia was going to act like Ashley’s sister, Chrystie, last season and be really hard on the person Ben liked the most.

The Flajnik ladies give a huge seal of approval to Courtney and Julia even says that she is the best fit for Ben. Again, how can there be an hour left of this show? We know what is going to happen!

Ben comes to pick Lindzi up for their final date and of course it includes horses! Ben is super pumped to be on this date (sarcasm).

Lindzi on the other hand is super pumped and seems a little horny.

I mean, he’s not even trying to hide how he feels anymore.

I think he just really misses Courtney.

You think Lindzi knew at this point? I’d be a little worried if he stopped kissing me with his tongue!

Things that seem like great, romantic ideas but just end up looking super awkward – tandem skiing.

As Lindzi is waiting for Ben to come over for dinner, I laugh hysterically after she takes a sip of the wine. It must taste awful because she makes a hideous face after sipping it. I hope that wasn’t Ben’s wine that she was drinking!

Ben comes in and even I can’t stop looking at the popped collar.

Lindzi finally says I love you to Ben and at first he responds with, “That’s good.” The second time she says it, he says, “mhmm.” Ben is so great at this whole acting thing.

Now it’s time for Courtney’s final date and it wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t take some sort of jab at Lindzi.

They take a helicopter ride around the Matterhorn and it does seem pretty awesome and romantic.

After seeing them together for the day, it’s MORE THAN OBVIOUS that he’s going to pick her. What is with her weird kissing stance though? Why is one arm always dead when she’s kissing him?

Again, I’m not making fun of her face friend. It just really sucks because this is shot in HD.

They have a little talk again about how Courtney conducted herself during most of the show and both are worried that they will have some explaining to do. No $h!t!

Y’all I’m being serious. Do you think Ben picked out all his clothes? I know there is a stylist for the Bachelor and Bachelorette – I just refuse to believe that Cary Fetman would pick out bowties, suspenders, man capris, and vests.

There are some closing shots of the girls before the start getting ready and Lindzi goes out on her balcony to do some reflecting. The average temperature there around that time was about 30-40F. Put a coat on at least hun!

Ben must have consulted with Neil Lane before Lindzi’s dinner date because he’s still wearing that awful popped collar.

He ends up picking a ring that looks eerily similar to the ring JP picked out for Ashley.

I’m sorry – the capes cracked me up. I actually kind of like Courtney’s but Lindzi looks like an extra for Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

It’s like Lindzi has emotional and verbal diarrhea as soon as she see Ben because she can’t stop talking as soon as she reaches him. Ben didn’t look too happy which should have given her a clue.

Then she sees his face and realizes he isn’t talking much and you can practically see the rejection in her face.

I know that it must be hard to tell someone that you don’t want to propose to them but I felt like Ben could have left the “I love you but I’m in love with someone else” part. Maybe build her up a little more before you let her down dude.

Lindzi obviously uses humor as a defense mechanism because she tells Ben to “call me if it doesn’t work out.” Ben doesn’t smile or laugh, he just nods and sees her off without another word.

Then the real villain of the season appears and no y’all, I ain’t talking about Courtney – I’m talking about Ben’s hair. Where did that rogue strand come from? Why didn’t anyone in production come move it out of the way? It was all I could stare at during the proposal – it kind of reminded me of Ali and Roberto’s proposal when I could stop gawking at how much Roberto was sweating.

Regardless, the proposal was pretty sweet. Courtney looked really pretty and I think she was even crying. Ben was pretty teary-eyed too and I think these two really love each other.

Ben said OMD to Courtney multiple times during the season so it’s only fitting that he says it now as well. I can imagine that this was pretty emotional for Ben. I get pretty sad when I think about the fact that my Dad will never get to meet the person I want to marry.

Then they kiss again and I swear, does Courtney always leave one arm down when they kiss?

Regardless of all the shenanigans of this season, I have to say that I think this is my favorite proposal place ever. I loved the backdrop of this entire episode and I think I fell in love with Switzerland while watching.
I’m not going to recap or say much about Courtney and Ben during the AFTR but I do encourage them to take some time out of the spotlight and get to know each other again. I do worry about them as a couple since Ben peaced-out for a little bit during the rough times. While it must be hard to have all of America against you, this will be the least of your problems in a relationship or marriage. I wish them the best and I hope it works out for them.
So what do y’all think? Were you as bored as me during the finale? Do you think Ben and Courtney will make it? Do you want Lindzi to be the next Bachelorette or do Bachelor Pad?