Ashley Spivey’s Blog: I Guess Men Really Do Love B_#ches…

I have so much to say about this episode but part of me doesn’t want to stoop to the level of pettiness that I saw displayed on Monday night.  Once again, I just can’t believe how some of these girls act on camera!  What I tried to do when I was on the show is I tried to imagine how my little sister would feel after every episode.  I never wanted her to feel ashamed of me or have people make fun of her because of how I acted.  Obviously, these girls (I am really emphasizing the word girls here and not women) did not think about their families, workplaces, etc.  This episode is a perfect example of how not to act on tv and how not to act when you are jealous…

The episode begins with Ben arriving in San Francisco and talking with his sister that bares a striking resemblance to a lady that will show up later in this episode and I’m not talking about a Kardashian…

Emily gets a terrifying one-on-one date with Ben where they both scale the Bay Bridge.  It’s your typical adrenaline date where the two bond over their fears blah blah blah.  When will Bachelor ladies learn to not put down their biggest fears on the questionnaire?  Say you are terrified of kittens!  Ben also puts on a frightening amount of lipgloss for their dinner date afterwards.

Emily kisses all of his lipgloss off but Ben keeps his mouth closed :( This is not a good sign!  I think that Ben loves how smart and goofy she is but I really believe that his affection is shown through his mouth.  He open mouth kisses people that he is into!  Watch!

It’s group date time and Casey S. is psyched to finally get some screen time!

They all go snow skiing down a busy street that was shutdown for the date and Kacie B. was the best by far!  I love her positive attitude and she has an awesome body!

Rachel gives it her best shot after skiing!  She ends up getting the group date rose but once again, Ben only gives her pecks!

More pecks for Kacie B. as well :(

Brittany gets the next one-on-one date but she decides that she wants to quit this shizz.  She decides to interrupt Ben on his group date and tell him that she is going home.  She also keeps repeating that this is the hardest decision she has ever made – major eye roll!

Ben doesn’t seem too disappointed that Brittany is leaving.  He claims that he actually picked her for the date because he was on the fence about her.  Why would he waste a date in his favorite city on someone he was lukewarm about?  This confuses me.  I wonder if Sheryl was mad at Brittany when she got home?  Lindzi ends up being the backup date!

We get a glimpse into Ben’s getting-ready routine but they mysteriously leave out a giant step…

The part where he flat-irons his hair!  I don’t even know why he tries because it always ends up getting frizzy by the end of the date!

Ben takes Lindzi to get ice cream, they get to ride on a trolley, and then they are serenaded by Wes Hayden!  (JK)  I love Matt Nathanson!  They look a little awkward dancing together and then they just give up and kiss the whole time!

You can tell Ben is really into her because he opens REAL wide…

They seem to have a lot of fun together!  I really like these two!

The end of this episode was some of the most cringe worthy tv I have ever watched!  I knew Shawntel was going on the show but I had no idea that she had to deal with all of this.  It was never a secret that Shawntel liked Ben while watching Ashley’s season of Bachelorette, but what most people don’t know is that Ben and Shawntel texted/phoned each other up until he was chosen as the Bachelor.  Maybe after people realize this Ben’s face right here makes sense…

I think Ben really freaked out when Shawntel showed up at the cocktail party because she was someone that he definitely was interested in.  All the other girls surely freaked out as well because Shawntel is a beautiful girl and was a very liked bachelorette on our season.

I mean, even Courtney was shook and she has A LOT of confidence!

Elyse completely disgusted me.  She just kept on shrieking in her shrill voice, “Who is she?” “You don’t know Ben!”  Oh honey, let me tell you. Us Bachelor folk all know each other whether we want to or not.  It’s like a big dysfunctional fraternity/sorority.  Shawntel knows Ben better than you ever will.  Guys from previous seasons wanted to talk to Shawntel because she’s beautiful, classy, and nice.  I don’t know if the same can be said about you.

I have to admit that I was a big fan of Erika up until she uttered some of the ugliest words I’ve ever heard on this show.  In her intro video that wasn’t aired, I thought she had a good personality and seemed to have a really good heart.  Obviously, all that pageantry must come in handy because she fooled me into thinking she was a nice person.  A nice person would NEVER say something like this.  Chicago must be really proud of you honey.

Dumpster trash?  Who are you calling dumpster trash?  Is that what happens to all us ladies once we are eliminated? Guess you’ll be joining us soon! You’re going to be so popular at the reunions!  All of us dumpster trash can’t wait to meet you!

Ash rose pic

Marissa rose pic

I think we look pretty good for dumpster trash.  You do understand Jaclyn that technically, Ben is Ashley’s dumpster trash right?  The whole premise of Bachelor/Bachelorette is now founded on the concept of “dumpster trash.”

Jaclyn says she thinks she is better than Shawntel.  I think the answer to that is a big ole “HELL NO.”

Courtney actually does something pretty smart during her time with Ben – she talks about a future with him.  Ben seems pretty smitten with her.

Lindzi and the rest of America do not feel the same.

Casey S. just thinks that Courtney is misunderstood.  Emily and Blakeley ain’t buying it and their faces crack me up.  Emily still wins the award for best faces.

This pretty much sums up what I’ve been trying to say about how we can all observe how Ben feels about the ladies by the way he kisses them.  Look at how aggressive he’s being!  Nothing but open mouth kisses for Courtney!

Shawntel knew the girls weren’t going to like her but I don’t think she expected this level of hatred.  I’ve NEVER seen a group of girls act so catty.

Even Rachel, who I adore/d, makes a pretty catty comment about Shawntel draining people’s blood.  People who are currently unemployed CANNOT make fun of someone else’s profession.

Ahhh, I almost forgot about Jennifer!  I still really like her and bless her heart – she is SO into Ben.  She calls him dreamy and tell him that she thinks about him all the time!  I have to admit that they don’t seem to have that much to talk about but dang, their kisses are steamy!

It’s rose ceremony time and Ben gives Courtney the first rose, surely because he wants her to stay.  I think he ends up not giving Shawntel a rose because he knew that Courtney would walk and at this point, I think he likes her the most.  It’s sad really because I think he really does feel something for Shawntel! :(

Erika ends up not getting a rose and also encountering a fainting spell.  What comes around, goes around lady!

Guess who also doesn’t get a rose?  No one is surprised.

I think everyone was really surprised that Shawntel didn’t get the rose.  If I were one of the girls on Ben’s season – I would have wanted Shawntel to stay if Ben really wanted her there.  I would want all the competition I could get because at the end of the day, I would want him to be as sure as possible that it was me he wanted in the end.  The girls should have realized this and tried to be as respectful as possible.  At the end of the day, it’s much better to be as nice as possible and to always realize that jealousy is never attractive on anyone.  Ben is obviously more attracted to the confident people and the quicker these girls realize this, the better!

I’m so interested to hear what y’all have to say about this episode!  Please leave some feedback!  Were y’all as disappointed in the girls as I was?  Do y’all think Shawntel deserved a rose?

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