Ashley Spivey’s Blog: Week 2

It’s week 2 and I can’t believe how emotional this season has already gotten!  I think I saw more people cry on this episode than some of the later episodes of every season when each girl is very emotionally invested! Let’s start the photo recap!


 I like that we’re really getting to know Ben in this episode.  I also like seeing that his bad haircuts started long ago. :)



Courtney is not happy that Kacie B. got the first one-on-one date!  Anyone else notice that she has a MAJOR stink eye whenever she is saying something bad about someone?



I thought Ben and Kacie’s date was super cute.  I like the fact that the girls are getting to see him in his hometown and the dates aren’t super extravagant.  What you see is what you get so far!  Ben and Kacie are definitely comfortable around each other and they seem to have had a great time together.



The home videos of each other were a really cute idea.  Such an adorable way to bond!



But man oh man, the videos of Ben’s dad were breaking my heart.  It’s very tough to be on a date and be hit with the emotions of your parent’s death.  I know from experience that it’s tough to keep it romantic after this!



It’s group date time and Ben wants the girls to come play.  He says that he’s really interested in seeing the girl’s personalities come out.  Blakeley thinks the best way to show her personality is by wearing a very low-cut top.  Dear Lord her tatas are GINORMOUS!



I loved this little girl and her reactions!



Whenever the kids told Blakeley to jog in slow motion I almost peed my pants.  Kids are so awesome.



While everyone else is on the group date, Courtney decides to rile the rest of the girls up.  They girls proceed to murder Courtney with their death stares.



Jenna gets to be a wizard in the play – bless her heart.  Anyone else wonder if Jenna has ever Googled love spells?



Blakeley gets to be the gingerbread man and Samantha tells a joke.  Samantha should have played the part of sour grapes. Geez – she is always scowling and complaining!  She also has one of the worst potty-mouths I’ve ever heard on this show.



I loved everyone’s reactions whenever Ben started stripping.  This grandma couldn’t contain her excitement!



After the play, the girls were pretty upset with Blakeley over her aggressiveness and her getting the rose. Samantha hates her so much she went and sat on the toilet to get away from Blakeley.  I really hope the lid is down.  I also hope the girls learn to avoid getting so catty and focus on keeping Ben away from Blakeley instead of complaining about her.



Kacie B. reads the next one-on-one date card and it goes to stink eye!  Courtney then proceeds to make it super awkward by asking Kacie a very weird question.  It seems that Blakeley and Courtney are both using the, “we aren’t here to make friends” tactic.  There are ALWAYS girls on every season that do this – why are these girls acting so surprised?  Laugh and move on!  Don’t waste your time on girls that have a game plan – start making your own plan!



Jennifer kisses Ben during their alone time and I wouldn’t have been happy for her but I couldn’t stop focusing on the loud kissing noises Ben makes when he kisses!  This will continue to drive me crazy for the rest of the season – it’s one of my biggest make-out pet peeves!  Kiss quietly people!!!!



Jaclyn is also not the biggest fan of Blakeley.  She is also wasting her time hating on people.



Emily gives the best side-eyes!  I hope she makes it far so I can screen grab all of her sassy looks this season!



Oh Samantha…Is it fair to say that this girl definitely did not win Miss Congeniality?



Ben decides to bring Scotch along for his date with Courtney and I think that this is huge.  Scotch is basically Ben’s son so he must feel very comfortable with her.  Scotch does not feel comfortable with his Dad howling like this in front of Courtney.



I actually think that their date seemed very normal and relaxed and if you pay attention, they are always touching each other!



Ben also opened up to Courtney without a lot of prodding and he stares at her in the same way that I saw Brad stare at Emily during my season.  It’s a very intense stare.  He also gives her the FIRST OPEN-MOUTH KISS I’ve ever seen him give.  He never did this on Ashley’s season and none of the kisses so far this season have been with tongue – only pecks!



It’s cocktail party time and Jenna is still unraveling.  I’d like to think that all this was a result of alcohol because she seemed normal for a majority of the episode.  However, come cocktail party time and she’s putting blankets on candles, telling Ben that she’s like a guy, crying in bed, and trying to convince us that she’s not a typical girl.  No $h!t Jenna.



Jaclyn continues to be mostly known for her mean words.



Blakeley gets sad when everyone talks crap about her and she decides to “hide” in a corner and cry.



Poor Casey S. – She’s like the William of Bachelor Pad 2.



But in the end, Ben sends Jenna and Shawn home.  I honestly didn’t think Jenna’s departure was that bad – I just felt really sad for her.  Why did she keep on saying, “Are you kidding me?”  I felt even sadder for single-mom Shawn, that didn’t even get an exit.  Bless both of their hearts.

What did y’all think?  Are you sad to see Jenna go?  Did you like both of the one-on-one dates?  Is Blakeley that bad?

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