Bachelor Brad and Chris Harrison Visit the Henna School

While The Bachelor was visiting South Africa, Brad and I made a special trip over to the Henna School. This is a preschool school near the Lion Sands Private Game Reserve where Brad and the girls were staying, and it’s truly a remarkable place. Watching these kids attend their classes and play in the yard, it’s hard to believe that they come from desperately poverty-stricken circumstances. Henna School provides these kids with a real opportunity to get the education they need. I know Brad was inspired by the kids, and so was I.

But appearances can be deceiving. Henna school is still lacking basic amenities, like running hot water, for example. So we  donated a solar water panel as part of our Bachelor Gives Back campaign. The solar panel will allow Henna school to have hot water year round. We’re also providing scholarships for a number of children at the school.

There is still much to do. For example, there is no local health-care provider. If any of these kids gets sick, it could be a potentially life-threatening situation, as the nearest doctor is miles away. Thembei, the head of the school, is trying to raise money for a local health clinic, but it’s an uphill battle for her.

Brad and I are appealing to our community of Bachelor fans to open up their hearts and donate whatever they can to the Henna School. Every little bit counts, and you will literally be changing the lives of these kids.

About The Bachelor Gives Back Fund

Bachelor Gives Back was born of our desire to give back to the communities around the world where we work and travel. We have such amazing experiences in these places, and we wanted to return the favor.

We are fortunate to be exposed to so many great opportunities to help people in these locales; we feel obligated to give back whenever we can, and improve the lives of those that truly need it the most.

Everyone who’s ever been involved in the show – including hundreds of former cast members – are busy doing what they can to help whenever they can. Bachelor Gives Back is an ongoing campaign of social uplift, but it doesn’t stop with us. We want you to contribute as well!

Watch a clip of Brad and Chris at the Henna School here.