It was a wedding that America won’t soon forget.

Last February, as the heavens opened and a hail storm raged, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney tied the knot on national television. Despite the wild weather, neither rain nor wind could stop these two lovebirds from getting married.

It was an unpredictable storybook ending to one of the greatest love stories in the history of the show, and we’re happy to report that Jason and Molly are still hot for each other!

As their first wedding anniversary approaches, the happy couple are living together in Kirkland and enjoying their time as a couple away from the TV cameras.

‘We’re just enjoying each other and getting back into the swing of normal life,” says Jason, who’s now working for a travel wholesaler called Down Home Answers. For the couple, happiness is settling into their new home and enjoying the company of Jason’s five-year-old son Ty. “Ty’s great, and HUGE!” says Jason. “He’s getting so big, and everything is about sports right now.” Molly allows that their house has “turned into ESPN Zone. I’m surrounded by boys, but it’s a lot of fun having Ty around. I just love watching him change and grow.” According to Molly, it seems at times as if there are two kids living in the house. “I just wish Jason would view cleanliness the same way I do!,” says Molly. “But he is great about doing laundry, which is something I’m not so good at.”

As for their own kids, it’s still a ways off. “It’s the number one question we get these days!,” says Molly. “Right now, we are just having fun with Ty…and boy does he keep us busy!”

In the meantime, Molly, who’s still working at, is enjoying her new role as Ty’s stepmom. “Jason’s been conscious of including me in on parenting decisions, when before, he had to make those decisions on his own,” she says. “Ty has had to adjust to life with another person in the mix. It was always just the two of them…so it was definitely a change to have someone else around full time. All things considered, I think the adjustment went pretty smoothly. We’re at a place where it feels natural and normal for the three of us.”

The couple still keep in touch with many of their friends from the show. “I shot up to Vancouver to spend a weekend with Jillian recently,” says Molly, “and I’ve been able to see Natalie, Nikki and Erica on personal trips.” Jason and Molly recently had a couples weekend with Ali and Roberto in Las Vegas, as well, and they’re planning a trip to see Kiptyn and Tenley in San Diego. “We’re all a part of this crazy family and have gone through a similar experience,” says Jason. “The show has introduced us to a great new circle of friends.”

As for the newest Bachelor Brad Womack, Jason and Molly are both rooting for the Texan to find love on the show. The two-time Bachelor rejected Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft on season 11, only to find himself on the receiving end of a critical firestorm. As someone who also endured the tag of “ the most hated man in America,” Jason can relate to Brad’s plight. “Like me, Brad was following his heart, and isn’t that better than living a life you aren’t happy with?,” says Jason. “It happened, it’s over, and now it’s time to move on.”

The Mesnicks are looking forward to the holidays; this year, they’re heading to Michigan to visit Molly’s parents for Christmas. Molly’s can’t wait for presents, as her husband is a very good gift-giver. “I will give Jason a 20 page list of ideas, but he’ll still come up with something on his own.” As for Jason, “I just get him what he asks for!” Molly needn’t worry; this year, Jason got the greatest gift of all: a beautiful wife, thanks to THE BACHELOR!