Bachelor Gives Back: Andy Baldwin

Dr. Andy Baldwin is an officer and gentlemen. America fell in love with him as Season 10’s The Bachelor, but the world is falling in love with him now! His mission is simple, to help children lead healthy lives. As a U.S. Navy Lieutenant, physician, humanitarian, U.S. Navy diver and Bachelor- it may sound like there is little room left on his plate. But somehow, Andy makes room for even more. It is through these avenues Andy works to save the world, one child at a time.

Currently in Kenya, Andy has quite the list of to do’s. He is teaching local health providers proper neonatal care and outfitting a women’s health clinic with the proper medical supplies for prenatal and perinatal care. In Kenya, one out of every two children don’t make it past age five due to malnutrition, poor perinatal care, and water borne disease. Andy refuses to allow this statistic go on.

There are several ways we can work to change this. On his first trip to Kenya, Andy was overwhelmed with the level of poverty and the amount of orphans. He soon realized that helping with health care wasn’t enough- the children needed help too. Andy met Cosmas on this first trip to Kenya, it was then he discovered the power of sponsorship.  Upon his return to Kenya he is determined to get at least 50 other children in Cosmas’ village sponsored. If you interested in sponsoring a child in Africa, please visit Team Worldvision.

Concluding his journey in Kenya, he will participate in the Nairobi Marathon with Team World Vision on October 31! Shortly after, Andy participates in ING Run for Something Better marathon in NY. To read all about his journey, read Andy’s Blog.