Bachelor Gives Back – Loans That Save Lives

What if you could loan $25 and change the entire future of a person in need?

What if you could loan $25 and change the entire future for multiple people in need?

That’s exactly what one loan with KIVA can do. Through as little as a $25 loan, you can empower people all around the world to change their current situation into a much better one.

Now what if we told you Bachelor Gives Back already donated and all you had to do was chose who’s life you would change with that donation?

Kiva makes it so simple to give and empower that it’s as effortless as four steps:

  1. Choose a borrower
  2. Make a loan
  3. Get Repaid
  4. Repeat

joinFite, powered by Kiva, narrows the borrower

to women entrepreneurs who need that helping

hand.  It is done through a practice called microloans or microfinancing.

Microfinancing is the term used to describe financial services to low income individuals or those who do not have access to typical banking services

Kiva and joinFite make it easy and hassle free.

They handle all the work behind the scenes and all you have to do who choose who to help. You can read the stories behind other successful loans and read the stories of those who are in need.  CLICK–>LOAN–>CHANGE–>REPEAT