It was the finale that shocked America! When former Bachelor favorites David Good and Natalie Getz won the $250,000 cash prize as the winners of Bachelor Pad, it capped a whirlwind adventure that included intrigue, heated competition, backstabbing and hot romance. “It’s an experience that not too many people get to go through and it’s kind of surreal,” says David, who’s living in Tampa, Florida. “It’s really hard to soak it all in because so much is happening in a short amount of time and I don’t think it really hits you until you get home and back to real life.”

A lot has happened since that thrilling Bachelor Pad finale last August. David and Natalie are no longer an item, for starters. “He is my best friend who I shared the most incredible experience with,” says Natalie. “We have been through a lot together and I will forever cherish my friendship with him.”

Natalie and David split their winnings from Bachelor Pad, and both found that the money enabled them to pursue some of the longtime goals they had put off. For Natalie, the windfall allowed her to donate money to charity, but she also took her niece and nephew out on a “little shopping spree,” as well. David invested the money in various business ventures and used the rest of the money to publish his book THE MAN CODE: A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO CRACKING THE TOUGH GUY (David is currently criss-crossing the country on a book tour; go to his website to find out when he might be in your town.)

Ever since David used the phrase “Man Code” on Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette, he has been known as the ‘man code’ guy. But just what is it, anyway?

“I started talking about the Man Code when I was about 23 with my father,” says David. ‘It was something we always said when we saw a guy break man code. We would say, ‘did you see that guy just walk by that lady who had dropped her groceries and not help her, he just broke man code’ We talked about writing a book on it after a while and actually had a few chapters roughly written up before The Bachelorette and then when I used it on the show, I thought to myself, ‘this is something that needs to be finished and brought to the light.’”

So what does David think of the new Bachelor Brad Womack? Did he adhere to Man Code when he didn’t choose Deanna or Jenni the last time he was on the show? “He upheld man code by doing what he thought was right and not what everyone else wanted him to do,” says David. “I think Brad is a good guy. I think he made the right decisions on his show and followed his heart which is hard to do in a situation like he was in. He is a man code man!”

Adds Natalie, “I think it’s absurd that anyone ever disliked Brad because he didn’t pick anyone the first time around. He listened to his heart, and I commend him for that. He definitely deserves another chance. I think he will find her this time around. I’m excited to watch this season!”

Both David and Natalie are in touch with many of their friends from the show. Natalie visits with Holly Durst, Deanna Pappas and Devon Grisham in L.A. She’s also in touch with many of the girls from her season on The Bachelor, including Melissa Rycroft and Molly Mesnick. “Oh and I guess I should tell you,” she adds. “Molly and I are getting married as soon as the state law legalizes friendship marriages!”

As for Natalie’s love life, she’s dating but hasn’t yet found The One. She’s looking hard, though. “I fell in love every day when I lived in Chicago,” says Natalie, who now calls Los Angeles her home. “It’s a little tricky in L.A. because I can’t find a guy that I’m actually attracted to physically and emotionally.” Natalie is still determined to find a husband, come hell or high-water. “Go figure! Now that I actually want a relationship, I can’t find anyone I like!”