Brad’s Dates in South Africa

For the final episodes of this season of “The Bachelor,” Brad visited South Africa, where our Bachelor and the girls experienced nature in its purest form while chasing love.

Getting to South Africa can be a travel marathon. Let South African Tourism and South Africa Airways take care of you. Brad traveled from New York to Johannesburg and arrived at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in a mere 15 hours. Despite the length of the flight, South African Airways was there to accommodate his needs and make sure his flight was nothing short of cloud 9.

Once in South Africa, Brad and the girls stayed in Kruger Park on the edge of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. You haven’t felt a true kinship with nature until you’ve been amongst lions, giraffes, elephants and a multitude of wildlife.

Luckily, the 1933 Lodge, an offshoot of the main hub of The Lion Sands Private Game Reserve, offers comforting amenities amidst the wildest place on earth. The 1933 Lodge is unlike any hotel room you’ve ever stayed in. There’s nothing quite like an outdoor shower–something you have to experience in person! Lodges are fully equipped with all the amenities of a high class hotel room.

If you’re ready for a little heart-pounding, adrenaline inducing action, then a game drive is for you! Go on safari with a tour guide and get closer to wildlife than you would in any zoo. Lions were a few feet away on Brad and Chantal’s safari – just imagine the animals you will see!

If you’re Brad, bringing an elephant to a date is one way to get the girl. For anyone else, it’s a thrill ride that is indescribable. Seeing animals may not be enough for some, which is why Lion Sands Private Game Reserve offers their famed “Elephant Whispers” encounter. Ride through the bush on Elephants that have been rescued and live safely in a predator-free environment.

If you’re looking to make the day even more romantic, there’s always the Chalkley Treehouse–an oasis above the tree line and far away from everything.

Excitement doesn’t stop with elephant rides or safaris in South Africa. Take a ride through the Blyde River Canyon (second in size only to The Grand Canyon) and stop at God’s Window. This majestic lookout point was aptly named for its stunning and serene view of South Africa.

Nature has been waiting for you in South Africa, Are you ready?