Catching up with “KipTen” (Kiptyn & Tenley)

We all remember Tenley Molzahn as the perky runner-up to Vienna on Jake’s season of The Bachelor, while Kiptyn Locke was the surfer hottie runner-up on Jillian’s Bachelorette season. The adorable twosome, who coupled-up on the inaugural season of Bachelor Pad last summer, nearly wound up winning the $250,000 prize money. Although David and Natalie won the ‘Pad, Kiptyn and Tenley nabbed an even better prize: A hot romance that has yet to cool.

“Honestly, the feeling was disappointment,” says Tenley about their second-place finish on Bachelor Pad. “We knew we took the toughest competition (to the finale) and we felt like we did the right thing.” To this day, Kiptyn still wonders about the final vote tally among his fellow Bachelor Pad members. “Since it was simply casting the vote without an explanation there was not as much closure as I would have hoped for.”

Many viewers assumed that Tenley and Kiptyn had taken the cynical route, and merely coupled up in order to strengthen their chances of winning the money. Tenley insists that was far from the case. In fact, she now thinks that it was a detriment to winning: “Being a couple was a major stigma around Bachelor Pad. It would have been smarter to avoid it.”

Still, there was no avoiding the strong attraction these two felt for each other when they met, a few months prior to joining forces on the show. Since last summer, these two have enjoyed a whirlwind romance that has taken them all over the country as ambassadors for The Bachelor, as well as their own charitable causes. “We’ve learned from each other and we’ve grown together,” says Kiptyn. “From the quiet nights at home together to nights out at flashy Hollywood events, we’ve learned to respect, support and enjoy one another. We have fun, we don’t care what people think and we laugh a lot. Both the romance and the friendship have really grown.”

Kiptyn is still involved in numerous businesses in his San Diego hometown, while Tenley has had a chance to work as a correspondent for both E! and Dancing With The Stars. They’re both very close with a number of former Bachelor cast members. This past January, they recently attended the Sundance Film festival with Trista and Ryan. “It’s amazing how everyone keeps in touch. We’ve both made some incredible friends though this whole experience.”

Tenley and Kiptyn are both big fans of Brad, and they are convinced he has found true love this time around. “He has this glow about him and he said he is incredibly happy,” says Tenley. “He said he can’t wait for the show to finish airing so he can just be with his girl. He seems genuinely happy and we can’t wait to see the outcome.”

As for the girl they would like to see with a ring on her finger, Tenley and Kiptyn both have a good feeling about Chantal O. “It’s hard to deny the chemistry between Brad and Chantal O,” says Tenley. “I think she’s a very real girl and after meeting Brad I can see how real he is so I think they’d make a great match. “Add Kiptyn, “Emily seems to be a fan favorite and for good reason. Both Chantal and Shawntel seem like strong personalities that could mesh well with Brad.”

As for the couple’s wedding plans, it’s hopefully on the near horizon.

“It’s really important to both of us to take that step when the time is right,” says Kiptyn. “We didn’t want to dive right into things because of a public expectation assumed with the “Bachelor” timing. However, it’s been seven months now and we’ve really gotten to know each other very well. There hasn’t been any ring shopping yet but if things continue to grow with us then I’d imagine later this year that would be a step we’d take.”