Chris “SWAT” Bain’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 4

“Who’s the ugliest? Who’s the smartest? Who’s the fattest? I guess that means the answers will be me and Erica!” – Kalon

We start episode 4 off with Chris Harrison throwing a curve ball at the remaining contestants immediately after the last rose ceremony. Harrison lets the contestants know that they still have some work to do before the end of the night. The contestants are handed a packet of questions that they will need to answer for the challenge, the next day. The questions are intimate in nature.

Trivia: The challenge will consist of the guys and girls competing against each other for a safe rose. The winner of each challenge will get to choose someone to go on a 1 on 1 date with. The contestant in dead last will go into the next rose ceremony with one vote already against them. The winner for the girls challenge is Jaclyn. The winner for the guys challenge is Ed.

Back at the pad: Jamie has started crying almost immediately and feels like she has a target on her back. After Stagliano consoles Jamie she is on the prowl again for Bukowski. Bukowski can’t resist Jamie this time around and takes her to the boom boom room. Jamie immediately falls in love and sees children, proposal, and a white picket fence. Bukowski is mending a broken heart and sees nothing more than a good time. Has he not already shown this a time or two before?

1 on 1 dates: Ed chooses Jaclyn for the 1 on 1 date. The lovely couple leaves the mansion and heads to Dodger Stadium! UGH! So jealous of this date. I’m a huge baseball fan and this truly would have been awesome!

Ed and Jaclyn seem to really have a great time and begin what may be a romantic relationship. A rose shows up on the date with a card from Harrison. The card states that Jaclyn needs to choose a guy to give a rose to for the second 1 on 1 date. Jaclyn chooses Bukowski. Bukowski opts to go on his 1 on 1 date with Sarah.

Bukowski and Sarah’s 1 on 1 date is to create an action adventure scene. Bukowski does what he’s done best thus far on Bachelor Pad, seduce every woman he comes in contact with. Bukowski plants the seed with Sarah and makes her putty in his hand. Sarah really believes that she has a chance with Bukowski. Bukowski allows Sarah to feel like she is the one for him. They spend the night at a hotel and lord knows what happened behind closed doors. I’m pretty sure our imagination can answer that question. What’s the count now for Bukowski? I think we are up to 3 ladies in the house that have been slayed.

Ed is presented with a “safe rose” by Harrison and is given the option to give the rose to any lady in the house. Ed gives the safe rose to Rachel.

Rose Ceremony: Jaclyn, Rachel and Ed are safe. David and Nick are the two guys on the chopping block tonight and Blakely and Jamie are the two girls. David immediately begins gaming and trying to swing votes his way. David has a lot of work to do. Bukowski is campaigning to get Blakely voted off while Kalon is telling 17 lies to the housemates. Kalon leads Bukowski to believe that he is going to vote off Blakely, however he ends up voting off Jamie.

Bukowski has placed himself in an uncomfortable situation by going against the grain and wanting to keep Jamie around the house. Bukowski’s thought process is, the more girls he hooks up with the lesser of a chance they will vote him off. This is a tricky game and as much as you may think that sleeping with every girl in the house is going to benefit you, you have to remember that girls hate players.

In the end David and Jamie are sent packing. Jamie exits the mansion accusing Bukowski of being a dirtbag and feels that he shouldn’t treat women the way he has. David leaves with his head up and feels good about the work he did at the mansion. David cries in his exit interview expresses how upset he is to be leaving the mansion. David says this was the best 4 weeks of his life and this is the saddest thing he’ll ever have to endure. Hmmm. I guess he doesn’t foresee death or heartbreak in his future. I’m pretty confident those will top his exit of the Bachelor Pad.

SWAT’s Final Thoughts: The backstabbing and lies have just begun. We are really going to see in the next few episodes what $250,000.00 will make people do. At this point in the game everyone is beginning to feel that they have an honest chance at winning this game. Things are going to get real in the coming weeks. Bukowski is in a bad place next week and really needs to win the challenge to secure another week in the mansion.

I feel like as a fan going into this experience we had our hands tied behind our back and the cards stacked against us. David really fought for his place in the mansion and I commend him for his efforts, they will go down in Bachelor Pad history.






  1. Somehow I think Chris would act like this whether or not $250,000 were on the table.

    Comment by Poopsie — August 17, 2012 @ 11:33 am

  2. Go Poopsie. Great comment. And so true.

    Swat, the first line totally cracked me up. I forgot that Kalon said that. He is funny!!! I never would have thought that he would win me over but he has.

    David was a very cool guy. I wish he had gone further in the game.

    Comment by Claudia — August 17, 2012 @ 12:30 pm

  3. Poopsie, best comment ever.

    Comment by Lisa James — August 17, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

  4. I haven’t had the chance to read the blog yet but I just wanted to say “Go Poopsie” before someone else does.

    Comment by Cassie — August 17, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

  5. Jaclyn chooses Ed on the date, Ed doesn’t choose Jaclyn…

    Comment by Anon — August 17, 2012 @ 4:56 pm

  6. My first thought after watching last week and last night’s (8/20) episode was: How lucky is Emily that she didn’t pick Chris on the Bachelorette?!
    He’s a snake and after his “sleeping” his way around the house, I can’t think that he would be a faithful partner –either in game or in life & love.
    I think he’s a dirtbag who thinks way too highly of himself!

    Comment by Michele — August 21, 2012 @ 5:33 am

  7. Most of my comments will be for last night but a few thoughts now. Kalon is right, Erica IS the ugliest person there. And in case BP members read these comments, she might be the fattest. And “ugly” can be personality too and she sure has that. I will say this season is the meanest and has the most mental cases than the others. And I know someone chewed me out before because I called it like I saw it and refused to make excuses for the few pampered pyschos that were there, I have a degree in psych. I know what I see and why. Lots of people being called “ho’s”. It takes 2 and I don’t care who sleeps with who, but don’t bitch (not us, the BP “guests”)that some are sluts and some are virgins. If you tolerate men who sleep around and you nail him too, then fine. Equal rights: if a girl’s a slut for doing 3 guys in 2 weeks, then Chris is a slut. He’s even worse.

    Comment by Thomas — August 21, 2012 @ 7:26 am

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