Chris Bukowski’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 3

Let’s get right into it this week. This episode finally got steamy…in the passionate way and in the dramatic way. Lesley got the first one-on-one date where her and Sean made history…literally. They got to make out for 3 and 1/2 minutes to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for longest on screen kiss. Score one for both of them, and score one for the guys watching at home while watching Lesley’s little dress slowly hiked up higher with a back view of her for 3 minutes. I’m not really sure what the chemistry is between these two. All I know is if I were kissing a girl for three minutes I’d have her on the ground and would be rounding third base by the third minute.

On to the beach. Sean does push-ups with a girl on his back…who didn’t see that coming? The “volleyball” game basically looks like a bunch of wild spring breakers throwing their bikini bodies all over the place. Are they seriously trying to impress this guy? One team wins. One team cries. The winner of bad move of the night goes to Kacie B. who moves from the friend zone to the crazy zone in 3 seconds. The losing team cries and gets taken away in a van. The scene I was expecting was for Tierra to spike the ball in someone’s face, but her bitch move comes when she decides to trick Selma into thinking she’s going on the date by reading her name on the date card with AshLee’s. Ouch! None of the girls thought this was funny, so as crazy goes Tierra decides to throw herself down the stairs. Is that really the first time someone has fallen down those stairs? I find that hard to believe. Long story short, ambulance comes, Tierra becomes a real-life bobblehead doll, and snags some alone time with Sean. AshLee is pissed, but pretends she isn’t.

Sean takes AshLee to an amusement park where he also invited two girls with chronic illness who’ve become best friends through a social network. AshLee isn’t pissed and actually reacts very well. I can’t help wonder how Tierra would have acted on this date.

Side notes of this episode: Kristie’s model face is not pretty while crying. Sean surprises Sarah with her dog Leo who arrives in a limo. Kacie is sent home in a mini-van. Tierra’s personality hasn’t been affected by her head injury as she fights to get the most alone time with Sean during the cocktail party.

Early predictions anyone?

I like Lindsay, Selma, and Leslie M (She’s from DC)

Until next time…

Chris B