Chris Bukowski’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 4

Well, we knew the intros with Sean working out had to come to an end eventually, but we never knew what it would change to. This time we got to see a little further…down. The Bachelor kicks off with Sean wearing basically nothing –  shocking! Already the best episode so far, right?

For the first one-on-one date, Sean takes Selma to a desert to rock climb, and take her out of her glitz and glamour. Selma comments about him taking an Iraqi to the desert! Bam! Hot and funny – definitely one of my favorites. I thought she did a hell of a job climbing that rock, and part of me thinks Sean liked the view from below better than the view from above, if you catch my drift.

After, they go get cleaned up and head to a trailer park, cuddle up and get to know each other. Foreshadow: the trailer park looks very similar to Blakeley and Tony’s date on Bachelor Pad. They got engaged and that failed…not a good sign. Not to mention I was seriously scared that Selma was going to
pop out of the trailer and donkey punch Sean in the throat.

There are obviously sparks of chemistry between these two, and Sean really wants to kiss her. Selma lets Sean know that out of respect for herself, her family, and her religion that she cannot kiss him until she’s the only girl he’s dating…On that note, count Selma out for Bachelor Pad 4.

What can I say about the group date? It’s God-awful. I will start out by giving a ton of props to Sarah for being so inspiring. This show is as much of an emotional roller coaster as is, and even though she was feeling an extreme amount of emotions and was put in a situation she was uncomfortable, she never once acted like a drama queen. It shows that her feelings are real, she’s real, and she’s there for the right reasons. I think we can all learn a lot about how to deal with frustration from Sarah. I’m glad she mustered the courage and got back out there rolling!

I definitely thought the first one to be hospitalized this season would be due to Tierra…but that prize went to Amanda who took a hard fall onto her jaw- after lying to all of the girls to intimidate them…nice work, Amanda.

Cartoon reference of the episode: Tierra reminds me of Taz from Looney Tunes. You can literally see her head spinning from envy and plotting her next vicious move.

Roller derby turns into free skate and I’m ready to fall asleep…Luckily, that part’s over and we’re on to the night portion. Lindsay gets Sean to the hot tub with her and she looks smoking hot.

Tierra-ble must have watched too much Bachelor Pad before coming on this show and she’s confused that “The Bachelor” is about finding love, not about winning. Either way, she is playing the best game ever. Sign this girl up for Bachelor Pad. Tierra played Sean the right way and ended up scoring the rose for the night. Do I think Tierra playing this game is fair to the other girls playing nicely? No. Do I think it’s freaking hysterical and brilliant? Yes. I’m not sure if it’s the things Tierra actually does, or just the looks that she gives that intrigues me more. So far it looks like she’s got Sean right where she wants him and that means we’ve got a lot more Tierra-ble television ahead of us!

Leslie H. gets the next one-on-one date, and also the next ride home. Sean takes her on a “Pretty Woman” type date and she’s ecstatic. There was definitely not chemistry there and I don’t blame Sean for sending her home when he admits that this date was the perfect setting for romance and he just didn’t feel it with her.

The rose ceremony once again begins, the girls’ emotions start fluttering out of whack and they drown their sorrows in a glass of wine – the usual.

Thanks to Robyn and her chocolate, I’m confused as to which kind Sean likes. White chocolate? Dark chocolate? Milk? Was this necessary? Help me.

Tierra gives a cold-hearted apology to Jackie and Robyn…seems odd…I wonder what she’s got up her sleeve once she gets them back on her good side…

Catherine sneaks away for some alone time with Sean and she’s already easily one of my favorites. She’s naturally gorgeous and seems to have a very Sean-like personality. I’m sensing a one-on-one date next week.

I can only hope the doctor didn’t order Amanda to exercise her jaw by kissing, because Sean sent her packing at the rose ceremony, and she’s out of there!

My favorites are now: Catherine, Selma, Lindsay and Leslie M.

Do you all think Tierra is Tierra-ble?

Who do you think should get the next one-on-one dates?

What did you think of Sean’s ass? (I feel like that’s important.)


Until next time…


Chris B