Chris Bukowski’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 6

So since we had a Bachelor double-dose this week, I decided to switch things up a bit and get right into it. Transport yourself to snowy Canada and here we go…

My top 3 girls of the week: Lesley M. – I’ve really liked Lesley from the beginning and she continues to make me like her more every episode. We already have seen that she’s genuine, fun and obviously beautiful, but this week we see her take control. The group date starts with the girls in canoes and since there are an odd number of girls on this date, (tragically) one has to canoe with Sean. Lesley doesn’t hesitate for a second to volunteer herself (get it girl!). You’ve got to take control if you want to really stick out when you’re on a date with 6 other girls, and I’m glad Lesley got the chance to do it. Sean seemed to really notice her effort and felt a stronger connection with her this week and gives her the group date rose. (Much deserved!)

Desiree: Des gets the second one-on-one date and I’m excited for her. She’s also been a top favorite of mine since the beginning. I feel like she’s got a similar sense of humor as Sean (they both seem to like the pranks) and I think that’s important in a relationship. Sean takes Des to Banff National Park for a picnic…catch is that they have to repel down the 400 foot mountain to get to the picnic. Des doesn’t blink and goes for it- another thing I’ve noticed and liked about her since the beginning- she’s extremely easy going and I think that helps with her connection with Sean. Des opens up to Sean during the night portion of the date, and of course, snags the rose.

Lindsay: Although we don’t get to see much of Lindsay in this episode we still see enough to make me claim her as another one of my favorites. She’s definitely a nice girl and very true to herself. She seems like she’s pretty much game for anything at this point and makes us feel like she is here for the right reasons. Especially when she mentions that Sean will be “exhausted” if he ends up with Tierra. I respect that choice of wording and don’t think she could have said it better.

The so bad it’s good of this episode: Tierrable, Tierrable, Tierrable– out of 6 girls, she’s the only one who gets “hypothermia” from the Polar Plunge…did we expect anything less from her? She, once again, scores the sympathy vote from Sean. She’s definitely got an edge that Sean craves and she’s using it to her advantage. Good or bad. Once again she heats up the drama, which keeps the girls far away but is bringing Sean closer. I’m glad she didn’t go home because I seriously cannot wait to see what she has in store for us as this season gets more and more intense.

The bad: Selma decides that she will not jump in the freezing cold water for Sean. Sean fools us with his smile reassuring her that it’s ok, which it clearly was not. The past few episodes we’ve seen him proclaim his love for the outdoors and I think he’s looking for a woman who will be sporadic with him…even if it means taking the polar plunge! Against her mother’s wishes she gives Sean a quick peck…just to get sent home right after. Not so good. I don’t believe Selma will have a problem finding true love in real life…especially since she will be able to full out kiss a guy (as long as there’s no cameras on her.) I’ll admit I didn’t expect to see her go home so early.

Sarah: Sarah opens up and shows Sean pictures of her family. Sarah was always one of my very favorites and probably the most real girl The Bachelor has ever seen, but Sean let’s her know he’s not feeling the chemistry and sends her home before the rose ceremony. I wasn’t ready for Sarah to go home yet, but I guess it’s better that Sean was honest then to lead her on. Another girl that I’m sure will not have a problem finding love. We will miss you on Monday nights, Sarah!

Daniella: Daniella isn’t sure why she didn’t get a one-on-one date when Desiree got two. Well, she found out when Sean didn’t give her a rose at the Rose Ceremony. I’ll be honest, I never saw that connection in the first place.

Catherine, Lesley, Tierra, Lindsay, Desiree, and Ashlee – we will see you Monday in St.Croix!

Until next time,

Chris B