Chris Bukowski’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 7

The dreaded week 7, we made it! This week is overly stressful for the girls since it decides whether or not Sean wants to meet their families- if you weren’t feeling pressure before, you’re bound to feel it now!

I was so ready to see how this episode would pan out and it did not disappoint. I’d say that this episode contained one of the biggest breakdowns in Bachelor history and I was so glad that I got to witness it on my couch with a bottle of wine instead of being in those girls’ shoes. The episode starts off nicely (for the first few minutes) when the girls are so excited and anxious to get to St. Croix and see what Sean had in-store for them. That does not last long when Tierrable gets a hold of the fact that she will be sharing a bed with her “boyfriend’s other girlfriends.” Don’t worry though, she finds a roll away cot (and way too quickly I may add…I feel like this wasn’t her first rodeo sleeping on a roll away) and makes it very clear that she will NOT be sharing anything with anyone.

The first date card arrives and it goes to AshLee…Tierra repeats a handful of times that the “cougar” got the date even though she considered herself top priority for Sean. AshLee gets swept away (ok, paddled away) to a private Island where they get to really open up to each other and it seems as though they thoroughly enjoy each other…not to mention the sand and water they’re rolling around in. For the first time, Sean really listens when AshLee opens up about Tierra and I think it’s finally starting to click with him. At dinner, AshLee eases into a secret that she desperately needs to tell Sean…cue the next 10 minutes of her talking where we all think she is going to admit to having a 15 year old child…just to tell Sean that she was briefly married…at 17. I don’t know about you, but I feel like Sean seemed relieved to find out that was her deep dark secret. The date continues and AshLee decides to stand on her chair and scream “I LOVE SEAN” – at this point I couldn’t tell if Sean was blushing or he just forgot his SPF 95….

It’s a dream come true for Tierra to finally get her one-on-one date! Nevermind, no its not…she, once again, finds something to complain about. This time, it being because she does not want to be gallivanting in St. Croix with Sean. Yeah, ok, beat it, Tierra. She’s not sure how she’s going to react to bugs, and the heat that will make her mascara run (obviously she didn’t care about that when she polar plunged to hypothermia last episode) Of course, in Tierrable fashion, her attitude changes when Sean arrives and when he decides to buy her everything she could ever want in St. Croix…including a snow cone. Tierra confronts Sean about being distant, all the while plotting how she’s going to sneak attack AshLee because she knows it was her who made him distant and Sean looks less than thrilled. She then proceeds to tell him she loves him and make-out with him. Date is over.

I was pretty sure Tierra was this seasons sneak attacker until Sean showed up at 4AM to take the group date girls to see the sunrise – every girls dream. He also takes pictures of them without any makeup on – not every girls dream. Des, Lindsay and Catherine are all good sports and extremely excited for their “road trip” with captain Sean. They watch a beautiful sunset and all seem to bond really well. Seems like all the girls really open up on this date (hell, it was a LONG day) and the rose goes to Lindsay…although Sean has made it pretty clear that both Des and Catherine are safe.

The next one-on-one date goes to Lesley, who throughout this season we’ve all fallen in love with – a beautiful girl….with what seems like no chemistry with Sean. This date was no different. They get along great but you can tell that the spark isn’t there. Sean seems to be trying to pull the spark out of her, but at the end of the day you can’t have chemistry without eye contact and they seem to be lacking in that department.

Sean brings on his sister Shay who’s advice, from the start, was something along the lines of, “don’t date someone that no one gets along with”…hmmm…Tierrable? They talk about how Sean can see all of them being his wife and needs a little guidance. As he mentions that Tierra’s name has been brought up numerous times, we get a glimpse of what’s going on back at the house….AshLee and Tierra (mostly Tierra) bickering about how her parents told her to not let her sparkle go…”You have a sparkle about you, Tierra, do not let the other girls take that away!” As in “sparkle” do they mean fake tan? Tierra also mentions that she cannot control her eyebrow, it is her face and she has no control over it. Wait, isn’t Blakeley a waxer? Can’t she please help Tierra with those Tierrable eyebrows? Anyway, Sean enters the scene with an emotional wreck of a Tierra sitting on the couch crying (yawn) and tells her he wants her to meet his sister, which is not in the cards for Tierra at this moment, so she is taken to the waiting mini-van outside and says her goodbye’s to Sean. Are we happy? Sad?

Sean informs the girls that there will be no rose ceremony, and we watch as Des and Catherine receive the next 2 roses. Lindsay was already safe with a rose, and it comes down to AshLee and Lesley. We watch as our golden girl, Lesley, says her goodbyes and goes home. Hey, I’m not complaining…Call me?

Until the hometowns!

-Chris B