Chris “SWAT” Bain’s Bachelor Pad Blog: Episode 1

WOW! Where to begin? I started this journey as a huge fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series and never in a thousand years thought that I could be apart of it. However, while watching every DVR’d episode of each season I would feel that I would be a better fit than 99% of the other chosen cast members. I’m a guy’s guy that was brought up in the South by two amazing parents that just recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Good morals and values were instilled in me at a very young age. I know how to treat a woman. I’m also a bit of a hopeless romantic.

I applied for the Bachelor Pad and received that phone call from LA. Next thing I knew I was stepping out of a limo and shaking Chris Harrison’s hand, or in this case taking a picture with Chris. I’ve got to say, Chris is a stand up guy and it was great having that opportunity to meet him. I’m not going to lie; I was probably most excited about meeting Chris Harrison.

Now, I’m making my entry into this mansion that I have watched all these other tools walk into so many times. One thing is going through my head, over and over. Be yourself, don’t try to be anything other than yourself and everything will be ok. After all, I do have a great set of parents that I don’t want to embarrass. I’m also representing the city that I work for and my profession as a whole.

Immediately after making my entry into “The Pad” I’m confronted with ED in the amazing drunken state that he was in. ED is a great guy and just wants to have a good time, but boy was he WASTED! Immediately I felt like I was at a disadvantage not only because I was a “newbie”, but also because I’m not much of a drinker.

My game plan was clearly to weasel my way in with the “veterans”, find love, and win the pot. All was going well until David and “The Twins” won the first challenge and were given immunity at the first rose ceremony. Not only did this make me the only guy “fan” that could be voted off, but David was about to run his mouth to the queen bitch of the mansion. David came up with this plan to vote off the veterans in order to gain superiority in the house. I guess David didn’t run the numbers very well because this strategy was going to require at least 3 veteran guys and girls to vote one of their own off. Good Luck!

David was discussing his “plan” with me while Erica walked up behind him. I made several attempts at trying to get him to shut it before she heard what was being discussed. No such luck. David is not the observant type! David proceeded to show his cards to Erica and let it all hang out. I knew at this point that my hours at the mansion were potentially going to be cut short.

You’re probably wondering why in the hell did I vote one of my own off. Paige is such a sweetheart and I have nothing but love for Paige and she knows it. Prior to my vote I spoke with another one of the guys that I had developed a relationship with in the house. This discussion went along the lines of, I know I’m going home tonight, what can I do to help you? I’m always looking out for my boys; I’m a guy’s guy. Nonetheless, this was a tough decision for me as I really loved Paige and felt terrible for voting against her. If I knew my vote was going to be the determining factor of her continued residency at the mansion, I may have voted differently.

“SWAT” goes home early! I will say that this was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The environment that I was placed into was far from the ordinary for me and I definitely did not have any romantic interest in any of the female housemates. It was time for “SWAT’s” departure!

My Favs: Reid, ED, Nick, Tony, Ryan, Blakely, Paige, and Donna.

In closing… The amount of love that has been shown toward me is tremendous and I’ve done my best to get back to all of you. If I haven’t gotten back to you, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen your kind words! Check back next Monday for my new blog!