Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 2

Hola Bachelor nation! Who’s in love with the new season as much as I am? After watching the first episode last week, I am officially hooked. I must say it brings back a lot of memories, good and bad. But hey, it’s a new year and by the looks of it there’s a new villain. Tierra, honey, buckle up. Looks like you’re in for a bumpy ride. I blame the first impression rose, maybe she got a little wind beneath her wings, or that possibly made the girls instantly hate her, either way things aren’t always what they seem. Having been through it, I will be watching this season with an open mind, with no judgment. One thing’s for sure, fans will not be disappointed this year. Completely blown away by Sean, they picked the perfect man for the job! I can tell this is going to be one of the best seasons in Bachelor history!

Episode two is off to a great start and definitely does not disappoint. Let’s get the party started with a shirtless Sean lifting weights and showering. Who doesn’t appreciate a little eye candy? I can hear the comments from boyfriends watching with their girlfriends across the nation…OH come on? Call me perverted but I hope shirtless Sean is a trend this season. But anyway, back to the romance of it all. Here comes the first date card. Chris Harrison walks in and says it best. “Sean is fantastic, and probably one of the most sincere bachelors we’ve ever had on the show,” after watching I have to say I completely agree. The first date card is read. “Sarah are you ready to fall in love today?” This date is a great first look at how sincere Sean really is, and you can tell he really likes Sarah a lot already. There’s nothing like a good free fall from a building to bond two people. Also listen for Sean’s scream on the way down. Pretty darn cute! Sarah is left feeling like Sean is the perfect guy for her and that this was the biggest dream come true of her life. If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy then I don’t know what will. So proud of her for taking the leap of faith, she’s going to go far this season. Beautiful, strong, and brave!

The dreaded group date, a competition photo shoot for the cover of three romantic novels. Miss Tierra doesn’t exactly seem thrilled, but she still has her confidence…starting out. Cute Katie says it best, “going on a group date with thirteen other women is not an ideal first date.” I’ve gotta give it to Kacie B, for coming back for round two, very brave of her! Like she said she’s much smarter the second time around, but is she already in the friend zone? Kristy is overly excited for the photo shoot, but ultimately proves she knows how to move in front of the camera. Way to steam things up and win the competition…in her words: VICTORY! Selma is a complete joy to watch, and so likable. Tierra seems to be breaking down by the end of the day, but keeps a brave face. Way to go girls you survived your first group date, one of many!

The last one on one date goes to Desiree. Sean pulls a prank at an art gallery to see how Desiree responds to being accused of breaking a million dollar piece. You can tell it’s making him uncomfortable to watch, a perfect sign that he cares about her already, and that he’s a good guy. Sean invites her back to his place for a little hot tub and light conversation. I think this is the first time we really hear what Sean’s looking for in his future wife. Desiree seems to agree that she wants to marry her best friend but then again she’s agreed with everything he has said all night.

Before the rose ceremony Sean takes the time to love up the girls that didn’t get a date this week. It’s fun to see him realize how many girls who could potentially be a connection. I also loved watching his conversation with Lindsay. She says she’s looking to marry her best friend too, such a coincidence. We see Amanda sitting there quietly, while the other girls talk about her. Can’t help but wonder what’s going on in her head. I never sat around talking about the other girls; I just took my frustrations out in the interview room. But it’s happening again, clicks are being formed and it’s interesting for me to see Kacie B in the center of it all. I hope these girls don’t make the mistake of getting caught up in the house drama. Goodbye to Diana and Brooke, those beauties won’t have trouble finding love. I do feel for Sean, he has a lot of great women to choose from. This is definitely going to make for one interesting season.