Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 3

Well things seem to be heating up nicely on Episode 3. We open up to Sean at his own private mansion, running on the treadmill. Wait for it…shirtless ;) Hey, if I had my own private gym I would probably be doing the same thing. Sean seems to have a great balance, he’s confident, strong minded, yet humble and down to earth.

Its only one week into it and Sean finds himself really digging a lot of women. There are 16 girls left, and Sean is looking forward to the moment when he can picture his life with just one of these women. And you know all of these women are looking forward to that moment as well, but there is still a long way to go. I don’t know about you guys, but I am excited to watch his love story unfold.

The best advice you could ever give anyone on the Bachelor would be exactly what Chris Harrison says when he brings the first date card: “Use your time wisely, whenever you see him, make it the best.” Well you can lead a horse to water, but 16 girls, one perfect guy…things are about to get dicey.

And the first one on one date goes Leslie M. How long will this love last? Sean takes Leslie to the Guinness World Record Museum on Hollywood Blvd. Where we learn his dad holds the record for driving across 48 states in the shortest time – 97 hours and 7 minutes. So it’s pretty cool that Sean is following in his father’s footsteps, and is about to set the record for longest on screen kiss. Leslie is up for the challenge, and knows how to work the hands during their record breaking kiss of 3 minutes and 16 seconds. This hasn’t been my favorite date to watch, but its nice to hear that this has been the best day of Leslie’s life. I don’t see a huge spark between these two, but I think that might have something to do with the lack of eye contact on Leslie’s part. It makes sense though after she explains Sean makes her nervous. They end the date by admitting they’re both developing real feelings for one another. If these two end up together they will have a great story to tell their kids, and if they don’t I hope the girl he picks breaks his own world record with him booyah!

The theme behind this week’s group date is ‘all the girls really NEED real time with Sean.’ Having lived through a couple group dates myself, I can say they’re not that fun to be on. The only thing that makes them feel worth it is having that one on one time at the end of the day. This date reminds me of the baseball game we played on our season in Puerto Rico. Instead the girls are playing beach volleyball, and the winning team gets to go on to the night portion of the date. Watching, I already know Kacie B’s team will win, because she is a great athlete. Sure enough, there are lots of tears, while the winning team celebrates their victory. Moving on to the night portion of the date. Lindsay has a great one on one with Sean securing the rose, while chapping all the other girls asses. I’m really at a loss for words seeing Kacie B confide in Sean about the drama with the other girls. I don’t want to pile on Kacie. I’ll just go back to what Chris H said in the opening scene…use your time wisely, make it the best. This was like watching a slow moving car crash.

Tierra makes a bad joke while reading the next one on one date that goes to AshLee. Things get worse for Miss Tierra when she takes a spill down the stairs moments before Sean picks Ash up for her date. Yet it doesn’t really take away from Sean and AshLee’s lovely date. They get magic mountain all to themselves for the day. But Sean has a great surprise and AshLee is more than happy to share the date with Emily and Brianna, two life long friends that have never been afforded the opportunity to meet. You can tell it makes AshLee happy to see Sean so happy, and Sean realizes AshLee has a huge kind and caring heart. I have goosebumps watching this date as dreams come true with AshLee’s touching story, and Sean’s favorite Eli Young Band serenading them. I really like these two together.

The girls are a little frenzied at the rose ceremony, pretty typical. I like to see the girls taking charge and getting their quality one on one time in with Sean. I really think it can make all the difference. Sean handles being pulled in every direction well and seems to be connecting on many different levels with each girl. The thing I like most about Sean is he radiates genuine warmth, as you can see when he surprises Sarah with a quick visit with her pup. Girls are falling faster than ever this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. Maybe Sean will start to fall too, and I don’t mean down the stairs.