Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 5

I don’t even know where to start. What a crazy week for The Bachelor and his ladies. Having to drink goat’s milk to win a date? Seems like there are more competitions than romance. Sean is a really nice guy, and is especially nice to the ladies he sends home. It’s nice to see he doesn’t use the same lame lines with each girl.

Lindsay gets the first one on one date in lovely White Fish, Montana. This date seemed short to me. A helicopter ride and lots smooching. This date reminds me of my first one on one date in Sonoma, minus the live performance…darn. The scenery is gorgeous, and the mood is romantic. Lindsay knows how to turn up the heat, with lots of kissing. We get a little more depth from Lindsay tonight, hearing her touching background story. These two seem to have a great connection.

The group date turns into another competition that is painful to watch. Those poor goats! I would have had a hard time with this event. Having to milk a goat, and drink the milk, seems like a stretch. Where has all the romance gone? Once again the losing team is sent home, but not for long. The other girls are upset when Sean brings them back later in the evening. I really like that Sean is bending the rules, to get in real time with these ladies. It shows he is taking this seriously.

Back at the house Tierra gets the two on one date card with Jackie. It’s hard for me to write about Tierra. I get it that she wants more time with The Bachelor and that it is tough being in this situation. Hey, I tried my best to get as much time in as possible because I really needed it. But I must say Tierra and I are very different. I’ve been getting a lot of nice messages on Twitter, stating the same thing. She appears to be a Conflict Creator, and is definitely sassy in her interviews. But I do feel kind of bad for her performances. Jackie doesn’t use her time wisely trying to snitch on Tierra, and is sent home. The first fireworks go off for Tierra and Sean, and it reminds me of the movie The Hunger games…

Sean is asking for direct examples from the girls as to why Tierra is causing problems, and not getting clear answers. We see the girls say right in front of Tierra they cant believe Sean sent Jackie home over her, and then Tierra goes and sits in the other room. This is something I experienced on my season. Girls talking about me in front of me, overhearing them, or other girls telling me. It does feel like bullying, and is really hard to live with. So it doesn’t make sense to me that all the girls approach Tierra, and ask her why she is so quiet around them. It’s not rocket science. I distanced myself from the girls on my season and it really irritated them. I remember feeling like they all wanted more attention from me, but I just didn’t want to give it to them. I didn’t trust a FEW of them. I wasn’t running around the house pulling their hair, or kicking them, I was just keeping to myself.

At the rose ceremony Doctor Chris Harrison gives our hero some counseling. This is clearly getting harder for everyone involved. This is the time when the girls start questioning the connections he has formed. Sean seems to be navigating the situation perfectly, and I have a feeling Tierra won’t last much longer.

It looks like an emergency crew returns tonight to pull a cold fish out of the water. Yikes!