Courtney Robertson’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 9

You gotta give it up for The Bachelor; when they hit the road they do it in style and bring the audience along! This week was The Bachelor at it’s finest in Thailand. The stunning scenery and pristine beaches are perfectly made for Sean to dig deep inside his final three girls. The girls we never got to know and the drama queens are gone and now Sean faces serious decisions. Sean knows first hand that someone that gave their all will be seriously hurt and sent quickly back home on an overnight flight to LAX.

The first date is with Lindsay. She proves she’ll do anything for Sean by eating bugs before heading to a lovely romantic beach…cue the monkeys! She seems to be having a hard time telling Sean that she loves him. By the time they get back to the Fantasy Suite she manages to tell him how she feels. These two have great chemistry; I can’t wait to see them together next week.

The second date is with a cautious AshLee who has been hurt and abandoned in her childhood. Sean understands and wants his future wife to trust him as he takes her skin diving in a dark cave. Really kind of scary in there and makes me glad I got to ride on a helicopter above the Matterhorn in Switzerland. They end their evening having unspoken expectations about the Fantasy Suite but she knows what she wants and it is a size 6 diamond ring. Whoops!

The third date is a boat ride with Catherine who is trying to right the ship after a shaky home date that has left Sean with a few lingering doubts. I think it’s pretty clear that these two have the most fun together; they’re a joy to watch. I love the chemistry between them and Sean definitely lights up the most around her. Plus Katherine is willing to move to Texas. Woo hoo!

It’s time to call Doctor Chris Harrison for a counseling session. Sean knows who he has to send home and needs help on how to send the bad news. He tells Chris he is in love with one of the girls… But he does not shout it out.

With some men you can see love in their eyes. With Sean…Watch his smile. He gives it away as he watches videos from the ladies. You can tell instantly who is about to be hurt and wounded very badly.

As the rain falls Sean lowers the boom on a very beautiful lady who says nothing to him as she walks off the set in total pain. After much heartache in her life…she opened herself to love and received the ultimate rejection. I really liked AshLee for Sean and was a little blind-sided myself. It will be interesting to see these two at the WTA.