It’s week 2 of the Bachelor, and by now all of Sean Lowe’s women should have adjusted to life in the mansion. But things are not looking good for Katie.

Whether it’s the extra hormones or the hard water, something isn’t balanced in Katie’s chi. The yoga instructor bows out early from the most dramatic pool party ever, but not before conferring with Kacie B who’s been in her shoes before. Kacie has become this season’s Yoda, admitting you’re smarter the second time around.

Meaning this time, Kacie brought extra hair serum and a flat iron.

Live and learn, Katie. Live and learn.

Also this week, we were treated to what, on paper, sounds like the most awful first date ever. Sarah wins the coveted one-on-one date where she accompanies Sean off the side of the building.

And if you think that’s bad, Sean later treats 12 of the women to a group photo shoot for Harlequin Romance. You could practically hear last week’s eliminated Ashley P (50 Shades of Gray girl) screaming at her TV.

Then Sean treats Des to some delightful hijinks, staging a private showing of a 1.5 million dollar art piece, and then making her think she broke it. But the biggest practical joke is when he serves her oven broiled steak and frozen corn.

And suddenly Sarah’s is like the best. date. ever.

At the rose ceremony Robin addresses the elephant in the room: this season’s multicultural Bachelor. Like everyone in America, she’s wondering if Wonder Bread comes in other flavors. And Sean assures her that he may be wholesome, but his taste in women is as diverse as the food court at your local mall. Panda Express, Sbarro, Carnegie Deli – Sean will eat from any corner of the globe.

And then there were the clothes.

The Best:


Robin in BCBG. I love the color and the movement of this dress. Chartreuse is a tough color to pull off and I love how it looks set against Robin’s complexion. She added this belt herself, and I think the whole look worked for her.


Leslie M is all about the firsts. She got the first kiss and the first bandage dress. In case you missed it, Leslie M. is a political assistant. Wearing Herve Leger. So I’m just gonna put it out there and let someone else start the conspiracy theory.


Like Robin, Amanda pulled off chartreuse in a bold rosette dress by ABS. The statement shoulder and shocking color were a great ploy for Sean’s attention. But with hair and an attitude inspired by that creepy girl from The Ring, I have to admit I wouldn’t be surprised if three days after watching the Bachelor, we all ended up dead.



Lindsay is one of my favorites. She’s funny, and pretty and doesn’t take herself too seriously, so I was heartbroken that she decided to come dressed as a cross between Cruella DeVille and a black and white cookie. While Lindsay apologized over and over for her wedding dress on the first night all I could think was, “go put the wedding gown back on.”


From last week’s Cache prom dress to a lace turtleneck mini dress, Leslie H can’t get off my worst dressed list. I love lace, but it’s so easy to go from delicate to doily, and the neckline on this dress is all wrong. Maybe next week, Leslie.


I know I’m in the minority, but I like Tierra. A lot. She’s good TV and gives great eyebrow, but girl, we need to stage an earring-intervention. No wonder Tierra is so mean to the other girls. By the time she got a rose her earlobes must have been positively killing her.

Next week the weight of Tierra’s earrings proves to be too much, and she falls down the stairs and Sean practices all the kissing tips Arie gave him on a date with Lesley M. See you then.

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