Bachelor fashion

I always wonder what I would do if I were on the Bachelor. Would I save my cute clothes for the end and be cocky? Or would I be cautious and front load my cute clothes just in case I got sent packing?

Fortunately for Sean Lowe’s bachelorettes, it’s not an issue since all of their dates involve sweatpants and sneakers. (And also, I suspect some of them just don’t even own cute clothes. But we’ll talk about the Pretty Woman date a little later.)

Selma scored the first one-on-one date with Sean this week in Joshua Tree national park. This date had plenty of potential: a romantic wine tasting and picnic followed by U2 cover band serenade? HA! You wish! You’re going rock climbing and then dinner in a trailer park. Selma confesses to Sean that because of her conservative upbringing, she can’t kiss him on national TV. Good for her, but if a guy made me go rock climbing and then took me to dinner in a trailer park, he’s not scoring a kiss from me on a first date either.

Next up is the group date. And someone at the Bachelor must really hate these girls because they’re going to have a roller derby, which is basically the Hunger Games on roller skates. Amanda falls and possibly breaks her jaw, which means she’s no longer a contender for the fantasy suites. Tierra, realizing that this may have eclipsed her fall down the stairs last week stages a faux mental breakdown. Sean gives her the rose (and I suspect some Xanax.)

Last is the Pretty Woman date for Leslie Hughes. She and Sean go shopping at Badgley Mischka where Leslie tries on all the dresses and picks the one that looks most like a Hefty Bag. The two swing by Neil Lane where Leslie picks out a necklace that makes her dress look even worse. (She should have asked for a bracelet – the rhinestone neckline on the dress was blingy enough) The two have dinner and Sean says he doesn’t feel the connection. He sends Leslie home because he can’t look at this sad ensemble for one more minute. And when I say “he” I mean me.

At the rose ceremony, everyone is like, “eh, I’d rather be wearing sweatpants,” but they put on their dresses for the first time all week. Sean sends Amanda home with no explanation, but I suspect it has to do with the potions she was making in the Bachelor mansion.

And all that’s left to talk about is the fashion.




Robyn is consistently one of the best dressed at the rose ceremonies. She knows her body, picks beautiful colors and is really conscious of how a dress moves. She added this dress to emphasize her waist, which was smart – since pleats can add bulk to your frame. Overall, Robyn was flawless at the rose ceremony. Robyn should stick to picking dresses, and not pick up lines.


A lot of people commented that Amanda’s look last night was very Morticia Adams, but I loved it. The beaded dress, dark crystals, messy bun and dark lipstick was moody and kind of mysterious. Throughout the season, I think Amanda was thoughtful in terms of putting an entire look together – and I thought this edgy look worked for her personality.


I loved Des’ colorblock dress with the lace detailing. The black lace panels are so slimming (not that she needs it, but it’s a great trick for those of us who aren’t a size 0) and I love the color. Best of all, Des’ colorblock dress is totally affordable (I found it here for about $50.)





Individually all the pieces were pretty. The dress was interesting. The pewter shoes sophisticated. The necklace extraordinary. The gold bag elegant. But as an outfit the look was like Leslie got attacked by a manic Bedazzler.


I know some of you are going to get really mad at me, but I hated AshLee’s blue zig zag dress. The neckline was boring, the print looked cheap and I’m pretty sure she was wearing white shoes. In case you missed it, I said white shoes.


Daniella is one of the funniest bachelorettes. Her laid back style is so fun, but this ornate necklace competes with the ease of her casual dress. Coco Chanel always said, before you leave the house take a look in the mirror and take one piece off. In this case, I wish Daniella had heeded her words and taken off the Forever21 rhinestone eyesore.

Next week, Tierra still gets what she wants. But this time it’ll be for two days in a row.

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