Imagine you were told you were going on vacation for three months. You were told to pack without knowing where you were going, what you were doing, what the weather would be like or how long you’d be staying. You’d only know to bring a couple swimsuits, eight formal dresses, casual dresses and jeans. Boots and a winter coat. Hats and gloves. Don’t forget your sundresses. And shorts. Make sure you include a lightweight jacket, winter boots, flip-flops and a full suit of body armour.

Oh, and make sure you can fit it into two suitcases.

That, in a nutshell, is how you pack for The Bachelor.

So it’s no surprise that by week 5, the rose ceremony dresses are looking less like this:

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 2.39.08 PM

And more like this:


The bachelorettes of Sean Lowe’s season are down to the last of their prom dresses and Forever 21 best. And, recognizing their cute summer outfits had run their course, the Bachelor moved Sean’s ladies to a colder climate where they’d face the inevitable task of looking cute in winter clothes.

Or as I like to think of it: my life.

Sean’s remaining women traded in their strappy sandals and flirty sundresses for wool coats and winter boots to find love, and hopefully not get dead falling off a mountain or glacier.

And that’s where we start this week’s Bachelor fashion recap.

You know, it’s not uncommon on the Bachelor to hear that someone is “not there for the right reason,” and I’m finally understanding what the “right” reason is: Flannel.

This week, Sean’s ladies duked it out on a group date in buffalo checked plaid shirts that the show provided for them. I suspect after downing a jar of warm goat’s milk and ultimately not getting any advantage for it, the winning team from Sean’s first group date burned their plaid shirts. If you’re interested in recreating the date, you can get a similar check shirt at Forever 21, and goat milk at your local farmer’s market.


On the dreaded two-on-one date Tierra and Jackie went head to head (and cheetah to cheetah) in competing animal prints. Tierra received the rose, but Jackie was the clear-cut winner in her on-trend color jeans. Sadly, Sean doesn’t seem to pick based on good fashion.

Or sanity.


Kudos to all the ladies on the Polar Bear Plunge date for stripping down to their skivvies on national television (notsomuch for jumping into freezing water for a guy, because that’s just crazy in my opinion.)


And honorable mention to Tierra for most dramatic performance in a musical or comedy. And also for fashioning the hypothermic blankets into a makeshift bikini.


Oh wait. You mean she bought it that way?

On the group date Sarah J Crew colorblock sequin tank top left a lasting impression with me (even if Sean didn’t feel the connection.) As an aside, I’m pretty sure Sean sent Sarah home early to protect her spotless reputation for gorgeous rose ceremony dresses. That would be the sign of a true gentleman.


And speaking of the rose ceremony dresses, did anyone else think Tierra’s fur thingy (I don’t know what you’d call that) looked eerily similar to the bearskin hanging on the wall in Montana? You be the judge.

bear fur1

Best dressed:

This week’s best dressed was AshLee with a subtly detailed navy dress by French Connection. She complimented her statement earrings with a simple ponytail, in a look that was clean and sophisticated.

ashLEE 10.06.23 PM

I also loved Catherine, Des and Leslie – each in their own version of the LBD. (Okay, technically, Catherine’s wasn’t little, but it was really pretty) Each lady has her own style, and each showed how a black dress can be simple and sexy at the same time.

black dresses

Worst dressed

My picks for worst dress (not worst dressed) is Lindsay. And Tierra for worst dressed (but not worst dress.)

Let me explain.

lindsay 2.46.40 PM

I really, really want to meet Lindsay. I think she’s bubbly and fun and I suspect she can put down a bottle of wine like a champ, but when it comes to some of her dress choices, I’m constantly giving her the side eye. And that is especially unfortunate, because when I caught her purple tee shirt dress from Monday’s rose ceremony out of the corner of my eye, my first thought was, “is that her bra strap?” This was just a really bad, boring dress. It needed a necklace to add some contrast and would have taken the look from drab to fab.

Or at least, fine.


Tierra, on the other hand, left me utterly confused. I didn’t hate her hi-lo white dress, but I didn’t understand the styling at all. The fur scarf? The nude shoes. This dress was summery, the scarf was après ski and the shoes looked like something my grandmother has in her closet. Want to “winterize” a summer dress? Throw on some ankle boots and a leather jacket, or cowboy boots and a denim jacket. Tierra could have saved this look.

If not her sterling reputation.

So that’s it for this week’s fashion. Next week the ladies are off to St. Croix to wear the last of their bikinis, beach cover-ups and presumably my nerves.

Who were your favorite looks and whose look would you like to push off a glacier? Sound off in the comments below. Want to know where to buy the clothes from the Bachelor? Check out my blog Possessionista.com and like me on Facebook for even more Bachelor fashion?