It there is one thing I’ve learned in watching every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette it’s that  if you really really, like someone you should make them a scrapbook.  So each week, I’ll be putting together Emily Maynard’s fashion scrapbook with some of her best (and worst) looks.
This was probably one of my favorite looks of the episode, if only because it’s something anyone can relate to. There’s something nice about knowing if I was ever invited over to make cookies for Ricki’s soccer game and I got cold, I could probably borrow this sweatshirt from Emily. I’m not alone in this thinking. Since posting this Generation Love Cropped Bobo sweatshirt on Possessionista, their site has crashed indefinitely. Oops.
Generally, I am not a fan of the one shoulder dress, but Emily made this lace scalloped dress by Nightcap work. Not an easy feat, I have to add, since this dress has been worn by many Hollywood starlets. The only thing more coveted than the dress? The glitter Mary Janes she paired with it from INC.


I dunno, Emily, this casual white tee with the $4000 Randi Rahm sequin skirt was a miss for me. I get the idea, but it just looked unfinished to me. I love mixing high and low fashion (and a $4000 sequin skirt is definitely high by anyone’s standards) but I just think a different top would have nailed this look.

I loved the ice blue Theia sequin mini dress.  Emily wore during the Muppets dance number. The dress isn’t available in Spearmint anymore, but if you have a special occasion you can always rent it here. I presume you can also rent this tuxedo, not to mention MC Stevie’s services for your next black tie event.


 My two favorite looks of the night are Emily’s black, lace dress by Mason  and the flirty gold dress she wore to the Greenbriar. They were both sexy and young and showed off Emily’s enviable shape. I think Emily shines when she’s in clothing with some joy – and I think both pieces had elements of surprise.


My least favorite looks of the night were Emily’s two formal looks – both by Jean Fares. Both dresses were beautiful, but I think both dresses age Emily, and seem suited for someone older. Emily’s life has been so serious, and she carries a tremendous amount of responsibility at all time – I think fashion is one of the places where she is truly free to let loose and take some risks, and I’d love to see that extend into her formal wear.
And her choice of mate.
What were your favorite and least favorite looks of the night? Leave it in the comments below. 
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