It’s time for this week’s Emily Maynard fashion scrapbook
where I pay tribute to some of Emily’s best and worst moments in fashion, and


We began the week with a date atop a building that Emily and
Chris had to scale to reach their dinner. Talk about “sing for your supper.”
Emily wore a distressed motorcycle tee from Urban Outfitters that was just long
enough to hid the fact that she was wearing adult diapers – or maybe that’s me
projecting because if someone made me climb a building, I’d probably crap my
overpriced leggings too.

Then it was onto the group date, where we saw something
rarer than a unicorn: Emily Maynard in flats. I loved her striped Joie top and
distressed Wildfox shorts, though not necessarily together. But considering
that half the time I look like a homeless person when I hit the park I’ll give
Emiy some slack. Which is more than I can say for her friends and their
interrogation of Emily’s guys. While Emily pushed little Ricki on the swings
(or whatevs) Emily’s friends spent their park time judging books by their

And by books I mean Allessandro the Gypsy King. And by
covers I mean his predilection to date his relatives.



The last date to the episode took Emily to the adventurous
and exotic Dollywood, which is an amusement park specifically designed to
accommodate implants on their roller coasters. Emily wore a pair of Frye boots
that we’ll be seeing for several more episodes.



Emily’s finale dress was by Randi Rahm (who dressed Ashley
Hebert for most of her season.) The gold body skimming gown was super sexy but
what I couldn’t get over were the boots. I’m sure there was a perfectly good
reason for those black boots  like she didn’t want to ruin a perfectly lovely pair of shoes as she waded through the carcasses of the bachelors she let go before their time this week.

And although this scrapbook is for Emily, I would be remiss
if I didn’t take a moment to reflect on the short time we had with MC Stevie.
We’ll never forget his green shirt. His pageboy hat. And the way he could
Dougie better than anyone.

Including Doug himself.

Godspeed Stevie. May you always have someone to Champagne Snowball with you.

See you next week.

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