On my blog Possessionista, I’m often asked what Emily does for a living. And after last week’s episode of the Bachelorette in London, I think there’s no question that we now know what Emily’s chosen profession is:


Seriously, I haven’t seen that many trench coats since I saw Sherlock Holmes.

And sure, everyone’s buzzing about Kalon’s “baggage” comment, but I was more concerned over Jef’s comparison of Ricki to a Chloe bag. Could this relationship ever work? Anyone who loves Emily knows that her Chloe bag was during the “Brad Years” and Emily’s overpriced bag of choice these days is Proenza Schouler. (Totally worth it, by the way)

But maybe Jef just doesn’t know how to pronounce Proenza Schouler.

Most men don’t.


My favorite fashion moment this week was Emily’s blink and you missed it rose gold sequin dress by Lovers and Friends. She wore it on her evening date with Jef, but we never got a good look at it because it was so cold in London while they were filming that Emily was constantly camouflaged in various flaxseed colored trenches and blankets.

Last week my own personal Kalon, a reader named Allissa, accused me of being too nice in this column. The truth is I don’t hate anything Emily is wearing (except that butterfly dress. I hated that thing) but I’m not excited by any of it either.


Emily’s grey lace dress by Maggy London for tea with Jeff was the equivalent to butter chicken: bland and predictable when you have a taste for something spicy and exotic. And her blue, one shoulder rose ceremony dress was perfectly lovely for the mother of the groom, but I guess I just keep holding out for the most. dramatic. rose. ceremony. dress. ever.


I think I personally prefer Emily when she’s in her more casual garb: a fringe pair of must-have Koolaburra wedges while sightseeing with Ricky, or her baseball tee and combat boots later in the hotel were the most intriguing pieces to me this week.

And not just because I could never afford the sequin Randi Rahm custom dress she wore with Sean or the studded Gomez Gracia dress she wore to go “hood rat” on Kalon during the group date.

I can’t put my finger on why so many people are underwhelmed by this season’s fashion. Whether it’s just simple and sophisticated (and we’re tacky and over-the-top) or that we set our expectations too high based on Emily’s performance on the Bachelor (let’s be honest, there were a few misses there, too)  but I’m hopeful from the previews next week that there’s at least one really stellar dress in our future – a white skintight dress that looks like a constellation threw up on it – in the best way possible.

I’d love to hear from you. What do you love or hate from this season’s bachelorette fashion? Where do you think they get it right? Where do you think they get it wrong? And what would you like to see Emily wear?


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