The fact that I am only just getting to this week’s fashion recap from the Bachelorette is shocking.

I did not see this coming.

This week my focus is not on Emily’s fashion, but rather Ryan’s, who has taken men’s undergarments to a whole new level, proving that colored shoes are not always the best option, and singlehandedly keeping Edward Scissorhands in business with his Ed Burton inspired facial hair.

The reason my blog is late is because I have spent hours – hours - trying in vain to track down the exact halter-esque tank top that Ryan Bowers brought into my life, and I am forever changed because of it. (Ryan, if you are reading this the world needs to know the backstory of your tank top.)

Once I finally took my Ritalin and was able to concentrate on the task at hand, I realized that more of you were probably hoping to replicate Emily’s fashion (or not) than Ryan Bowers’ epic tank top. So here we go.


One of my favorite parts of Emily’s fashion this week was the attainability of some of it. Sure, we’re probably not going to end up with Emily’s white sequin rose ceremony dress by Gomez-Gracia (and yes, as many of you pointed out, Carrie Underwood wore the same dress to the Grammy’s. Let me know in the comments who you think wore it best.)

But some of my favorite pieces this week you can get for yourself. I loved Emily’s outfit from her date with Travis. The beaded off the shoulder top is by Haute Hippie and blush leather jacket is from Zara (though sadly out of stock online.) Emily has amassed herself quite a leather jacket collection this season – and this was one of the more affordable pieces.

I also loved her beaded Parker jacket during the infomercial for Brave. It’s always fun to add a little sparkle in the daytime and I love the idea of pairing sequins or beads with a casual bottom like jeans or cutoffs (which Emily has amassed more than a few of as well.)

Faring less well? Emily’s gold dress from her one on one with Ryan. It’s hard to outshine Ryan’s ego (or turquoise shoes) but this monstrosity did. Between the patterned sequins and oversized sleeve, this dress wore Emily, not the other way around. Sure I get the joke: Ryan called her a trophy and she was dressed like an Oscar, but this dress overpowered Emily, not to mention my gag reflex.

The winner of the night? Emily’s gorgeous rose ceremony earrings  by The Woods (I’m trying to get the scoop from the designer whether these are available for purchase or a one of a kind piece – so check back on my fashion blog Possessionista.com for details.)

What was your favorite and least favorite look of the night? And what did you think of Ryan’s tank top? Let me know your fashion hits and misses from this week’s episode of the Bachelorette in the comments below.