Its week 7 of the Bachelorette and Emily is being as selective of her fashion as she is of her suitors.

That is to say, not at all.

We started out on a date with Arie. Okay technically she was on the date, but in my fantasy world I was there too. And to prove that she was all business on this date, Emily wore a suit. At least on the top half. Individually I loved the Elizabeth and James blazer (I loved it when Ashley Hebert wore it during her season, too) but I didn’t get the blouse and jacket with the shorts. It was like a fashion mullet: Business on top; Party on the bottom.

From the waist to the knees this outfit was a hit for me. I loved the beaded shorts by Basix – I’m a big fan of the dressy short and with legs like Emily’s these were a no brainer. What I didn’t get – at all – were the cowboy boots. I know walking around the cobbled streets of the Czech Republic isn’t ideal for platform stilettos, and the shorts would be out of proportion for a pair a flats, but really? Cowboy boots? I wish Emily had saved the shorts for nighttime and paired them with her nude Louboutins. And, yes, I know Emily’s shoe wardrobe by heart.

I’m a big fan of Jef’s and a bigger fan of Emily’s date outfit with him. I’ve been coveting her Koolaburra fringe boots for months now. I know some of you will say you hated her Elizabeth and James wrap sweater, but I loved it. It was so comfy and the scarf detail is unique. And, sure, it looks a little like a bathmat, but she was rolling around on the library floor, so at least she was dressed appropriately.


Okay, is this one a joke? Ew. Gross. Feh. This Alberto Makali dress that Emily wore for the rose ceremony was wrong in so many ways I can’t even begin. This dress would be perfect if Emily was Aquagirl and she was going to the Superhero ball. I’m pretty sure the dress was made of sequin scuba material and Emily has a bedazzled snorkeling mask to go with it. Also, it would be a mistake if I didn’t aknowledge how bad the fit of this dress is. I mean, the only way to draw more attention to Emily’s crotch would be if she was wearing neon underwear.


And this? I don’t get this at all? Is it a scarf? Is it a dicky? Did they skin a tiger and then roll it in glue and sequins. I actually had to avert my eyes during this moment. Mostly because I knew that even in this atrocity, Arie was still going to confess his love to Emily and give her that two handed kiss that’s become his signature.
Overall this week’s fashion was underwhelming. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably say it was her date outfit with John. I love the idea of pairing something soft and feminine with something tough. The contrast of her blush, leather jacket from Zara paired with her Van Halen rocker tank and draped cardigan is something I’d throw on to walk around Prague. It’s probably the only outfit the whole episode that I’d keep under lock & key.
What did you think of this week’s fashion? What were your hits and misses. Leave it in the comments below. And for the ID’s from (almost) everything Emily wore this week on the Bachelorette, be sure to check out my fashion blog Possessionista.com