The hometown dates turned out to be good for Emily Maynard.

Not only did we get to see some of the best clothing all season, but Emily also learned that no matter who she ends up with, her new family will be able to recommend a colorist familiar with her own shade of platinum.

One of the things I think people initially responded to about Emily Maynard’s fashion was her ability to mix high and low. All season long we’ve seen some really expensive (if totally tacky) fashion, but this week we got to see some of what first endeared Emily to us.
My favorite look of the night was Emily’s tribal inspired sweater coat by Cynthia Vincent and her skull tee by TopShop. As someone who travels quite a bit, I’m always looking for comfortably cute outfits that can withstand a long plane ride, and this outfit was a slam-dunk. Props to Emily for not wearing a velour track suit.
If you’ve read my blog Possessionista for any time then you know I’m from Chicago, so I knew Emily was in town this spring on a particularly cold and rainy weekend. Emily wore a pair of retro Dittos jeans, which I loved. I know skinny jeans are everywhere but I am obsessed with bell bottoms and colored denim, so this was like the Brangelina of denim to me.
I also know that while in Chicago for her date with Chris, Emily hit up All Saints. Cut to her date with Jef where she was wearing a darling accordion sundress by…wait for it…All Saints. Guess we know where Emily’s head was during that date. Emily added an All Saints belt, which cinched the otherwise shapeless dress and finished the look off with her beloved Frye boots. This outfit was so breezy and fresh, though I wish she’d worn a strapless bra. The straps were kind of distracting to me.
And speaking of distracting bra straps…
For her date with Arie Emily wore a dress by T by Alexander Wang, but I was more focused on her statement necklace by The Woods, an Aspen based fine jeweler who is responsible for most of Emily’s baubles this season. The necklace was so crazy amazing (but I’m sure just as crazy expensive.)
And lastly she hit Sean’s hometown with almost as much of an impact as Sean’s practical joke. But the joke was on Sean because Emily’s print maxi by Rory Beca was the thing that had everyone talking. I’m pretty sure I saw Kensington trying to steal the dress and hide it in that incredible playhouse. Am I right?
Four great dates and four equally great looks. I suspect Emily may have been dressing herself on these dates – and they seemed casual, effortless and I love how Emily can easily transition from preppy to sophisticated to edgy to girlish with ease. She doesn’t pigeonhole herself to one style.
Except when it comes to formalwear where she only has one look. And that’s “when Bedazzlers attack.”


Emily has said she’s a big fan of Carrie Underwood style (who isn’t?) and this is another dress that Carrie has worn before. The strapless, embellished gown by Randi Rahm wasn’t my least favorite, but I keep waiting for a wow moment in the rose ceremony and it’s taking longer than it took Doug to kiss Emily.
And just as uncomfortable.
What were your favorite looks from this week’s Bachelorette? Do you think Emily finally got it right or did you hate this week’s looks? Let me know in the comments below. And for more information about what Emily Maynard is wearing on the Bachelorette visit my fashion blog Possessionista.com