As we enter the final lap in Emily Maynard’s race towards love, the tension is getting higher than Jef with one “f’s” hair.

Ultimately we had to say goodbye to Sean which made me sad, but not for the reasons everyone else has expressed. Frankly, I don’t know if Sean and Emily had chemistry. I can’t confirm that Sean is actually a good guy. I don’t know if Sean would make a good father or husband. All I know for sure is that Sean brings out the good in Emily’s maxi dress collection.

One of my favorites was this maxi by Alexis (not Bellino.) This dress was HOT. I love the halter neckline and the sherbet-inspired colors.

Later that night Emily moved onto a love it or hate it white fringe tunic by Jen’s Pirate Booty. This dress was so popular that LA-based Planet Blue had to order extra pieces once Emily wore it to satisfy the demand. (Want one of your own, visit their site here) This dress was sexy and sultry – just the thing to wear before you tell the guy who wants to marry you, “Oh hey, it’s getting late and I have 30 pages left in 50 Shades of Grey.”

The next day Emily Maynard made Jef (and all of our) dreams come true in arguably my favorite piece she’s worn all season. This All Saints dress was flown to Emily when she was in London and she saved it for just the right moment. (Spoiler?)

And since she was on a date with Jef, who clearly cares about the Earth and recycling and all that jazz, she paired it with a GINORMOUS turquoise ring by LA designer Jessica Matrasko. If the ring looks familiar, it should. (And also, you’re watching way too much TV. Get outside, would ya?)  Ashley Hebert wore it during her own season, and is no longer available. I also learned that turquoise is now a diminishing resource, so maybe grab yourself a bottle of People Water and let’s start the “save the Turquoise” foundation.

Who’s with me?

The final date was with Arie, and, really, it’s a wonder she bothered with clothes at all. There’s more heat between these two than the comments section of Ashley Spivey’s column. (Too soon?)

Emily wore a Haute Hippie wrap dress with a suede belt, presumably for easy access. I mean, if she weren’t a mom. Because that dress stayed firmly in place for the rest of the night, much to Arie’s dismay. And much to my dismay, this dress is sold out.

I loved everything Emily wore this week. The bikinis were killers, the dresses, breezy and appropriate for the beach. And her accessories were as drool worthy as, well, Arie.

Which brings us to the most controversial part of the episode. No, not Emily passing up the fantasy suites. I’m talking about Emily’s rose ceremony outfit, which was presumably inspired by Ariel from the Little Mermaid, but kind of worked, even so. Critics of the outfit complained that Em’s skirt made a funny noise when she walked – though that might have been the incessant cricket chirping – and thought it overstyled with her layers of rhinestone necklaces and beads by the Woods.

But I loved it. It was a risk that I thought worked. The simple Banana Republic tank with the shell embellished skirt by Aurelio Costarella. This was an amazing combination of low and high fashion – keeping the over-the-top skirt the centerpiece and keeping everything else as understated as a men’s tank.

I like to think of that outfit as Sean’s parting gift – showing off Emily’s incredible figure. You know what they say, I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave [in a figure hugging seashell skirt.]

What did you think of this week’s Bachelorette fashion? What were your hits and misses? Still looking for something else from this week’s episode? Check out my fashion blog Possessionista.com for the rest of Emily’s items and where to get them.