Dana Weiss’ Fashion Blog: Episode 1

Last spring I had the opportunity to volunteer some of my time helping to procure gently used dresses for high school students who’d been affected by the storms in the South, so that they could attend their proms. And I’ve often wondered what happened to those dresses that nobody wanted.

Wonder no more.

Because, while the premier of Ben Flajnik’s season of the Bachelor didn’t disappoint, I can’t say the same for the rose ceremony dresses. Though I’d been warned prior to the premier  that I wasn’t going to be impressed by Monday night’s formal wear, I would never have predicted so many missteps.

If I didn’t know better I might actually believe some of these women are here for love!

Unfortunately, those who were there for the “right” reasons were often the same who were there in the “wrong” dresses.

The bad:

Dresses the illustrate how their “hearts” are in the right place

Erica and fan favorite Jamie (yes I know this isn’t going to make some people happy) both squeezed themselves into sequin, cutout dresses reminiscent of sausage casings. And speaking of breakfast proteins, we also got more than a taste of Canadian Amber’s Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Chiffon Gown just before Ben sent home the Bacon.

Also filed under: “heart in the right place/dress in the wrong category?” Shawn in her Teenage Mutant Ninja costume. Her, lime green dress was only upstaged by the rhinestone encrusted snake detail. Unless Ben speaks parseltongue, Shawn should shed this reptilian frock before it starts molting on its own.

Diana in Nicole Miller

There’s nothing sadder than seeing a girl crying in her wedding dress.

Wait, yes there is.

It’s seeing a girl, crying in her wedding dress surrounded by 24 other chicks who are trying to snag the groom.

Diana wore a Nicole Miller wedding dress on her first date.  Proving what they say is true. It’s bad luck for the groom to see you in the wedding dress before the big day.

Especially if it’s the first time you’re meeting.

The Good:

Faring better in her Bachelor fashion? Real life Carrie Bradshaw, Jenna Burke, who proved herself a true fashion blogger by waxing iPhilosophical about love. In defense of my fellow bloggerista, if you haven’t had a moment of overemotional waterworks over a boy you barely know whilst overserved, then you obviously didn’t go to a Big Ten school.And sure, maybe Jenna could have spruced up the dress with some jewelry, but even a Serena Van Der Woodsen sized statement necklace couldn’t have distracted us from Jenna’s major meltdown.Jenna’s white sequin dress is by JCrew, but just like Jenna’s meds the night of the first rose ceremony, is not available.
Jenna’s white, sequin dress: JCrew Confetti Flapper Dress
Okay, stay with me here. Casey as a best dressed? I know what a lot of you are thinking about the sheer bustier dress: she forgot her skirt.

I’ll confess when I first saw this picture before the show I was worried that Bachelor stylist Cary Fetman  had raided the clearance sale from the set of The Playboy Club to dress Casey, but when I saw her standing later in the evening, I sort of got the dress.

Admittedly, not my favorite, but at least it looks like a dress from this decade.

Casey S in Shakuhachi
I’ve often been asked by aspiring bachelorettes (that’s not a euphemism, btw) for how to choose that first dress. Ask any former contestant and they’ll tell you it’s the single most stressful decision you’ll make. (Michelle Money actually special ordered her dress from Beyonce.)  The best advice I’ve given, if I do say so myself, is to pick the dress you’d want to be wearing if you were to run into your ex-boyfriend.

It should not be the dress you were wearing at prom when he dumped you.

Are we clear here?

When Kacey stepped out of the limousine the first thing I thought was, “Wow! Why does she spell her name that way,” but then I realized I’d probably have to wait until the hometown dates if I’m ever going to get an answer on that one.

So my second thought was, “that’s how you do it.”


Kacey dazzled in sequins, and while it might not be the most adventurous look of the night, it also didn’t leave me with metaphors about breakfast meats or Harry Potter.

And that has to count for something, right?

What was your favorite and least favorite look of the night? Leave your comments below. 

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