We started out with 25 beautiful women.

26 if you count the dude with long hair.

And we’ve whittled it down to two. But before we get to the most. dramatic. final. rose we were treated to  the SuperBowl of Bachelor Fashion: The Women Tell All.

There were few surprises in what we heard, from Courtney’s heartfelt (sort of) apology to Samantha’s mostly censored outbursts – seriously is that chick feisty or what? – but what surprised me the most is how much these women have grown.

In their fashion choices.

Gone are the days of sequin ice skating costumes (except you, Jamie. Always predictable. Always Tanya Harding House of Gowns) and in their place were more than a few beautifully cut and brightly colored frocks.

But before we get to that, let’s focus on the bad.

And, no, I’m not talking about Courtney’s apology.

The Bad

Oh Jamie. I know you had a strange little outburst. But no one could fix this last Toddlers and Tiaras nightmare. Here’s a tip: if you want men to find you sexy and womanly, stop shopping in the Nordstrom kids’ department.

The Good


Emily’s Purple Strapless dress




Emily, may be afraid of germs but she’s not scared of showing a little (lot) of cleavage. Her Naven dress was this close to wardrobe malfunction multiple times, and we liked it! Emily proves you can have it all, boobs and brains. And for the Women Tell All, both were on display.


Rachel’s white/gold sequin dress
French Connection (out of stock)

Rachel can wear a sequin mini dress better than anyone I have ever met. Long sleeve, shift dresses are Rachel’s staple and they always work for her. In the 90’s the Rachel referred to a haircut, but this decade the Rachel will henceforth represent the dress I want to wear every day for the rest of my life.

Kacie’s purple v neck wrap dress
French Connection

In spite of a season of my poking fun at Kacie’s hair, she managed to show up lovely and ladylike. Kacie grew as a contestant, leaving behind the BCBG dresses of yore for an updated French Connection V-neck frock that generated more discussion than Courtney’s tearful apology.

Next week is the season finale, and since there are but two dresses to discuss, I figured I’d give you a sneak peek. Courtney is in Alberto Makali and Lindzi is in Tadashi Shoji – but both have a surprise accessory that will knock your socks off.

I’d just like to thank each of you for tuning in for my weekly Bachelor fashion recaps. It’s been a real treat to share my observations (and, let’s face it, judgmental ways) with each of you. For all the rest of the ladies’ women tell all dresses or any other bachelor fashion, visit my fashion blog Possessionista.com.

I’d especially like to thank the ladies of Ben’s season. It’s incredibly brave to go on national television and expose yourself (some of you more than others, Blakely.) I appreciate your letting me critique your clothes, and keeping a sense of humor about it.

And that’s how you make a sincere plea for forgiveness.

*cue tear*