Dana Weiss’ Fashion Blog: Episode 2

It’s time for this week’s rose ceremony fashion recap. Or as I like to think of it: where bad dresses go to die.

The Bad: 

This week the girls were in Sonoma, and it seems more than a few bottles of wine were consumed before a few of the bachelorettes got dressed.

At least I hope they were drunk.

Quick, what’s black and white and red all over?

Shawn, I could forgive your unfortunate two-tone hair. I could let the rhinestone encrusted snake dress slide. But an armband?

Are you baiting me?

And speaking of banned (see what I did there?) Last week Brittney introduced us to her Granny and this week we almost got to see her Granny Panties. A note to all future bachelorettes: please sit down in the dressing room before you sit down in front of America. You were thisclose to the most dramatic rose ceremony. Ever.
If there’s such a thing as fashion karma, then Monica should be feeling it right about now. Last week she channeled her inner Lindsay Lohan going full Mean Girl on Jenna, but this week it was her impression of Barney Rubble this week that left me in tears.
So. Not. Fetch
The Good:
Not every bachelorette needs to hide in the corner. (Blakeley, you stay where you are.)
Though you probably couldn’t pick her out in a line up, Casey (or as Ashley Spivey refers to her: who) wowed, once again. Her ethereal Diane Von Furstenberg dress was gauzy and light, in contrast to the mood of the night.
I received hundreds of emails about Kacie’s strapless, floral dress – a cute little BCBG party dress that’s on sale for $89 at Hautelook right now.
Getting it soclose was Samantha in Pleasure Doing Business. Her dress was fun and young. Unfortch the top was so tight, I think the only person who had more trouble breathing was Jenna.
And she was having an anxiety attack.
Who were your picks for best and worst dressed this week? Leave it in the comments below.
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