Dana Weiss’ Fashion Blog: Episode 6

This week’s Bachelor Panama recap is like Ben and Jamie’s first kiss:

I’m going to jump right in and it’s bound to be uncomfortable for us all.

Although I generally focus on the rose ceremony fashion, I need to spend a little time on Kacie B. this week to reassure her that she’s still my favorite.

Last week Kacie revealed that she has naturally, really, really curly hair (to wit, I spend hours each week with my hairdryer and round brush, so I empathize) and this week she revealed that she struggled with an eating disorder.

If you’ve read Possessionista for any length of time, you know that I have an unnerving obsession with eating disorders and the Lifetime movies they’ve inspired, so I feel like these two revelations really brought Kacie and my (see “my” not “I’s”) relationship to a whole new level.

Also a lot of you really liked Kacie’s neon and tribal print bikini from Target.

Also, worth mentioning is Casey Shteamer who didn’t even make it to the rose ceremony. I knew the moment I laid eyes on her chambray onesie that she was not there for the right reasons.

Because Casey wasn’t there for Ben. She was there for me. Don’t believe me? Check out any male within 6 degrees of the Bachelor family and they all had three words for Casey’s denim romper: W. T. F.

But for us girls, it was a different story. In fact more than a few of my readers shed an (ugly) tear when they learned that Casey’s Urban Outfitters denim romper was out of stock.

Casey, you may not have found love on the Bachelor, but more than a few of us found love in your wardrobe. And anyway, you couldn’t get married in a denim romper. So, everything happens for a reason. Stay open. And call me if you’re ever in Chicago so we can go shopping.

As far as the rose ceremony goes – wait for it – I don’t think anyone was too offensive this week. I do, however, worry about how these one shoulder dresses are going to affect the future posture of the current Bachelorettes.

One Shoulder Dresses: The untold story

I mean, the day-in, day-out asymmetric necklines must just be offsetting their balance, and putting undue pressure on their spines. I fear, like those of us with too-heavy handbags, these women will spend most of their middle age with one shoulder higher than the other in physical therapy as well as therapy-therapy.

Too little; Too late

Even Jamie pulled out the stops for this once and final rose ceremony. We finally got a glimpse of the silent beauty – in what I like to call her “too little too late dress.” In that it was WAY too little.

And she showed it off way too late. After 5 episodes of stripper inspired Candy Appler performawear, you finally decided to show Ben the goods.

Goodbye Jamie, and your sparkly, pageant dresses. I’ll see you when they finally green light Heidi Fleiss on Ice.

My favorite pick for this week’s rose ceremony was Kacie B. in BCBG. At this point I’m starting to wonder if Kacie isn’t a plant for the brand or just someone who had a part time job at some point working for Max Azria, because she’s worn a BCBG dress every episode since the start of the show.

Please don’t make me an uglier crier. Leave your comments below. And check out Dana’s fashion blog, Possessionista.com for the rest of this week’s Bachelor fashion.