David Good’s Bachelorette Blog: Episode 8

I am excited for hometowns.  Everything up until this point I really don’t take very serious because meeting the families is a HUGE step, to me anyway.

Chris is first and the show is heading to CHI-Town!  Love Chicago!  Chicago is a very fun and productive city.  Super cold in the winters but have always had a great time there.

I don’t know if it is the fact they have not seen each other in a while or what but they seem so awkward together.  I really feel like the spark has fizzled out.

I think Chris’s family is awesome and love how close they are with each other.   That is very important and I am sure Emily thinks the same.  At the end of the date Chris tells Emily that he loves her.  I just don’t see that love being reciprocated though.  That sucks.

There was really not a lot to write about with Chris and his family.  They were very nice and all but it was just bland.

Jef is up next and HOLY SH#$ his ranch is awesome!  Jef just jumped up from last to 2nd with this hometown.  He takes Emily out to a field and has 2 shotguns and some disc throwers set up and shows off a bit shooting in front of Emily.  Emily then picks up the other gun and kills it!  She shoots the first 3 clay pigeons out of the thrower.  I have done this before and it is not easy.  She was very impressive and very sexy with a gun!  If you have not tried this it is pretty difficult to do.


Jef’s family seems pretty nice but his brother totally reminds me of Kip “Napoleon Dynamites” brother.  Hahahahahahahaha.

At the end of the day Jef and Emily are watching the sunset over some mountains on his ranch and he reads her a letter he wrote.  It was very nice but a little overboard for me, but hey to each his own.  Emily seemed to like it, which is all that matters.

Arie’s family is up next.  Did ABC make all the families wear button downs with the buttons all the way buttoned up?

HAHAHAHA… The whole family starts speaking Dutch in front of Emily and she has no idea what is going on.  This is very rude of them to do but kind of funny.  What a way to make someone feel awkward.

Arie’s mom and Emily sit down and have a very good talk with each other while Arie and his dad do the same.  At the end of the day she said “it could not have gone better” and she felt really good about meeting his family.

Sean is up next and we head to Dallas, TX.  Dallas is one of my favorite cities in this great country of ours!  I love TEXAS and the Texas spirit for life.

Sean is cool but a walk in a park is not exactly what I would have done if Emily came to Dallas with me.  I know it is kind of romantic but there are so many other cool things to do.    It is sooooo cute how his yellow striped shirt matches the flowers in the background of the park.  I wonder if that was set up?  LOL

They go to meet Sean’s family.  What is going on here!?  Are all these families loaded or what!?  All of these homes have been very nice.  Can’t they just have a family that is poor and dysfunctional like the rest of ours?  J

While they are talking Sean drops a-bomb and say’s that he still lives at home with his family.  WHAT!?  This has got to be a joke!  OMG…OK OK OK it is a joke.

That was a terrible joke to play.  That just made her rethink everything in her head if just for a second but put weird thoughts you don’t want her thinking.

His family seems very cool and down to earth.  I think Sean’s family gets my #1 spot as whom I would relate to the most.

At the end of the day Sean does the “run after the car thing” again and it is cheesy as hell.   This only works one time per show and after that it is overkill.   Sean is still my favorite for her though with Jef a close second now.

I thought that this week would be difficult for Emily to know whom to send home but at this point I feel like it is an easy call.  Goodbye Chris…. at least I think so.

Yep!  Chris is out.  I really liked Chris but he kind of changed a little through the show.  Still for sure a really good guy and am excited to meet him.  Chris gets real upset and it is understandable but he has had that kind of negative vibe for the last few episodes and I think that is some of the reason he is gone.

Down to the final 3 now!

See you next week!



  1. Trista Sutter home town people are broke azz bitches – Trista is so pathetic.

    Comment by Beat her azz — July 5, 2012 @ 4:31 pm

  2. Trista Sutter is homely.

    Comment by Howard Stern — July 5, 2012 @ 4:40 pm

  3. Why all of the comments about Trista???

    Anyway, Dave, if you cannot see the LACK of real chemistry between Sean and Emily, it is no wonder you are single. There is zero, zippo, nada. I did get a laugh out of his family tho – loved their crazy sense of humor, in an attempt to lighten things up. Sorry that is not going to help Sean tho. Great guy, handsome, etc – he will find the right girl – just not Em.

    Agree 100 percent that Arie’s family talking Dutch in front of her – RUDE to the max. Arie should have stopped it immediately but it went on too long. I see they have some physical attraction but it just feels like it is that buzz u get when you meet someone on vaca and then it is over – hot, then sizzle. Not sure at all that he is ready for kids and I think it showed to Em.

    Will be def disappointed if she does not pic Jef, but it is not my life. He just seems so real. And no I don’t think like many who think he is too young – huh? He is older than her and has seen the world.

    Next week will be good. What r ur thoughts on the Fantasy suites? You don’t have to have sex – just time away from cameras.

    Comment by songleader — July 5, 2012 @ 5:09 pm

  4. “songleader” Jef might be 27 and Emily 26, however, its that “he” is 27 and will start taking care of a 6-year-old.
    Usually people in their 20′s arn’t stepfathers.
    Its very easy to say infront of tv-cameras and lying to a woman on how wonderful it would be to take care of someones else child… then reality hits.
    being stepfather for a 6-year-old isnt every mans dream, they might say that infront of a camera, but its not.

    Comment by Angry S — July 5, 2012 @ 6:02 pm

  5. well arie is the only one left who isn’t in his 20′s but i honestly don’t think he is ready to be a step daddy to little ricki. I mean the guy is gone half the time for races so it would be like emily is still a single mommy raising ricki.

    Comment by jb — July 5, 2012 @ 6:16 pm

  6. I think Jef is a great guy and he may have chemistry with Emily but is too much of a free spirit to settle down to be a stepfather at this moment in time. Jef himself said in many interviews he is a free spirit, always having adventures and travelling around the world. Jef’s brother also confirmed that his brother never seemed to want to settle down. He’s definitely interesting and has an edge that girls love at first glance but to settle down and be a father right this MINUTE? I don’t think he is ready and it has nothing to do with his young looks, just his personality. Sean (on paper) is the most ready to settle down and be a father and live a simple life. He actually wants that right this minute. However, I don’t want Sean with Emily because I think she’s too high-maintenance and really is only interested in clothes, makeup, shopping and having babies. I would prefer Sean with someone more down-to-earth and athletic, someone more girl-next-door.

    Comment by Amanda — July 6, 2012 @ 5:13 am

  7. Arie is the only one for her because it is who she loves. She is 26 years old with a 6 year old and a great mom. She needs to concentrate on her and her feelings now. She needs to have passion and that is Arie.

    Comment by Becca — July 6, 2012 @ 5:22 am

  8. I agree that Jef is the best choice for Emily. He has never stopped romancing her, and the only one that tries to show Emily he cares to be a father. Jef is the only one that asks the fundamental questions too. Shows how smart he is. He sees the whole picture here.

    For all of you that think you have to be living like a retired person to be “ready” to be a parent, that’s completely false. When the time comes, it matures you immediately. Men in their twenties are fully capable of parenting and those that have been in love before know that men will do anything for the women they love.

    Comment by Heidi — July 6, 2012 @ 9:21 am

  9. If Emily got an agent and started modeling or acting she could marry a movie star. I’d be surprised if she didn’t get offers. She’s definately Hollywood material!

    Comment by Rea — July 6, 2012 @ 9:33 am

  10. David, you’re freakin’ awesome. Thanks for not being a racist prick, like Bigot Spivey. Yours is the blog I’ll be reading from now on.

    Comment by Cinch It — July 6, 2012 @ 12:03 pm

  11. Some really good points on here! I agree to a point that I don’t see as much chemistry with Sean and Emily but I just like the guy and is someone I would hang out with. All 3 dudes left are great guys and seem to really have their heads on straight. Any of them I feel would be a good catch for any girl out there.
    I must have missed something with Spivey? How was she racist? Also I really respect Trista and she has been great for the franchise.

    ….and @ songleader who said I was single? :)

    Comment by David Good — July 6, 2012 @ 12:31 pm

  12. Hi Dave – Love the insight.

    I LOVE Sean (but not for Emily) – I’d like to keep him for myself.

    I won’t post Reality Steve’s spoilers but I really HOPE he is right.

    I don’t know Trista or Ashley (and I assume all the haters don’t either). GET A LIFE PEOPLE…do you think these people care whether you like them or not?! NOPE they don’t. They have lives of their own…something that the haters don’t seem to have. I post comments on blogs b/c I like reading other’s opinions. I DON’T post on blogs to talk shit on others…GEEEZ.

    Have a great weekend Dave!

    Comment by Jennifer — July 6, 2012 @ 1:47 pm

  13. Great summary but gotta disagree with you Dave.

    Total lack of chemistry between Sean and Emily! Such a double standard between Sean and Jef. Everyone commends Sean for taking it slow now so late into the game, but everyone disses jef for taking it slow in the beginning? The hell? If Sean and Em did not have chemistry by now, anything coming later is forced! I hate that all people see is barbie and ken between them!

    Team Jef allllllllll the way!

    Comment by Amy — July 6, 2012 @ 4:41 pm

  14. Hi Dave,
    Good recap – agree with all you say. How is Spivey a racist? Read her blog with disses against Polish people. People ask her to take down the horrible comments but she leaves them up knowing she offends people for their nationality. Half of Chicago comes from Poland for goodness sakes…
    You are awesome and keep up the great blogging.
    - Always a Dave fan :)

    Comment by ALWAYS A DAVE FAN — July 7, 2012 @ 9:39 am

  15. Wow Arie’s family getting a lot of flack for speaking Dutch in front of Emily. Granted she was a guest but them speaking in another language might be more out of habit though I can see why it would be construed as rude. Also Arie just couldn’t tell his parents immediately that Emily was getting uncomfortable because that could be disrespectful to them and I’m sure Arie does not want to do that in front of Emily causing more tension beside they did not really have anything negative to say about her so cut Arie’s family some slack. I don’t think they meant any harm.

    The dirty room prank was funny but a little mean but funny. Not so sure if Emily will pick Sean though and not because of the prank but she seems to be more into Jef than Sean.

    Comment by Maria C — July 7, 2012 @ 11:55 am

  16. Yeah I agree about Tristan Shutter. What 10 years and 2 kids can do, she was hot when she was a cheerleader..now she is homely and pretty gross. Guys take note..Emily in 10 years I think may look even worse then Tristen does now. Best these men go for someone like Kacie B her mom is very pretty and Kacie will look good in 10 years unlike Maynard and Tristen.

    Comment by Thomas Knight — July 7, 2012 @ 10:36 pm

  17. I enjoy reading different blogs because people have different styles and opinions. I read Ashley Spivey and fail to see what was offensive, or why a sane person would go to another blog and call her a racist. Anonymity give some more courage than a bottle of Jack.

    Comment by Angela — July 8, 2012 @ 12:18 am

  18. That Sean is not stupid at all, if you watch the episode carefully you`ll see how his talk is even more about becoming the next Bachelor than he`s into Emily. He might be into her too, but that plays it smart and subtle and not like Ryan. I liked Ryan`s honesty though. And Sean being perfect = Sean being boring. Nobody is perfect, unless he doesn`t have anything special about him other than being good looking and nice. Our flaws is sometimes what makes us interesting. Seans flaw seems to be that he thinks he`s too good for 99% women out there…
    Also, the prank was too obvious and not funny. (Probably initiated by someone on the show.)

    I think Arie is adorable and into Emily. I didn`t think speaking dutch was THAT rude, he supposedly only said sweet things about Emily A lot of physical chemistry there, they have some connection too, in a way it seems like Emily will choose him all the way. She even blogged about him being the one she turned to for comfort. A big sing right there.

    But I feel like a complete fool for falling so much for Emily`s and Jef`s love story, by far the cutest one. They have a special undeniable connection, mentally first than physical. I was so doubtful at Jef in the beginning, but I can`t help looking forward to see more of these two!

    P.S. Spoilers are not cool, I won`t believe them until I see. I believe the show could have put out fake rumors through so called reliable sources too after Ben`s season being spoiled before it started, but we`ll see.

    Comment by SJ — July 8, 2012 @ 3:58 am

  19. Dave, read Bigot Spivey’s blog. She thinks it’s okay to use works like Gook, Wet Back, etc. She thinks that only she has an American face, but no one else does.

    Comment by Cinch It — July 8, 2012 @ 4:29 am

  20. CINCH IT, Stop using the profanity on Ashley’s site. I agree her comments against the Polish are rude and bigoted and it’s disgusting that she still hasn’t taken these down, but you are out of line. Please make your points with appropriate language. Your are ticking off everyone on all sides of the matter.

    Comment by Stop the Racism but no Profanity — July 8, 2012 @ 6:37 am

  21. Put on a shirt. You are so conceited. Maybe cause your going bald and your face is kinda doofus in a “imma big dummy” way. I blame it on the Ohio thing. Typical. Get a real job.

    Comment by whammo — July 8, 2012 @ 10:46 am


    Comment by Becky Stone — July 8, 2012 @ 11:18 am

  23. Dave, Ashley wasn’t racist. It was a joke, which I am sure you understand seeing as you’re funny yourself. I agree with everything Angela said. And Thomas Knight, can you say anything nice? Her name is TRISTA SUTTER. I happen to think she looks great for having had to two kids. She is healthy and a wonderful mother, as is Emily. Emily will still be beautiful in a few years! Just because someone is beautiful now, doesn’t mean they lose their beauty later. You’re pretty shallow and low talking like that about Trista (and Emily). Keep up the good work, Dave!

    Comment by Beth — July 8, 2012 @ 2:04 pm

  24. “Beth” you think “Pollack” and “Ick Polish” are jokes? Didn’t your mother teach you not to make fun of people’s nationalities? Sad that you think that’s funny. People from Chicago don’t make fun of the Polish, we all have Polish friends there because so many have ancestors even if they were born in the U.S.

    Comment by ALWAYS A DAVE FAN — July 8, 2012 @ 3:09 pm

  25. I am from Chicago, smart one. I know Polish people and have never made fun of them. I don’t think what Ashley said was funny but it wasn’t racist. She didn’t make a Pollack joke at all. And the “ick Polish” thing was a fictional thought. It’s just made up. Emily probably wasn’t thinking that at all. It’s all for entertainment purposes. My mother is a wonderful woman and yes she taught me very well not take fun of other peoples races and nationalities. I have two siblings adopted from India and think the world of them. Someone once made fun of my brother my pretending to speak his language and I almost blew. No lie. I just don’t know think what Ashley was racist. If she really wanted to be racist, she would’ve used the correct spelling which is “polack” but she didn’t. She said Pollack as in Jackson Pollack the painter. I don’t care if you hate Ashley or don’t want to read her blog, but I do ask that you stop talking negatively of her everywhere. It’s been five days since she posted. Give it up. And don’t write my name in caps because it’s my real name, not a made up one :) You have a good evening/day now!

    Comment by Beth — July 8, 2012 @ 4:45 pm

  26. Beth, you sound like a nice person, but you know it’s wrong to leave those comments up when it’s clearly offensive to many people. You say yourself, it’s not funny. Well, you should understand then that it is personally upsetting to many. It’s like a typo, fix it and move on. Pretty simple really. Maybe you can help Ashley do the right thing.

    Comment by HighRoad — July 8, 2012 @ 6:30 pm

  27. @highroad – Thanks! I try my best but I am not always the nicest! I cannot force Ashley to take those comments down. She wil have to make that decision herself. Even though I don’t think it is funny, I am not offended by it, but then again I am not Polish. I do talk to Ashley quite a bit and would love to tell her to edit the comments/take them down, but I have already left her a message on twitter saying I will live her alone for awhile. I think she just needs to breathe a little. If she doesn’t take them down or edit them, I apologize on her behalf to the Polish community, Chris, and Chris’ family.

    Comment by Beth — July 8, 2012 @ 7:03 pm

  28. Beth, unless you are Ashley, your apology doesn’t make a difference. But thanks.

    Comment by HighRoad — July 8, 2012 @ 8:42 pm

  29. I completely disagree- sean is perfect for her on paper, jef is perfect in reality……

    Comment by Jenna — July 9, 2012 @ 4:27 am

  30. Ashley took down all her comments because so many people were offended by her racism against polish people and she was embarrassed. But, instead of apologizing, she shut down her comments section. Wow, she really IS a racist !! How can anyone associate with someone so nasty that she calls the Polish ICK. What a mean person.

    Comment by Vanessa — July 9, 2012 @ 12:11 pm

  31. I’d like to think that Ashley would have made a joke about Chris’ nationality were he English, Canadian, whatever – but that she didn’t realize that the opression suffered by Polish immigrants (for instance the jokes, prohibition, and likely many more systematic belittlements) is a very sore spot, as it is for many different peoples who have been victimized. She is young! I think this discussion is one of the most valuable and real dialogues to come out of the Bachelor franchize. And I hope Ashley reconsiders and realizes why her comments weren’t funny. Everyone learns and grows through mistakes.

    Comment by Also Susan — July 9, 2012 @ 6:47 pm

  32. Hey Also Susan,

    Good post. Thing is what did Ashley learn about being racist … notthing … she left the racist statements and when confronted on twitter she lied and said she’d apologized (no apology can be found on her tweets and she shut down her comments section which also had no apology from her). By leaving up the racist statements, she has shown a disregard for everyone’s feelings, rather than consideration. This leaves the public with the perception that she thinks she is above everyone else and is not accountable. Kids learn to say sorry, own their mistakes and not be racists so it’s not about her age.

    Comment by Lisa — July 9, 2012 @ 9:21 pm

  33. Bigot Spivey shut down the comment section of her blog. Instead of doing the right thing (apologizing), she took the COWARD’s way out. Pig.

    The other bloggers are much better human beings.

    Comment by Cinch It — July 10, 2012 @ 7:45 am

  34. To: Stop The Racism

    I’M not the person who’s being racist. BIGOT SPIVEY is. Get that straight.

    When she makes an apology, I’ll gladly stop.

    Comment by Cinch It — July 10, 2012 @ 7:49 am

  35. Go here


    to tell Spivey what a RACIST she is.

    Comment by Cinch It — July 10, 2012 @ 7:56 am

  36. Go here, too


    To tell that RACIST pig what a disgusting POS she is.

    Comment by Cinch It — July 10, 2012 @ 7:59 am

  37. Yes, we all agree that Ashley is a racist and she doesn’t take down her Polish dissing remarks. Look, she doesn’t feel sorry. Forget the fake apology that you are after. It is bullshiz anyway if she ever actually does apologize rather than lie and say she did. I suggest contacting the media, but tone it down with the abusive language….

    Comment by High Road — July 11, 2012 @ 8:03 am

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