David “Man Code” Good’s Bachelor Blog: Episode 1

What a better way to start off the new year than with love, flowers, sunsets, unicorns, one dude and a bunch of CRAZY WOMEN!  Let the insanity begin!

I’ll recap Ben’s season real quick. He got dumped…The End.  I did like the way he handled it though.  I am glad he is The Bachelor and I like the guy.  He is really good at playing the piano, which makes me extremely jealous.  I wish I had kept taking lessons as a kid now.

Out comes THE MAN!  Chris Harrison everyone!  He never ages!  He reminds me of my high school gym teacher.  This teacher taught my father’s gym class and then 21 years later, taught my gym class and looks the exact same in all his pictures.  They must drink the same water or something.

I get nervous watching all the girls get out of the limo.  It should be easy meeting someone for the first time right?  Then you step out of that limo and there are 50 people, 12 cameras and football stadium lights around the house and it hits you all at once.  I know I choked up like dog on a chicken bone.  It’s funny now but was not at the time.

Time to meet the girls!  Right now I am going to pick my top 3 limo exits, later on my top 3 favorites, and last pick who I like for Ben.  So bring on the ladies!

My Top 3 intros

#1.  The Grand Entrance!  Lindzi C. rides her horse in.  Loved it!

#2.  Grandma!  Brittney brings her Grandma in who handled herself so well!  You go granny!

#3.  The Fly By…ballsy!  This could really backfire, wait…what was her name?

Did Emily just rap to him?  I was in love with a girl that was beautiful, smart, motivated, had a great career and she loved to rap. I have to like Emily now.  It always made me feel weird when she rapped to me but after a while it was cute.

On pure looks alone I have fallen for Courtney already.  I can see why Courtney is a model.  She is smoking hot!  I have dated a few models though and it’s hard to find one that has brains, looks and a sense of humor.  We shall see.

All the girls are finally in the house and the claws have already come out!

Monica and Jenna get into an argument about nothing at all which leads to Monica and Blakely humping each other on the couch for a bit?   They talk about exchanging numbers.  At least if they get sent home they still win.

Jenna and Monica try and talk it out but this leads to Jenna saying, “we should share a tampon together sometime.”  What?  To follow this line we then get talk of douching, cutting faces off and lots of tears and I have to stop eating my dinner.

Jenna is really losing it.  Sucks.  I think she is beautiful.  Is she drunk?

The first impression rose goes to Lindzi who is my #1 favorite and whom I would have picked as well.

Rose Ceremony Time!

The whole ceremony is waiting on Jenna to stop crying and come out of the bathroom.  I think that’s a first.  I actually feel a little sorry for her.

My Top 3

#1.  Lindzi C.

#2.  Emily

#3.  Casey B.

#4.  Casey S. & Courtney round off my top 5 and Nikki real close to them.

I was going to pick who I like for Ben but I think we share a lot of the same taste in women and I like my top picks for him as well.

I feel so bad for the girls getting sent home on the first night.  It is such a kick in the stomach and ego.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…  The previews for the rest of this season look insane!  Damn it!  I can’t lie.  I can’t wait ‘til next Monday.

Have a great start to the New Year!


Dave J